Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1347

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Chapter 1347


These words are full of threats!

Li Zekun was completely angry!

There was a fierce murderous intent in his eyes. How dare this trash threaten him?

“Lin Fan, do you think you can change the situation by finding two wastes? In that case, you would look down on me Lin Zekun too much, right?”

“They, It’s just here to die!”

He didn’t pay attention to the Dragon and Tiger God of War at all. Lin Fan has a back hand, doesn’t he have it?


Unless the King of Blood Hell comes, no one can stop him.


And now!

The Dragon Tiger God of War was completely furious at this time, without any nonsense, and directly rushed towards Lin Zekun.

They want this bastard who dared to insult the king and queen, to pieces!


Lin Zekun’s face didn’t panic at all. Instead, there was a sneer at the corner of his mouth:

“Well, since you are looking for death, then I will let you see it today, my Lin family’s the bottom line!”


As soon as the voice fell, three terrifying figures, Qi Qi rushed out from behind Lin Zekun, and slammed into the slaying dragon and tiger war god!

Bang! Boom!

After two loud noises, all the dragons, tigers and war gods flew out, slamming heavily on the ground.

Vomiting blood on the spot!

A deep astonishment suddenly appeared on his face!

Looked at the three figures in horror!
That… it turned out to be the three gods of war!

Of the eight war gods of China, two were under Lin Fan’s command, and the other three were subdued by Lin Fan. Now these three are the three war gods who have never shown their faces!

At this moment, everyone was stunned!

They didn’t seem to expect that the Lin family would completely subdue the three gods of war!

“War…God of War!”

Finally, Bai Yi slumped on the ground with a thump, her face suddenly grayed out, and looked at the three gods in despair.

The glimmer of hope that had just risen was completely extinguished at this moment.

“Hahaha, Lin Fan, you have the God of War to help, don’t we have it? Your wishful thinking is wrong!”

Wang Mingzhe laughed, with a kind of Looking at Lin Fan with dead eyes:

“In addition! This time, in order to be foolproof, we have specially prepared a killer for you!”


As soon as the voice fell, an extremely terrifying murderous intent suddenly surged out.

At this moment, the atmosphere seemed to drop to freezing point suddenly!

Everyone seemed to be aware of it, with an extremely shocked expression on their faces, and looked towards a corner.


The sound of a walking stick hitting the ground resounded.

And then!

An old man who describes an old man, staggering, walked out slowly, with a kind smile on his face.

However, a depressing horror aura pervaded his body!

The moment he saw him, even the Dragon Tiger God of War couldn’t help but his expression changed:

“The King of the North!”

This old man, but A veritable legend!

Dominates the northern border for decades, so that no one dares to break through the northern border!

, he also helped Lin Zekun?


The moment she saw this old man, Bai Yi was completely desperate!

Because they all know the terribleness of this old man, it took him decades to calm down the most chaotic northern border of China.

So today, the northern border is still peaceful and prosperous!

The three war gods had already defeated the dragon and tiger war gods, plus this old man, they couldn’t win.


The faces of the father and son of the Xiao family showed a thick hideousness, and they laughed wildly:

“Lin Fan, Bai Yi, you lose! You lose! You Bei If the realm king sits down, even the blood prison mad gods you invite must kneel down! Hahaha!”

“Even if they lose, they are dead!”

Bai Yan giggled, with a gleeful smile on her face:

“Lin Fan, can you continue to be arrogant now? There is the King of the North here, and all your backers are ignored. Used it!”


There is also a kind smile on the face of the king of the north:

“Xiaolong Xiaohu, you are all rare talents of China, I don’t want China to lose two Gods of War for no reason, so…”

“You leave!”

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