Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1348

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Chapter 1348


Although these remarks were peaceful, they were so overbearing to everyone!

It seems that Dragon Tiger and God of War are already his defeated men, showing absolute self-confidence!

And hearing these words, Bai Yan, Wang Mingzhe and others, their faces were full of ecstasy, and they were almost jumping with excitement.


Just when they thought that the Dragon and Tiger God of War would definitely retreat in shame, they saw the Dragon and Tiger God of War, and a touch of disdain appeared on his face:

“Northern Territory” Wang, we admit that we are not your opponents, but you should leave tonight!”

“Because tonight, you don’t know what a terrible existence the Lin family has sinned!”

Upon hearing this, everyone was in an uproar!

The Dragon Tiger God of War, even dared to threaten the King of the North?

Why are they?

The king of the North is a character comparable to the blood prison mad god, even if the blood prison mad god descends, it will not change the situation today!

And Dragon Tiger, God of War, dare to ask the King of the North to leave?

This is crazy!

At the moment, everyone cast contemptuous eyes at them one after another. Has this dragon, tiger and war god been together with Lin Fan for a long time, has he also become fond of pretending to be coercive?


The North Realm King sneered twice, apparently he felt that the Dragon and Tiger God of War was insulting him. As the North Realm King, he had never been afraid of anyone. .

Immediately, there was a stern look in his eyes:

“Really? But how does the old man feel that apart from the King of the Blood Prison, there is no one in the Blood Prison. I can enter the old man’s eyes!”

Hearing this, the Dragon Tiger and God of War smiled without anger, and a playful smile appeared on his face:

“In case, it is the blood prison. Where’s the king?”


The voice just fell!


The king of the north burst into laughter, as if he heard a big joke.

The look in the eyes of the dragon and tiger war gods was filled with a lot of playfulness, as if “I have seen you through long ago”.

“You don’t have to bluff me anymore. As far as I know, Lin Zuo and Nihuang Army Zuo are already dispatched together to attack the King of the Blood Prison!”
“The best result is that he escaped from Huaxia alive! And there is a high probability that the man who claims to be the strongest will stay in Huaxia forever!”


In an instant, the audience was completely shocked!

Lin Zuo and Nihuang Army Zuo, went to attack the King of Blood Prison together?

China, the four strongest armies, directly dispatched two of them. Even the man who is known as the strongest man in the world has to avoid it!
The Lin family, in order to kill Lin Fan, is it so generous?

This is incredible!


Bai Yan and the others, only felt that happiness came too suddenly, all of them were hot-headed, and looked at Lin Zekun with admiration!


Wang Mingzhe, a flatterer, knows that this is the best time to flatter, when even kneeling down towards Lin Zekun, he said with great admiration:

“San Shao, you really are It’s like a god, it’s a wonderful calculation! He can actually play the Lin Zuo and the Nihuang Jun Zu between the applause!”

He never expected that Lin Zekun actually deployed one, such a grandiose one. Bureau!

Simultaneously framed the four super terrifying existences of Lin Zuo, Ni Phoenix Army Zuo, Blood Prison King, and Northern Realm King!

They are already sure of winning!

And now!

When Lin Zekun heard this, his face was full of pride, and he looked at Lin Fan condescendingly:

“Lin Fan, do you understand now? After all, waste is waste. In front of a real genius, you can never get on the table!”

“Next, you can die!”

Hear the words!

Lin Fan raised his head and looked at Lin Zekun with a cold gaze. The corner of his mouth raised a very terrifying smile:

“In order to kill me, you Lin family, also what a painstaking effort!”

The Lin family, hurt him and his mother!
Now, he wants to destroy his hard-won family again!

This completely made Lin Fan crazy!

“Since you set up this mortal game for me, then I… break the game first! Then kill!”

Then, he took a deep breath and was in front of everyone under the extremely horrified gaze, he roared brazenly:

“Blood Hell, coming!!!”

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