Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1349

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Chapter 1349


The moment when Lin Fan’s voice fell!

A stream of scarlet hurricanes suddenly swept from outside the door!

Ten people!

Fifty people!

A hundred people!

Soon, the entire manor was overwhelmed and crowded with people!

One hundred people, the lowest is the master’s strength, all standing brazenly behind Lin Fan!

This is the outburst of blood hell!

All the masters burst with a terrifying aura, overwhelming everyone in the room, making them feel depressed.

In an instant!

In the eyes of Bai Yan and others, a thick panic suddenly appeared!


This is more than that!

At this moment, everyone heard it together, and there was a sound of dense footsteps outside the door, which sounded neatly and violently!

Everyone looked around in horror, but only saw a bloody color!

The entire Rose Manor has been completely surrounded!

“What’s going on? Didn’t Song Yuanzheng and Lin Zuo stop the blood prison?”

At the moment, Wang Mingzhe’s face was full of fear, they actually Be surrounded.

Hear the words!

Lin Zekun’s face is also ugly, because this scene has exceeded his plan.

“You look down on the King of the Blood Prison too much. It’s not easy for a man like that to stop him. Don’t expect more!”

With a sure face, he smiled lightly:

“As long as the king of the blood prison doesn’t come, the old man will kill them like a dog but only with these wastes!”


The arrogant words of the Northern Realm King just blurted out.

A sneer came from the crowd:

“Really? What about me?”


All the members of the blood prison, let us make a way!

And then!

A man who is as big as a mountain broke through the crowd and slammed into everyone’s eyes.

Blood Hell Mad God!

His appearance also caused the pupils of the King of the North to shrink fiercely!

Because he fought against the mad god of blood hell, at that time they drew a tie.

But what he couldn’t think of was why the blood hell mad god would appear here.

The mad god of blood prison is loyal to the king of blood prison, how could he leave him here to save a waste?


At this moment, Lin Zekun sneered:

“What about the mad god of blood prison! As long as we can delay time, wait for Lin Zuo and Nihuang Zuo to repel After the King of Blood Prison, they will naturally come to support us, and they will still die!”

Today’s winning side is still on their side!

However, this desperate scene is about to happen!

“Sorry, it is you who died tonight!”

A cold voice followed!


Hearing this voice, Lin Zekun and the others suddenly changed their expressions, and then all looked in one direction!

Then, under everyone’s horrified gaze, a body full of sky suddenly fell from the sky!

Dressed in a military uniform, the body is filled with a strong spirit of killing!

Neon Phoenix Army Seat!

This woman finally came, but everyone was extremely horrified and puzzled that the other party turned out to be on Lin Fan’s side!


This is not right!

When seeing this scene, everyone on Lin Zekun’s side suddenly realized something was wrong.

There is a deep panic in those eyes!

What the hell is going on!
Neon Phoenix Army Seat, isn’t it going to attack the King of Blood Prison?

Why does she appear here?

Even more, still standing on Lin Fan’s side!

At this moment, everyone seemed to have seen a ghost, and their faces were full of disbelief.

This scene is simply incredible!

It’s not just them!

Even the Bai Yi family are completely confused!

They don’t even know the Nihuang Army Seat, why would she protect them?

And now!

Lin Fan said to Bai Yi:

“Wife, its okay, please take your parents away first!”

Bai Yi was obviously taken aback. , And then asked:

“What about you?”

Lin Fan smiled: “Don’t worry, there are blood prison mad gods and neon phoenix army seat here, is it possible? Can they still kill me?”

Bai Yi nodded and said: “Then you must be careful, I am waiting for you outside, if you don’t come, I won’t leave!”
Then, Bai Yi left here with his parents.

Seeing them leave, Lin Zekun realized that the situation was completely out of control, and his expression was extremely gloomy at the moment:

“Neon Phoenix Army Seat, you are not going to snipe Is the King of the Blood Prison yet? Why are you here?”

Everyone also looked at the Ni Phoenix Army Seat in horror and puzzlement!

Hear the words!

A playful smile appeared on Nihuang’s face:

“The forest seat and the king of the blood prison, aren’t they here?”

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