Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1350

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Chapter 1350


Upon hearing this, everyone was in an uproar!

Those faces are like hell alive, full of panic and incomprehension!

The King of Blood Prison and Lin Zuo, here?

How is this possible?

Then why, they don’t know?


Everyone looked around in horror, trying to find the location of the two horrors.

I’m confused!

Lin Zekun is completely stunned!

He received the news that Lin Zuo and Nihuang Army Zuo will attack the King of the Blood Prison at Jiangshi Pass. How could he appear here?

And at this time, the King of the North suddenly appeared in the heart, an ominous premonition!

He suddenly recalled the ridicule of the Dragon and Tiger God of War just now!

Is it true that the King of Blood Hell is here?

For an instant, the atmosphere in the audience seemed to be frozen, and everyone stared at the Nihuang Army Seat with shocked eyes!

And just now!

The Nihuang Army Seat took a step forward and walked towards Lin Fan, and then stroked Lin Fan’s cheek with his extremely doting hand:

“Xiao Fan, long time no see!”
Lin Fan’s face suddenly showed a touch of embarrassing stiffness, and then spit out two words that shocked the audience:



At this moment, everyone seemed to be strangling their throats, completely choked!

Lin Fan, actually called Auntie Nihuang Jinzhou?


Bai Yan and Xiao’s father and son suddenly became weak in their legs, completely crazy!


This is impossible!

In their hearts, it was at this moment that stormy waves were set off!

Almost fainted!

Why does this waste know the Ni Phoenix Army Seat?

And, she has a great relationship with her!

With this identity alone, they won’t be able to provoke them for eight lifetimes!

Auntie! The words crushed the flukes of all of them and made them completely desperate!

Because they know that with the Ni Phoenix Army Seat here today, no one can move Lin Fan!

“Why, why is it like this?”

Bai Yan’s pretty face is already pale. This trash has been relying on women all her life, but the woman she relies on, but is one scarier than the other?
Even the Xiao family father and son were completely paralyzed by fright!

Before, Lin Fan said to let them understand what true despair is, but they sneered at it, but now…

They have indeed experienced it deeply!

“Impossible! This is impossible! Lin Fan, what have you done?”

Lin Zekun at this time is like seeing a ghost, his face is already pale up!

Lin Fan is obviously a waste man of their Lin family. How could he have a relationship with the Nihuang Army seat?

And the face of the King of the North was also full of bitterness. It turned out that this was the existence that the Dragon and Tiger God of War said that he could not even offend him.


And at this moment, a mobile phone ringtone completely broke the silence of the audience!

Lin Zekun took out his mobile phone and glanced at the caller ID, and said with ecstasy:

“Grandpa, help me!”


Upon hearing this, the audience was shocked!


Is that the old patriarch of the Lin family?

At this time, they all seemed to have grasped the straw, looking at Lin Zekun with great excitement.

At the moment, Lin Zekun is also triumphantly looking at Lin Fan and others:

“I tell you, don’t be happy too soon! My grandfather is here to help me!”
With that, he pressed the speakerphone, as if he wanted everyone to hear how his grandfather helped him out of danger.


Then, the desperate scene happened suddenly!

The head of the Lin family at the other end pondered for a moment, and then he heard his extremely cold voice:

“Come back! You have already lost!”

A simple sentence directly caused Bai Yan and others to fall into intense panic!

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