Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1351

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Chapter 1351

You lost, come back!

Does this mean that even the Lin family can’t help Lin Zekun?


The voices of the audience completely disappeared after hearing the words of the old Patriarch Lin!

There was a dead silence in the audience!

Everyone is silent!

Especially Lin Zekun!

After hearing what his grandpa said, his body trembled suddenly.

He can clearly feel the disappointment and indifference of his grandfather on the phone.

Obviously, he was extremely disappointed and contemptuous of his failure.

“Grandpa, listen to me, I haven’t lost yet, you give me another chance!”

Lin Zekun was almost crying, begging for the phone. .

Because he knows very well that once his grandfather is disappointed with him, then the position of the Lin Family’s Patriarch will have nothing to do with him.

At this time, he completely regretted it!

If he doesn’t insist on dealing with this waste, he won’t fail, and his grandfather will naturally not be disappointed in him.

He can’t deal with even a piece of rubbish abandoned by the Lin family. How can the Lin family rest assured to give him such a large family business?


“Toot toot…”

The old Patriarch Lin at the other end just cut off the call directly, and didn’t even bother to talk nonsense with Lin Zekun.


Seeing this, everyone’s eyes were round.

Cold sweat, rushing down!

Everyone realizes that the overall situation is set!

No… Impossible!

Lin Zekun suddenly showed an expression of seeing a ghost.

How could I lose to this waste?

This is impossible!


Bai Yan and others also fell to the ground one after another.

It was like being drained of all energy, her expression was lost, and the six gods had no master.

Especially Bai Yan, at this time there was already a trace of yellow liquid, flowing down wantonly from under the hem of her skirt.

She was scared to pee!

Because they watched with their own eyes, Lin Zekun was triumphant from the beginning, and gradually lost in the end.

And now, she was abandoned by the Lin family!

Lin Zekun’s failure directly means their demise!

They are dead!


At this time, Lin Zekun shook his head in disbelief, and then screamed like crazy:

“Impossible! How could I lose to a waste?” “

He couldn’t accept this scene!

He is the future heir of the Lin family!

At the moment, he stared at Lin Fan with a terrifying face:

“You killed the dog! You damn it!!!”

“Come on, help me kill him!”


Whether it is the king of the north or the gods of the Three Great Wars, they are still standing there, as if they have not heard this.

And the King of the North sighed:

“Xiao Kun, listen to your grandpa!”

If Patriarch Lin is not really helpless, how could you bow your head to a trash who was swept out by him?

Now that there are Nihuang Army seats here, they can’t help Lin Fan.

“No! I want him to die! You help me kill him!”

But Lin Zekun has completely lost his mind, and will kill Lin Fan anyway.

But without waiting for him to say anything, the King of the Northern Territory dragged him forcibly, planning to leave the spot.

See this scene!

Bai Yan and the others were already crying, and they were completely frightened.

Lin Zekun patted his butt and left, but they are completely finished!

Without Lin Zekun, this great backer, what would they use to resist the Blood Prison and the Ni Phoenix Army Seat?

The Lin family is helpless with a trash son-in-law!

This is incredible!

Everyone can’t believe it!


Just when the King of the North wanted to take Lin Zekun away forcibly, a very cold word suddenly sounded:

“I didn’t say you can go!”

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