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Chapter 65

There are many female employees in the marketing department, and women will naturally gossip when they get together.

At noon, what happened in the marketing department in the morning has spread throughout the company.

Alyssa’s face was severely swollen, and when she went to the bathroom halfway, she would also hear female colleagues gather to discuss morning matters.

“What the hell is going on? I heard that there is only a woman who asked for leave today, and no man?”

“It’s unclear, Isabel and Melvin joined hands to warm up Alyssa!”

“No? Alyssa has only been here for a few days, so she offended Melvin?”

“No one knows what kind of person Melvin is. I heard that Alyssa did all the things he went to the hospital and asked for leave before!”

“Alyssa is so cruel?”

“I think Isabel is even more cruel. She slapped Alyssa before. I could hear the sound of the beating on the face so far away. What a grudge, such a cruel blow…”

Alyssa leaned against the wall of the bathroom, and when the outside was completely quiet, she opened the door and went out.

Standing in front of the sink, she looked in the mirror and looked at her face.

It’s swollen, and some area is blue, and it looks a bit hideous.

Isabel really fought hard enough.

It seems that this period of time has suffocated Isabel enough.

Then wait and see who of them has the last laugh.


During the lunch break, Alyssa was going out for dinner.

As soon as the talent got up, the phone in her pocket rang.

It was from “Luther”.

Alyssa frowned and answered the phone: “What’s the matter with you?”

As if not hearing the impatience in her tone, Karl said directly: “Come out to eat, I’ll wait for you at the office door.”

He dropped these words like order and hung up the phone.

Alyssa looked at the phone that had returned to the lock screen and picked it up and walked out.

After going out of the gate, Alyssa saw the eye-catching car and “Luther” at a glance. When she first got off, she secretly checked his car online.

The starting price of 10 million, the real price should be determined according to the owner’s customized requirements.

This is already a sky-high price for Alyssa.

Even at Hunt’s house, Isabel wants to buy a car worth tens of millions, but Colin is not always willing.

Seeing that many people around were talking about “Luther”‘s car, Alyssa walked quickly toward him with her head down.

At this time, another car drove up from the side of the road, and Alyssa was about to wait for the car to pass, but the car stopped directly in front of her.

The driver got out of the car and opened the door of the back seat. The person who came down from above was Rachel.

Alyssa had not seen Rachel for a long time since she lied to Rachel to go to the restaurant and let her pigeons go.

Rachel instructed the driver to take down the two insulated food containers, and when she looked up inadvertently, she saw Alyssa standing next to the car.

She frowned, she was completely shocked, looked at Alyssa in disbelief, and asked uncertainly: “Are you Alyssa?”

Alyssa curled her lips, her smile didn’t reach the bottom of her eyes, with a deep mockery: “Do you think I am?”

She lived under the same roof for more than 20 years, but her biological mother could not recognize her daughter.

Not only that, Rachel heard that her face had changed, but she ignored her unswollen face.

Don’t know if this is Alyssa’s sorrow or Rachel’s sorrow.

Rachel approached and looked at Alyssa carefully: “You…you went for plastic surgery? So you didn’t go there the last time I asked you to eat?”

At this moment, Alyssa couldn’t even smile, and there was a trace of sorrow on her face: “Mom, I am Alyssa. I’ve been like this since I was a child, but you always say that I shouldn’t be more beautiful than my sister. So, the more I grow up, the more ugly.”

“How is this possible, you’ve been all these years…” Rachel couldn’t believe Alyssa, how could she pretend to be ugly for so many years?

Alyssa looked at Rachel calmly, with a sense of sorrow in her voice: “Because I want to be a good daughter of my mother, in order to make my mother happy, I did it as long as you ask me from my childhood. .”

Rachel moved her lips and was a little speechless for a while.

In memory, Alyssa was really cute and beautiful when she was a child, and her academic performance was good. Later, her grades deteriorated. The older she got, the uglier she was. Before that, she had indeed said to Alyssa that she should not be better than her sister.

But soon, she said with a defensive look: “You did it voluntarily. You can’t blame me now!”

Alyssa was stunned, and asked her with sore eyes: “Mom, let me just ask, am I your biological daughter?”


“Go, come to eat.”

A male voice interrupted Rachel’s words very abruptly, and Alyssa raised her eyes and found that “Luther” did not know when she had already walked to her side.

He is tall and has to keep his head down when looking at Alyssa.

Alyssa looked up at him with red eyes, her beautiful cat eyes were soaked by the tears that were about to fill her eyes, and she looked very pitiful.

Especially when her gaze touched the swollen half of her face, Alyssa’s eyes burst out with a sharp light, and she covered it for an instant, pulling her away without any expression.

Rachel recognized that this person was “Luther” who had been to Hunt’s last time. How could he come to pick up Alyssa?

Did they…

Thinking of what they did in the car last time, Rachel quickly stopped them: “Wait.”

The two turned to look at her together, Rachel said, “Alyssa, I brought a lot of food for your father and sister. Would you like to eat together?”

Alyssa was about to refuse, and Karl rushed to her and said, “Okay, it just so happens that I haven’t eaten it yet.”

“This…” The food that Rachel brought was only enough for three people, and he knew that “Luther” was Karl’s cousin. It was not easy to offend him, and I didn’t know what to say for a while.

Alyssa was unclear, so she raised her eyes to look at him and hit him with her elbow in a small arc.

Karl held her forearm tightly, looked down at her, and gave her a calm look.

It is strange that Alyssa was really soothed by his eyes, she stood quietly next to him and stopped making a sound.

Rachel has been a full-time wife for most of her life. In addition to spending money to beautify Colin, she can also judge the situation a little bit. Knowing that “Luther” can’t neglect, she winks the driver and asks him to notify Colin.

Colin came down very quickly, and Isabel was still behind him.

Isabel obviously touched up her makeup on purpose, and her makeup looked slightly richer.

When she saw “Luther”, she didn’t remove a pair of eyes, her eyes were as greedy as she was looking at what was in her bag.

Alyssa noticed his eyes, moved her body, and stood in front of “Luther”, trying to block Isabel’s sight.

Chapter 66

But “Luther” is a big man with a height of nearly 1.9 meters, and Alyssa can’t stop his face even when standing in front of him.

Isabel glanced at Alyssa contemptuously, then stepped forward and looked directly at “Luther”: “Mr. Adams, we meet again.”

Karl glanced at Isabel, then looked at Alyssa who was suddenly blocking him, and instantly understood why Alyssa was blocking him.

He remembered what she had said when she fought him before, “the eldest sister is like a mother”, is her behavior of protecting the calf really treating him as a son?

Karl’s expression became even colder when he thought of this, he didn’t even bother to give Isabel an extra look.

Isabel was a little embarrassed to see “Luther” ignore her.

Colin said at the right time: “Let’s find a restaurant and sit down and talk.”


The group found a restaurant for dinner.

When taking seats, everyone intentionally let “Luther” sit first.

However, “Luther” did not sit down first, but pulled the chair away first and said to Alyssa, “Sit down.”

Alyssa didn’t know what he was going to do, but she subconsciously felt that “Luther” would not harm her, so she sat down obediently.

As soon as she sat down, “Luther” also sat down beside her.

Colin immediately winked at Isabel, and Isabel knew it, and immediately sat down on the other side of “Luther” with a smile.

Alyssa thought “Luther” would say something, but he didn’t say anything, as if he hadn’t seen Isabel sitting down next to him.

Alyssa replied in her heart. Could it be that she was wrong? Although “Luther” seemed to be aloof, he was actually not picky towards women?

Soon the dishes were ready, and Colin said something from time to time to ease the atmosphere, and it was still harmonious.

Isabel also gave “Luther” several dishes, but he did not refuse but did not eat either.

Alyssa felt that today’s “Luther” was very strange. From the moment he sat down, she felt that the air pressure on his body was very low. After that, he didn’t even refuse Isabel to pick him up. I believe he will be attracted to Isabel!

Isabel was overjoyed in her heart and smiled softly: “Mr. Adams, you can eat more, the food is good.”

“Yeah.” “Luther” replied, not salty, and did not move his chopsticks.

Isabel didn’t mind, she asked him while the iron was hot: “Has Mr. Adams have a girlfriend?”

Asking this directly, “Luther” did not see the slightest anger on his face, but turned to look at her: “No.”

“I don’t have a boyfriend either. To be honest, I actually…” Isabel made a shy look: “I have always loved Mr. Adams.”

“Really?” Karl’s lips curled, his smile didn’t reach the bottom of his eyes, a gloomy breath appeared between his brows, and his low voice suddenly became extremely gloomy: “But I like women with big faces, Miss Hunt’s face is too small Up.”

Isabel’s eyes widened in surprise, and both of her eyes were about to fall out.

Alyssa on the side just drank the water from the entrance, and almost vomited out in shock.

What is this “Luther” talking nonsense?

She glanced at the man next to her, and she could only see his nice side face with a slight nod, it didn’t seem to be a joke at all.

“I can gain weight and make my face fat.” Isabel was so excited that her voice was trembling, and she didn’t forget to cast a triumphant look at Alyssa.

She will definitely be favored by “Luther”.

Alyssa turned her head, too lazy to look at her.

“Really?” Karl lowered his eyelids slightly, covering his eyes coldly, and said casually: “There is a quick way, Miss Alyssa can try it.”

Isabel believed it was true, and asked quickly: “What method?”

Karl turned his eyes to Alyssa: “Like her.”

Isabel looked at Alyssa, but didn’t respond for a while, but Colin understood something at once, and said, “Mr. Adams is really joking, hurry up and eat the food, otherwise it will be cold later.”

Karl wouldn’t put Colin in his eyes at all, the expression on his face had completely cooled down.

He was already handsome and aggressive, but now sitting there with a cold face, he didn’t feel angry.

His aura was too strong, and no one dared to speak anymore for a while.

Karl was completely unmoved, staring at Isabel coldly, still in a casual tone: “I won’t hit a woman, you do it yourself.”

“Mr. Adams, this joke is not funny…”

“A joke?” Karl curled his lips, but there was no smile on his face. On the contrary, there was a bit of awe-inspiring sinisterness: “You think that Adams’ family can spend three hundred million to marry the daughter-in-law who comes in. Just let you guys make a joke?”

Only then did they understand what the purpose of “Luther” was to have dinner with them today.

Alyssa looked at him in astonishment, she had never thought that “Luther” would even stand for her.

She didn’t know until today that the Hunt family had given the Adams’ family a bride price of 300 million.

Although three hundred million is nothing to the Adams’ family, it is a large sum of money to Hunt’s family.

“Luther” made it so clear that Colin, as an independent family, naturally wanted to stand up. He defended: “In fact, this is how Alyssa and Isabel are sisters. Alyssa did something wrong. Isabel’s love sister eagerly taught her a lesson…”

“Mr. Hunt is so confused that he can’t understand people?” Karl raised his head slightly, his eyes getting fierce.

When Colin heard the words, his face suddenly changed. He didn’t expect this “Luther” to be so arrogant that he would not give him face at all.

He looked awkward and looked at Alyssa: “Alyssa, this matter…”

Alyssa ignored him, reached out and took a pumpkin pie from the plate in front of him, and ate it by herself.

Everyone understands that this matter today cannot be done well.

Colin frowned and didn’t speak, but Rachel said: “Mr. Adams, you just think I am Alyssa’s mother, let Isabel a horse, Alyssa, look…”

Karl exhausted his patience: “Hunt’s latest huge investment failed and the capital chain was broken. It is urgent to re-inject capital. If this news is known by the peers, what will they do?”

Colin’s face was pale, and Hunt’s capital chain broke. This is an internal secret. How could “Luther” know?

If they were known to their peers, they would take advantage of the fire and make his condition worse.

Colin gritted his teeth and said cruelly: “Isabel, do it yourself!”

Isabel couldn’t believe it: “Dad!”

Seeing that she didn’t want to do anything, Colin got up and walked over, and slapped Isabel on the face.


Karl’s tone was lazy: “There is another side.”

Colin slapped the slap again, and Karl glanced at him, and said, “Big face? That’s wrong.”

So, Colin slapped Isabel again.

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