Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 414

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Chapter 414


Shaun was taken aback for a moment, then smiled and said:

“Wife, what’s the matter?”

“I hope you don’t take risks for me in the future!” Elvira looked straight at Shaun with an unusually solemn expression:

“Last time you were too impulsive. You should have called the police and asked them to come and rescue me!”

“But you came alone to the Wolf Hall. Wasn’t it dangerous for you?”

Elvira said, still a little afraid.

“It was good luck! Fortunately, Master Dao and Master Tiger came and destroyed the wolf hall. They indirectly saved you and me!”

“Otherwise, we both were dead for sure!”

Elvira looked at Shaun, her expression was full of blame.

She didn’t know what happened that day, and Shaun didn’t mention it.

However, when Elvira asked around, only then did she got that it was Master Dao and Master Hu who had brought their men and destroyed the wolf hall.

This also made Elvira think that she and Shaun had good luck that day, that Master Dao and Tiger came for help.

After hearing from Elvira.

Shaun’s heart got warmth.

He knew that this silly girl didn’t want to commit a risk by herself!

Just when Shaun wanted to say something!

Shaun and Elvira got startled to see two young people coming.

Shen Jie!

After seeing the people Elvira’s pretty face changed slightly at this moment, one of them was her cousin Shen Jie, she wanted to pull Shaun and escape from there!

But at this moment.


A shout came, and Elvira’s figure paused slightly.

“Do you hate your cousin this much? When you see me, you wanted to leave without saying hello?” Shen Jie’s mouth was full of a thick mockery.

And hearing this, Elvira said:

“Cousin, I… I wasn’t leaving!”

She didn’t want to see Shen Jie.

In particular, since the last time the Linhai City Fei family’s $100 million order was taken by their own Bai family group, all the Shen family looked at them as their worst enemy.

This makes Elvira helpless.

“Huh! Don’t show off your pitifulness here!” Shen Jie said with sarcasm and a grin:

“This time, I am here specifically to find you!”


Elvira was taken aback, she didn’t understand why Shen Jie was looking for her.

At this moment, Shen Jie pointed to the young man beside her, and then said with a smile:

“This is the young master of the Qi family of Linhai City’s second family-Qi Siyuan!”

Qi family!

Hearing this name, Elvira got shocked.

Linhai City is a third-tier city next to Jiang City.

The first family there is the Fei family.

And the Qi family is second to them.

The scale of the Qi family’s industry is not inferior to that of the Fei family. This is a well-established family with extremely strong strengths, especially in the entertainment industry. Qi family’s assets are almost all over the 14 cities in Jiangnan!

It can be said that it is the entertainment leader in Jiangnan Province.

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