Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 447

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Chapter 447

Janice turned to Jacob again, “Big Brother, why are you hanging up on my phone?”

“Noisy people sleeping early in the morning, isn’t it annoying?” Jacob’s tone still contained a hint of unhappiness after being disturbed.

Janice: “…”

“Brother, it’s already three poles a day, is it early?”

“Newlywed Yan’er, don’t you understand?” Jacob’s face was black.

Janice’s face twitched. “Got it. I’ll pay attention next time.”

“What are you doing again?” Jacob’s attitude was very cold.

Janice felt that she was disgusted by her elder brother, so she sniffed sadly, “I’ll look at you.”

“I’ve seen it, can you go back?” Jacob was very angry with the woman who didn’t confess honestly.

Janice immediately took Grace’s arm and asked for instructions, “Brother, can I take my sister-in-law out to play?”

“No.” The refusal was firm.

“Why?” Janice and Grace protested in unison.

“I’m afraid you will break her.”

Jacob rubbed Grace’s little head, “I’m going to make breakfast.” Then, he turned and entered the kitchen.

The impatiens were left in a mess.

In the past, in the heart of the elder brother, she was a little lamb who had not been deeply involved in the world.

Now that she has a sister-in-law, she has become a big bad wolf?

“Eccentric!” Janice said gloomily.


Janice looked at Grace suspiciously, seeing that she was full of energy and her face was ruddy, and she did not seem to show any signs of persecution.

Janice took Grace’s hand and led her into the garden.

“Sister-in-law, did my brother treat you last night?”

Grace was also puzzled, “Not only did he not persecute me, but he treated me a little abnormally.”

“My brother is going to use sugar-coated cannonballs against you? Wait until you lose your way, and then you will—” Janice’s eyes flashed, and Grace shivered.

“He has always had a deep heart, who knows what he thinks?” Grace said.

Janice put her hands on her hips, with an old and solemn look, “Then what are you going to do? If he keeps showing his feet, you will live in fear every day?”

Grace said, “I have been thinking about what happened in Xiangdingyuan these days. Some very strange images always appear in my mind. Janice, I want to go back to Xiangdingyuan and investigate the truth.”

“But if I make this request to your brother rashly, he might be surprised!”

Janice snapped her fingers and said joyfully, “My brother won’t take you back to the tourmaline manor, I can take you there.”

Grace looked happy, “This is really great.”

The two of them made up their minds and went back to the villa.

The rich breakfast is ready. Janice looked at the Chinese breakfast and exclaimed, “Brother, when did you learn to cook Chinese food?”

Jacob sat above, wearing a blue cashmere sweater, slightly fluffy black hair, and a delicate face that looked like a knife, with a trace of laziness, like the demon prince who came out of the comics’ Evil charm and coquettish style.

Hearing Janice’s words, he raised his eyebrows lazily, but concentrated on wrapping the potstickers with various kinds of vegetable jam. Then hand it to Grace’s bowl.

Janice was so shocked that the pot stickers in her hand fell on the dining table, and Jacob cast his eagle-eyed gaze over, and Janice quickly picked it up and ate it.

“Brother, I want to eat too!” Janice looked at the exquisite potsticker bag on Grace’s plate, and his saliva almost came out.

“Don’t you have long hands?”



“If you have a hand, you need to use it. You don’t understand the principle of “use advancement and abolishment”?”


Janice protested in a low voice, “Sister-in-law also has hands!”

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