Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 448

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Chapter 448

Jacob glanced at Grace, who was silent on the side, and his voice became warmer inexplicably, “She abandoned me to raise her.”

Janice: “…”

Grace: “…

What logic is this?

“You are eccentric,” Janice muttered.

Jacob held Grace’s hand in front of Janice and said, “It is my duty to love her.”

Janice rolled her eyes a few times, picked up the dishes and walked outside, “I can’t stand it.”

Grace pulled out her hand and muttered in dissatisfaction, “Zhan Ye, Janice has just fallen out of love, we will hurt her if we play in front of her.”

“Are we doing a show?” Jacob raised his eyebrows.

He was so serious to please her, she thought it was acting?

“Isn’t it?” Grace said.

Jacob took a bite of the pot stickers, his handsome face darker than the bottom of the pot.

Seeing that he was in a bad mood, Grace couldn’t say what she had originally asked to show the door.

At the end of breakfast, Grace also cleaned up the dishes consciously. Jacob held her hand, took her hand away, and walked into the kitchen with the dishes.

Grace was dumbfounded!

She always feels that eating and living by him still makes her unhappy, and feels a little sad.

She slowly moved to the door of the kitchen, and cautiously pleased, “Master Zhan, what can I do for you?”

Jacob threw the dishes into the dishwasher. After washing his hands, he walked to her with a serious face, “Yes.”

Grace’s conscience was a little less guilty, and she raised her head and looked at him cheerfully, “What?”

“Be nice to me.” A slight grievance filled Jacob’s eyes.

Grace was dazed.

It took a long time to be weak, “Oh! In the future, I will do housework and wash clothes—”

“Grace!” Jacob rubbed his aching eyebrows.

Grace raised a pair of clear glass pupils and looked at him suspiciously.

“I married a wife, not a servant!”

“Then what am I going to do?”

“Can you do something to make me happy?” Jacob asked.

Grace: “…”

“I do my best.”

When Janice came in carrying the dishes, she saw Grace and Jacob standing face to face, both of them looked very solemn.

In order to break the silent atmosphere, Janice deliberately picked up the dishes and knocked, “I’m finished.”

“Wash it out by yourself.” Jacob said in a bad mood.

Janice passed between the two of them, and when she came out after washing the dishes, the two of them were still standing like puppets.

Janice walked over and grabbed Grace’s wrist and said, “Sister-in-law, come with me to a friend’s banquet.”

Grace was secretly relieved, feeling that Janice had relieved her. Who knew Jacob suddenly took her with the other hand, “Follow me to my friend’s party.”

Janice’s eyes were bigger than copper bells, “Brother, you never go to friends’ gatherings?”

“People will change after all.” When Jacob’s eyes fell on Luo Shishi’s face, he said this. The look was inexplicably sad.

Grace actually felt that he was like an aggrieved child, accusing her of the disqualification of her newlywed wife.

Janice looked at Grace, “Sister-in-law, then you decide whether to go with me or my eldest brother?”

After speaking, Janice and Jacob both let go of her hands.

It seems that both people are in favor of using this method to decide whether to stay.

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