Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 415

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Chapter 415

At this moment, after seeing Elvira, the young man named Qi Siyuan got instantly attracted by her eyes.


As a young in the entertainment industry, he has seen countless beauties, but such an intellectual beauty like Elvira he has seen the first time.

A trace of hot luster flashed from Qi Siyuan’s eyes, and the look in his eyes made him want to swallow Elvira.

“I don’t know, is there anything Qi Shao is asking for me?”

Elvira extremely disliked Qi Siyuan’s fiery gaze, she frowned and asked indifferently.

However, Qi Siyuan didn’t seem to feel Elvira’s impatience at all, and instead said with a smile:

“This is not a place to talk, let’s go! There is a tavern next to this place, which is also the property of my family. Let’s talk there!”

Qi Siyuan didn’t care about whether Elvira agreed or not, and went straight to lead the way with Shen Jie.

As if he has extreme self-confidence that Elvira will follow him.

Seeing this scene!

Elvira’s pretty face became difficult to look at:

“Shaun, shall we go?”

Do not know why!

Elvira is now relying more heavily on Shaun, and she unconsciously wants to consult Shaun for many things.

Hearing this, Shaun smiled slightly:

“Let’s go! Look at what medicine this guy sells in the gourd!”

Shaun took Elvira and followed Shen Jie directly towards a tavern.


When a party of four had just entered the tavern after they were seated.

Qi Siyuan’s eyes couldn’t help but glance at Shaun indifferently, his voice was cold:

“Boy, who are you, who made you sit with me!”

“The people I invited are Shen Jie and Elvira! Who asked you to join us!”


Hearing this, Elvira’s pretty face got ugly to the extreme in an instant.

She could tell that Qi Siyuan was deliberately targeting Shaun. After all, as long as this person is not blind, she can tell that Shaun is her husband.

And now!

He deliberately humiliated her husband, it was like humiliating her!

“Qi Shao, Shaun is my husband!”

“Since you asked him to leave, let’s we leave together!”

That’s it!

Elvira stood up immediately and wanted to pull Shaun away.

This scene went beyond the expectations of Qi Siyuan and Shen Jie. The two originally thought that Elvira would not care about Shaun.


They thought that Elvira will remain silent for the sake of business.

But now.

At that moment, Qi Siyuan’s complexion got blue and red. Seeing that Elvira and Shaun were going to leave, he quickly smiled and said:

“Hahaha… President Bai, don’t get me wrong, I like to joke!”

“Just now, I was joking with this little brother! Sorry! I’m very sorry!”

Qi Siyuan stopped the two.

Elvira’s complexion eased slightly.

Under the persuasion of Shen Jie and Qi Siyuan, they sat down again!

“I don’t know what you have to say, what advice do you have?” Elvira asked straightforwardly without wasting time.

Hearing this!

Qi Siyuan and Shen Jie glanced at each other before they said:

“I am here to ask you something!”

“I heard that your Bai Group has developed a resurrection pill, which can completely cure the AS virus! I want to buy that pill!”

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