Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 449

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Chapter 449

Grace took Janice’s hand and smiled, “Master Zhan, madam first.”

Jacob’s face was frosted.

Abandoned again and again by the newlyweds, the heart that has always been arrogant cannot avoid being hit hard.

“Go.” Pretending to be generous.

Janice and Grace left happily.

Jacob watched their backs walk away, his eyes sinking.

In the calendar garden in winter, the surrounding scenery looks a little bleak. Those lush ginkgo in spring and summer are swaying in the wind at this moment. The golden ginkgo leaves are thickly spread on the ground, and the bare trunks appear to be fangs and claws.

Only the few jacaranda trees are still green. Upright as a mountain. But extremely lonely and bleak.

Jacob was a little regretful. He had known that the garden in winter was so withered and bleak, and he should have planted all evergreen plants that day.

The garden without a mistress seems even more deserted.

Jacob wandered around in the courtyard for a while. Bored, he returned to the study and called Guan Xiao.

“I need a senior emotional counselor!”

Guan Xiao on the phone was so startled that his chin almost fell to the ground.

“Presidents and emotional counselors can also be divided into several types, such as parent-child relationship, marriage, couples… Which do you want?”


Guan Xiao swallowed his mouth, the chief executive just got married, and his feelings There are cracks, this news is really shocking news.

“Yes.” Guan Xiao was in a daze after hanging up the phone.

How can he not understand that his president is at the most disadvantaged position in the marriage relationship because of his good looks, good figure, and a lot of funds?

Guan Xiao finally introduced a very enchanting and beautiful emotional counselor to Jacob.

At dusk.

Beauty emotional counselor visits.

Jacob opened the door, slightly surprised when he saw the opponent.

The beauty emotional counselor introduced herself, “Hello, I am the emotional counselor

Introduced by Guan Xiao.” Jacob frowned slightly, seeming to be very unhappy with Guan Xiao’s arrangement.

The beauty emotional counselor smiled, “Young Shao Zhan is afraid that his wife will misunderstand our relationship and cause unnecessary misunderstandings, right?”

Jacob replied lightly, “Yeah.”

“Young Shao Zhan is walking on thin ice in the marriage relationship. Careful to please the other party, she is afraid it will only be counterproductive.”

Jacob thought a little, then opened the door and said, “Please come in.”

Inviting the beauty emotional consultant to the garden balcony in the living room, sitting on the antique rattan chair, around the round table and sipping coffee, the two began a harmonious negotiation.

“Little war, love is a battle that is evenly matched. If you are strong, she will be weak, and if you are weak, she will be strong. In other words, women can’t be spoiled.”

Jacob tasted coffee and tasted the insights of beautiful emotional counselors.

“I didn’t treat her well.”

The beauty emotional counselor was slightly startled. Generally, those who actively seek their help in a marriage relationship are the most reluctant to give up the marriage.

And they are generally the ones who give the most in love.

Zhan Shao clearly loves his wife, but he still feels that he is not doing enough. Such a peerless husband is rare in the world.

“Then…what does Shao Zhan hope I can help you?” Based on Shao Zhan’s anti-human thinking, the beauty emotional counselor became humble and cautious.

“My wife doesn’t seem to be in love with home.” Jacob mentioned this, and his temple hurt unconsciously.

The beauty emotional counselor was astonished. Mrs. Zhan was born in Fu Zhong and did not know the good fortune, so she wanted to take him place and love the excellent man in front of her.

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