Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 416

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Chapter 416


Elvira was shocked when he said this.

The pill of Resurrection is the most important commercial secret of the Bai Group.

But right now, Qi Siyuan opened his mouth and wanted to buy it, which was simply a taboo.


Before Elvira refused, Qi Siyuan smiled with five fingers deep inside his face and said with a smile:

“I will pay 500 million!”


When he said this, Elvira got shocked.

One pill will cost 500 million yuan, not counting the development costs, equipment, and labor.

This is definitely generous.

In particular, the Baishi Group has now developed the Resurrection Pill and started to sell it. At this moment, even if this pill is sold, it does not have much impact on the Baishi Group.

Elvira’s complexion groaned slightly, but finally shook her head:

“Sorry! Qi Shao, we are not selling this medicine!”


Hearing this, Qi Siyuan and Shen Jie changed their faces.

The two also knew that the Bai Group had already begun to sell the Pill of Resurrection, and they are here to buy it.

Because in their opinion, the value of Resurrection Pill to the Bai Group is already very small, even if it is sold, they will not gain much.

If they make this deal then they can obtain a terrifying profit of 500 million yuan!

But the two did not expect that Elvira would refuse it!

“President Elvira, this is a very profitable deal! Using a pill that is not of much use in exchange for a profit of 500 million yuan, this is simply a good thing for your group!”

Qi Siyuan continued to persuade.

Just hearing this, Elvira’s face became more determined.

She looked at Qi Siyuan and said directly:

“In my opinion, it is not that simple for Qi Shao to buy the Pill of Resurrection!”

“You want to make money from those patients with AS!”


As soon as these words came out, Qi Siyuan and Shen Jie’s expressions changed completely.

That’s right!

Now, the Pill of Resurrection is in the market. Normally, Qi Siyuan would never buy this paper prescription as long as he is not stupid.

And his real plan was to buy the prescription and start developing it.

After that, they will use all means to destroy the Bai Group’s Resurrection Pill sales.

Even, let the Bai Group be destroyed.

At that time, the gold mine of Resurrection Pills will be firmly in their hands, even if it is one hundred thousand, two hundred thousand, or even one million Pills of Resurrection!

Those patients, even if their families went bankrupt, would definitely be in droves!

It’s just that he didn’t expect that Elvira could see through his plan at a glance, and even directly broke it.

For a time!

The atmosphere is somewhat depressing and dull.

However, Qi Siyuan shook his head and smiled, looking at Elvira, becoming more aggressive:

“Since you people are not selling, then I can’t force it!”

“However, let’s talk about the second deal now!”

The second deal!

Elvira was taken aback for a moment. She didn’t expect that Qi Siyuan would not give up after frustration and wanted to continue business talks.

At the moment, Elvira could only ask:

“I don’t know, what is your second deal?”

“It’s you!”

Qi Siyuan stared straight at Elvira and said directly:

“Tonight, you accompany me! I will give you five hundred million!”

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