Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 413

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Chapter 413

“Master, Master Lin you are talking about is the mysterious expert who instructed you?” The iron-faced gray wolf lifted and asked with ecstasy.


King Kong nodded, and a deep reverence appeared on his fierce face:

“He is that person! Half a month ago, after he instructed me, he taught me the newly changed technique!”

“Since then, I have made great strides in strength!”

Hearing this, the face of the Iron-faced Gray Wolf was full of ecstasy.

He never thought that he was fortunate enough to live in the same city as Master Lin.

King Kong looked at his five companions and said:

“Master Lin has not only terrifying strength, but he has also unparalleled medical skills!”

“I will plea to Master Lin and let him heal you!”


As soon as this remark came out, the wolf got extremely happy.

Being able to be healed by that kind of big man is something he can brag about for a lifetime.

“Thank you, Master!”

The iron-faced gray wolf thanked King Kong, then a bit of resentment appeared on his face, and he continued:

“Besides, I want the master to take action to avenge the disciple!”


King Kong’s eyes flashed with a chill, and a brutal arc appeared at the corner of his mouth:

“Don’t worry! It will take a few days for your master to come back to Jiang City!”

“And this period is enough for me to completely crush the ants including Shaun, Dao Master, and Tiger Master!”

That’s it!

King Kong turned his gaze and looked at Duan Chun:

“You are from the Red Maple Group, I need a favor from you!”

Hearing this, Duan Chun got overjoyed.

It is definitely an honor for him to be able to help a strong man like King Kong:

“Mr. King Kong, please tell me, how can I help you!”

Duan Chun’s respectful attitude made King Kong very satisfied.

His eyes were shining sharply, and the corners of his mouth were vicious:

“Help me host an event! I want to challenge all the underground forces in Jiang City!”

“Let them surrender to me or… die!”

Hearing this, everyone in the entire ward got shocked inexplicably.

A few days passed quietly.

Shaun is not thinking about the rumors that spread after that incident. All of his focus is on Elvira.

After resting for a few days, Elvira has gradually recovered from a state of weakness.


After learning that the wolf hall was razed to the ground by Master Dao and Master Tiger, she was even more grateful.

In the park.

Shaun and Elvira walked together, but now, Elvira looked at Shaun, and there was a bit of tenderness in her eyes.

“Shaun, I hope you promise me one thing in the future.”

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