Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 446

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Chapter 446

Grace stared at her pupils and said with a shy face, “You have misunderstood. I am not bullied by him!”

“I want to check!” the overbearing voice.

“How to check?” Grace wondered.

Jacob leaned down…

Grace was stunned.

She knew that this guy took advantage of her by making excuses, hateful.

That night, Grace went through mental torture and physical torture, driven by panic, she fell asleep unconsciously.

The next day she slept three rods in the sun.

It’s just to wake up naturally!

As soon as Grace opened her eyes, her consciousness returned, and she sat up almost immediately.

Feeling the fresh air, she sighed with great fortune: “I’m still alive!”

Jacob looked at her leisurely, “Are you very happy?”

Grace was aware that there were people beside him, grabbed the expression of ecstasy, re-managed hernexpression, became humble, “Warlord, you are awake!”

Jacob pulled her into his arms, “I will sleep with me again.”

“Are you not going to work?”

“Today’s the weekend!”

“Weekend? Then Derek and the others don’t go to school, do you want to… um…” The mouth was blocked, and even breathing became difficult.

This is a k!ss caught off guard!

Suffering almost killed her.

In the end, she pushed him away when she felt she was about to die, and inhaled.

“I will go for a run every day from now on!” Jacob patted her chest to help her get along.


“Too low vital capacity affects the happiness of married life!” Jacob said seriously.

Grace stunned!

Didn’t he try his best to take her life? Why do you want to pretend to be a long-term husband and wife with her?


The first thing Janice woke up was to call Grace to determine her safety.

Grace’s first sentence after answering the phone was, “Don’t worry, I’m still alive!”

Janice let out a long sigh of relief.

Then Janice asked her, “Would you like to come out and wave with me?”

When Grace was about to agree, Jacob hung up her cell phone. Then he said to Grace very seriously, “In the future, don’t fool around with her.”



Grace: “…”

The person who is obviously dangerous is himself, right?

“Is she your sister?” Grace muttered, “How can a brother say that to his sister?”

Jacob pinched the corner of her mouth and said viciously, “You are my heart.”

Grace was dumbfounded!

Knowing that this guy is good at rhetoric, he was still moved by him.

Hey, Grace, you are a bit prosperous, okay?

Because Jacob maliciously cut off Janice’s phone, Janice felt uneasy.

Then began to think about it, fearing that, as Grace said, the eldest brother wanted to murder her.

Before long, Janice came to the calendar garden in a rush.

Because no one paid any attention to the knock on the door, the door panel was smashed.

“Open the door!”

Jacob walked out with Grace in his arms, and Janice felt very embarrassed when she saw the two people look tender and sweet.


Jacob stared at her coldly, with sharp eyes, as if Janice wouldn’t give her a good explanation for her rudeness and he would shoot her into a sieve.

“Hehe…” Janice raised a bright smile, “Sister-in-law, why hang up my phone?”

Grace secretly pointed at Jacob.

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