Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 1209 – 1210

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Chapter 1209

“You don’t worry.” Karl drove the car and stretched out a hand towards Alyssa.

Alyssa put her hand in Karl’s hand: “Not just talking, but also in heart.”

Karl knew that Alyssa was worried, and his voice was gentle: “I know.”

Alyssa’s complexion only relaxed a bit.

The relaxation eased, and she thought of other things.

“Why are you suddenly getting up early for a run?”

Karl drove the car without squinting, and his tone sounded very casual: “I just want to exercise.”

Alyssa turned her head to follow him: “That’s it?”

“Yeah.” Karl’s tone returned to his usual high coldness.

Alyssa held back a smile, and did not hesitate to expose him: “Isn’t it because I said you were a little fatter last night?”

Karl laughed, his tone of disdain and disdain: “How is it possible!”

Hard mouth!

Alyssa smiled and said empathetically: “That’s good. It’s so cold in the morning, so you don’t need to get up for a run. If you get fatter, it won’t be ugly. It’s not that you can’t afford to change into large clothes, right?”

Karl ignored her with a solemn face.

Alyssa knew that he was going to be angry, so she said with a serious face: “I just said casually, what are you nervous about, and ah, you are not fat at all now, even if you are fat, you are a fat handsome guy. I won’t despise you. Large clothes and small clothes cost the same price, but large clothes…”

Karl listened to her with a dark face and whispered about clothes, and he became more determined to keep in shape.

That night, he went to the gym at home for two hours.

Alyssa also followed him to practice with him, but she had poor physical strength and did not practice for long, so she went to rest.

She stared at Karl for a while, and as soon as she took out her mobile phone, she received a WeChat message from Mattie.

“Tomorrow “Lost City 2″ will start, remember to post it on Twitter.”

Mattie didn’t talk nonsense, and went straight up to talk business.

Alyssa replied: “OK.”

She actually remembers that “Lost City 2” will be broadcast tomorrow.

Mattie probably felt that she was too careless, so she specially reminded her, which made Alyssa a little ashamed.

She opened Twitter and logged in to her account.

Every time she logs on to Twitter, there will be a lot of private messages and “@”, and she will refresh the message when the phone is calm again.

She had followed the official Twitter of “Lost City” before, and clicked directly on the homepage. The latest Tweet on the official Twitter was about tomorrow’s broadcast. She directly retweets it and added a few words: I hope everyone will support.

The person who runs the official WeChat account of “Lost City” was in contact with Alyssa in the crew before, and after discovering that Alyssa had retweeted the post, he took the tweet that Alyssa had forwarded and pinned it. One reply: “The screenwriter is great.”

Alyssa replied with a smile to her.

Karl didn’t know when he walked to her side: “It will start tomorrow?”

“Yeah.” Alyssa’s eyes were still on the phone screen, and she continued to scan Twitter.

Alyssa herself has some fans. During her usage, she was reminded of new notifications from time to time. She felt a little annoying, so she blocked the new notifications reminder.

Twitter is really addictive, she flicked it everywhere, until she got a trending search.

What the hell?

Have you eaten melons on your head?

Alyssa turned to look at the man beside her.

Karl noticed Alyssa’s gaze and turned to look at her: “What?”

Chapter 1210

Alyssa asked him, “What did you do?”

Karl: “Nothing.”

Alyssa turned her head and clicked on the trending search for “Adams’ Propaganda “Lost City 2”, and found that Adams’ official Twitter retweet the Twitter about the launch of “Lost City 2” that she had just retweet.

She directly handed the phone to Karl, motioning him to look at it himself.

“What’s this not doing?”

“I invested in “Lost City 2″, what’s wrong with retweeting it?”


It is justified and undisputed.

This man has always been so awkward.

Alyssa simply read the comments on Adams’ official Twitter page, she wanted to see how netizens reacted.

“I am not wrong, right?”

“Who can tell me what’s going on? This official account also accepts advertisements?”

“As far as I know, “Lost City 2″ was shot by Adams’ investment, so it’s normal for the official Twitter to repost it.”


Karl, who was on the side, also saw this Tweet, and said with disdain: “Do you have any brains! Adams has more money-making projects than “Lost City 2″, shouldn’t it be forwarded one by one!”

Alyssa said quietly, “If I remember correctly, you said the same just now.”

Karl choked, moved his lips, and simply said, “That’s because this is your play, so I let Smith give “Lost City 2″ some heat.”

This man is as cold as sitting on an iceberg in front of outsiders, and obediently like a big dog in front of her.

Alyssa couldn’t help reaching out and touching his head: “I know, as a thank you, I will invite you to dinner.”

She doesn’t seem to have spent the money she made for Karl yet, thinking about it, she still looks forward to it.

When Karl heard the words, his eyes lit up: “Without Grace?”

“…No.” Alyssa could hardly refuse Karl with bright eyes.

Karl was happy, and smiled, “Okay.”

Alyssa could only helplessly say sorry to Grace.

She continued to scan the comments, and sure enough, smart netizens guessed Adams’ intention to forward this Tweet.

“I don’t think this situation is right, Mr. Adams wants to remarry the screenwriter of “Lost City 2″?”

“It’s not that he can’t find a woman, how could Karl remarry with Alyssa.”

“It’s just a post on Twitter, can you still make up so much?”


Alyssa quietly withdrew from the comment area.

Not only do they have to remarry, but even their children are so old and they have been living together.


The next morning, on the way to send Grace to kindergarten, Alyssa said to Grace after repeated deliberations, “Your father and I have something and we will eat out tonight. You go home and listen to what auntie says. Go downstairs to rest, okay?”

Grace blinked her big eyes: “What’s the matter?”

“A date.” Karl said abruptly.

Alyssa who was about to explain: “…”

Grace frowned again, “You don’t take me?”

Karl: “What do we take you on a date for?”

Alyssa: “You…”

Grace hugged a small hand and snorted angrily: “This is what the adults said, ‘Parents are true love, children are accidents.'”

Karl: “Just understand.”

Alyssa, who couldn’t speak at all: “…”

Grace sighed, “Fortunately, Aunt Tina said that she will give birth to a younger brother as she will have a husband in the future, so that someone will accompany me.”

Karl and Alyssa were stunned.

After a while, Karl’s expression was so solemn that he discussed with her: “If you want to be accompanied, how about having a dog?”

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