Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1180

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Chapter 1180


The three masters walked in one after another from the door!

Sima Longming!

Ye Shihao!

Ye Wuya!

The three Patriarchs, followed by dozens of high-levels, had a grand aura, which made all the Jiangshi bosses be sincere and fearful and bowed and saluted subconsciously!

Respect to the extreme!

At this moment, after seeing the arrival of the three Patriarchs, the three elders all had flowers on their faces and smiled extremely sinisterly and viciously.

Seeing the presence of the three Patriarchs, Mr. Bai also immediately beamed with joy and greeted them respectfully:

“Three Patriarchs, thank you for inviting our Bai family to this party!”

Now that you have missed Zheng Honglian, you must not miss these three Patriarchs again.

Upon seeing this, Ye Shihao quickly piled up smiling faces and shook hands enthusiastically:

“Mr. Bai, you are too humble, we will rely on you more in the future!”


Everyone was in an uproar, and their faces were full of shock!

Do the three Patriarchs rely on Old Man Bai?

Did they make a mistake?

The little Bai family, is there anything worthy of the three patrons to curry favor?

And this immediately made Mr. Bai and the others flattered, their eyes widened and delighted.

The three Patriarchs said to rely on them? How meaningful is this!

As everyone knows, the reliance of the three patriarchs is not on them, but on Elvira.

At this time, Sima Longming also added with a smile:

“Yes, your Bai family has such a dragon and phoenix, a masterful wizard, and the future development must be limitless!”


Upon hearing Sima Longming’s words, Mr. Bai and the others were immediately confused!

Dragon and Phoenix among them?

Great Wizard?

Does their Bai family have such characters?

At this time, they all reacted. It turns out that the four giants were willing to invest in the Bai family because of that genius?

It’s just that, who in their family is worthy of such praise from the three Patriarchs?

And everyone there was also shocked!

They had heard of the four giants earlier, and this time they are here in Jiang City to invest in the Bai group.

But what they didn’t expect was that the four giants said that investing in the Bai family was because of one person?

The little Bai family, who has such energy, it is worth letting the four giants come to Jiangshi personally and come to the door humbly for cooperation?

At the moment, Mr. Bai asked incomprehensibly: “The three Patriarchs, I don’t know who the mastermind you are talking about is?”

This statement came out!

Everyone from the Bai family division and the big bosses of Jiangshi all pricked their ears and stared at the three Patriarchs closely, looking forward to their reply.

I want to know who can be crowned by the three Patriarchs as the masters of the world and the existence of dragons and phoenixes among us!

Just when Sima Longming was about to speak, a junior from the Bai family saw Shaun and Elvira still sitting in that position, and suddenly reprimanded in angrily:

“You two broom stars, three Patriarchs have already arrived, don’t you want to apologize? Do you really want to die?”

Trouble maker?

Upon hearing this, the three Patriarchs slumped to the ground in fright, and their entire faces suddenly turned pale.


These idiots of the Bai family dared to insult the king and queen as broom stars?

This is simply looking for death!

When everyone on the scene saw Shaun and his wife after the three Patriarchs came, they even dared to sit in the seat of the forest without knowing it, and they also showed anger!

What’s more, a gloating sneer appeared directly on their faces!

Because in their eyes, Shaun and his wife are going to die!

However, at this time!

Shaun smiled contemptuously:

“Of course I know they are coming, and I also know why they are here…”

“Because of us!”

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