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Chapter 787

Inside the bar box in Best Day.

Peter and Karl sat face to face, the air pressure in the box was a little low.

Peter pressed the lighter in his hand and threw it on the table irritably.

“Others say that people are refreshed on happy occasions. I think you don’t seem to be happy at all?” He must be no better than Karl than silent soul, so he might as well take the initiative.

Karl’s tone was light: “A bit tired.”

Exhausted you!

But these three words, Peter only dared to complain in his heart.

He picked up the glass in front of him and drank a long sip, then said, “You know tired too?”

“If you have something to say, let it go if you have a [email protected]” Karl also took a sip, looking very impatient.

Peter was angry looking at him like this.

“It seems I am really nosy!” Peter looked at Karl with a mocking look: “Okay, you are going to marry the woman Miana, and Alyssa is also planning to start again. It would be nice to just separate you , What are you doing!”

As he said, he poured himself another sip of wine.

Unspeakable irritability.

He once thought that based on his understanding of Karl, he would definitely last a lifetime after he identified a person.

But he didn’t expect that Karl and Alyssa would be separated after so many experiences.

As if there is really no relationship in this world that will not break, no one is inseparable from another.

For so many years, he and Tina went around, although they haven’t been together, they haven’t been with anyone else.

He felt that as long as there was no one else, they would still be together.

But recently, he began to feel a sense of crisis.

There are so many changes in emotional matters that no one can predict.

Karl’s eyes flashed slightly, and his expression darkened a bit from before, but he still didn’t say anything.

Peter could no longer say whether he was angry or other emotions, as if he was competing with himself.

Peter became more irritable the more he thought about it, drinking one cup after another.

When he was almost half-drunk, Peter heard Karl asking him: “Are Alyssa and Alvin together?”

“No.” Peter shook his head, picked up the cup and shook it. He found that there was no wine in it, and said while pouring himself: “But it’s coming soon. They all live in the same community. It is estimated that they will be together soon. -Live now…”

After Peter finished speaking for himself, he continued to drink.

When Peter woke up, he was in a daze for a while, only to find that he was still sleeping in the box of Best Day.

He got up from the sofa and found himself alone in the room.

He didn’t know when Karl left.

He whispered a rough word, and then walked out carrying his jacket, not even remembering what he said to Karl.

Out of the box, he walked forward while calling Karl.

The phone rang for a long time before he got through: “When did you leave? You really intend to break up with me, right? Let me get drunk and sleep in a box…”

Peter talked about a lot, and occasionally heard the sound of turning over documents from Karl.

When dare to answer the phone with him, Karl was still looking through the files.

Just when Peter was about to explode, Karl said in a hurry, “The invitation has been sent to you.”

“Your wedding invitation?” Peter snorted after speaking, and then shouted into the phone: “I’m not going!”


The answer to Peter was the busy tone when the phone was hung up.

Peter: “…”

It was June in a blink of an eye.

During this time, Alyssa basically stayed at home except for picking up Grace.

She doesn’t want to go out, there is nothing wrong with going out.

Grace once asked why Karl did not come to see her, Alyssa could only touch her head and said, “He will come when he is free.”

Grace is a keen child. She probably understood Alyssa’s words, and she never asked again.

Early in the morning, Alyssa sent Grace back to school, and met Tina in the community.

Tina limped towards her: “Alyssa, I have something to tell you!”

“What’s the matter?” Alyssa asked.

Tina Weber mysteriously said: “Let’s go to your house and I will tell you.”

When she returned home, Alyssa was about to pour water for Tina, but she was held back by Tina, “Don’t pour water, let me tell you something strange.”

Alyssa looked at her suspiciously, waiting for Tina to continue talking.

Tina did not speak, lowered her head and drew it in her bag for a while, and finally took out a bronzing invitation card for her.

Alyssa took it, and the two eye-catching names of “Miana Palmer” and “Karl Adams” just broke into her eyes.

Alyssa lowered her eyes slightly, stared at the invitation for a few seconds, and then asked a little surprised: “Why did you receive the invitation?”

Tina looked at Alyssa and found that there was nothing unusual in her expression, she felt a little loose in her heart, and continued: “I don’t know why they sent me invitations.”

Logically speaking, she and Karl had no friendship, and they knew Karl because of Alyssa and Peter.

Alyssa is now completely separated from Karl. Even if Karl wants to send Peter an invitation, just send him directly!

Tina couldn’t figure out why Karl would send her an invitation. When she thought of Karl’s usual appearance, she felt a little panicked and immediately came to Alyssa.

Alyssa thought for a moment and said, “Perhaps Karl wants to do something big, so anyone who can think of it all are sent invitations.”

Tina originally thought that Alyssa might know Karl better, so she came to ask her.

After hearing Alyssa’s words, Tina also felt a little reasonable.

“I’m crazy to attend his wedding, sc*mbag!” Tina directly threw the invitation aside, wishing to stand up and step on it.

Alyssa picked up the invitation card and said warmly, “Since he wants to invite you, why not go? I want to go, but I don’t have an invitation card.”

“Huh?” Tina’s eyes widened, unable to believe what she heard herself: “Are you going to attend Karl’s wedding?”

It’s not unusual to attend the ex-husband’s wedding, but Alyssa and Karl are separated from each other and it doesn’t look pretty.

“Alyssa, are you excited by…”

Tina swallowed the next few words abruptly.

She thought it was weird for Alyssa to let go so quickly…

Alyssa smiled slightly and said, “It’s not what you think, I just want to go.”

After Tina left, Alyssa took the U disk and went out fully armed.

She went to an Internet cafe with a lot of traffic, gave a child five hundred, borrowed a computer and sent a big email to several well-known media.

After doing this, she left quietly, as if she had never appeared before.

Chapter 788

A few days before Karl’s wedding, as long as the Rostenvel could name it, all the media issued news and announcements.

No one in Rostenvel was left who doesn’t know that Karl is getting married.

He also booked the entire Best Day for a grand wedding.

Alyssa picks up Grace on time every day, just like an okay person.

None of this seems to have any effect on her.

Until one night before Karl’s wedding, Alyssa had some insomnia.

Early the next morning, she happily cooked breakfast for Grace and sent her to kindergarten.

Afterward, she returned home and started putting on makeup and changing clothes.

So solemnly as if it was herself who got married.

At ten-thirty, Tina came to look for her.

Alyssa opened the door, and when Tina saw her, she was stunned for a moment, and her eyes shot back and forth on Alyssa’s body, as if she had seen Alyssa for the first time.

“Alyssa, I have known you for so many years. It is the first time I have seen you dress so hard!” Tina looked at her and shook her head “Tsk Tsk” and said, “I feel inferior when I walk next to you.”

Alyssa has a good foundation. She used to dress up at events and banquets, but she wouldn’t be so meticulous.

But this time, she dressed very carefully.

she stroked her hair, pursed her lips and smiled, “I’m relieved if you say that.”

Tina choked for a while, and reacted for a while: “Are you going to smash the scene today?”

“Of course not, who is Karl? I dare to hit the scene at his wedding? Do you think I am impatient?” Alyssa turned and entered the room, taking out the mirror to look at it.

Confirming that the makeup is perfect, she picked up the bag and said to Tina, “Let’s go, you can go.”

Tina was still a little dazed.

Although Alyssa said that, she always felt that Alyssa was going to hit the place.

Karl’s wedding today may not be peaceful either.

The two arrived at Best Day soon.

The door was full of cars, and Tina drove for a while before finding a parking space.

The pedestrians in front of Best Day Gate are like weaving, and everyone is here to attend Karl’s wedding.

Alyssa and Tina opened the doors from both sides of the car and got down.

Tina is an actor, with outstanding looks and temperament, while Alyssa has a good foundation and is also beautiful after dressing up.

The two of them walked together, which attracted the attention of others.

“How come you suddenly feel that you are on your home court today?” Tina pulled her hair down, and she turned her head and Alyssa whispered.

“I don’t say that, I dare not offend Karl.” Alyssa smiled, but her expression was cold.

Tina looked at Alyssa like this, suddenly panicked.

She reached out and touched her arm: “Alyssa, what are you going to do today?”

Alyssa stopped and went around in a circle: “I brought my mobile wallet today. What can I do besides eating? Don’t worry that I will bring explosives to blow up Best Day.”

“I’m not joking with you.” Tina’s face sank slightly.

Alyssa took Tina’s arm: “Don’t worry, even if Karl’s wedding is broken today, it is someone else who messed up, not me.”

Tina understood the deep meaning of Alyssa’s words: “Could it be that you…”

“Hush!” Alyssa made a silent gesture.

Tina shut up immediately and didn’t dare to say anymore.

But she looked a little flustered and looked very uneasy.

Alyssa took her arm and supported her slightly: “Watch the path well, your legs have to walk more leisurely.”

Until they entered the wedding scene, her calm complexion was still a bit ugly.

After they picked a table with no one to sit down, Tina said in an uneasy voice: “Alyssa, you don’t have to do this, Karl is really not something we can afford.”

Alyssa Heating calmly said, “Not afraid.”

Tina wanted to say something more, someone walked to their table and sat down, letting Tina swallow back what she wanted to say.

Looking up, they found that the person who came was Peter.

“Tina, what a coincidence…Huh?” After Peter saw that the person sitting next to Tina was Alyssa, the whole person was stunned.

“You, Alyssa you…” He pointed to Alyssa incoherently.

“I followed Tina.” Alyssa smiled and poured a glass of water for Peter.

Peter drank the water that Alyssa poured for him.

He looked at Tina and Alyssa: “You…”

Tina was upset and didn’t have the energy to deal with Peter. He took his cup and poured a glass of water: “Drink water, don’t talk!”

Peter had to drink another glass of water.

Not much time, another group of people came.

Alyssa looked up, a little surprised.

“Alyssa, you are here too.” Travis walked to Alyssa’s table and sat down straight.

Travis’s eyes fell on Tina next to Alyssa.

After seeing the cool face, his eyes lit up: “You are the one…”

Peter interrupted him, slightly turned sideways to block his gaze, and asked Travis: “Looking at her, which family you are from?”

When Travis returned to the country, the Adams’ family was already going downhill, and Peter’s level was basically out of reach.

Peter didn’t know Travis, but Travis knew him.

“CEO Grant, I am Travis Hunt.” Travis knew that Peter was the CEO of AdamPic Media, and his tone became a little respectful involuntarily.

After Peter knew his surname Hunt, he thought of Travis’s arrival, and greeted Alyssa, and immediately understood who this person was.

Originally Alyssa’s brother.

Peter replied coldly, “Yes.”

Then he drew a tissue and leaned forward to Tina, “Hot, right? I’ll wipe your sweat.”

After speaking, he wiped Tina’s forehead twice with a tissue.

Tina patted his hand away, almost bit his ears with her teeth and whispered: “You wiped off the makeup on my old lady, if you touch me again, I will kill you!”

Peter’s complexion became stiff, and then he returned to normal. He retracted his body with a smile, turned his head and said to Travis, “You also received the invitation?”

Travis had a panoramic view of the closeness of Peter and Tina just now. Peter knew very well that he had an unusual relationship with Tina.

Travis is a savvy person, knowing that Peter is not someone he can afford, so he didn’t look at Tina again.

Travis nodded: “Well, I just received it a few days ago.”

Alyssa and Tina looked at each other.

Tina felt that not only Alyssa was crazy, even Karl was crazy, and even the Adams’ family sent invitations.

After the guests were almost there, the emcee on stage began to speak.

“Welcome to the wedding scene of Mr. Karl and Miss Miana…”

The wedding was about to begin, and everyone’s eyes moved to the stage.

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