Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1084

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Chapter 1084

Jason knew that her pace was not as fast as her, and simply stopped.

Qiao Wan stood in front of him with great grievances hanging on her beautiful face, “Do you like girls who study Six Arts, is it true, or is it just an excuse for me to leave the martial arts class?”

Jason looked at Qiao Wan’s serious eyes, “I just think you need to study in the Sixth Art Class to get rid of your hostility.”

Qiao Wan said: “Is it right that if I learn the Six Arts well, you will like me?”

Jason frowned.

“I don’t like girls who hook up with other boys at all times!” Jason said.

Qiao Wan remembered that every time she fights with boys, she will inevitably have some close physical contact. This is just a fight against cleanliness, which turned out to be intolerable.

“Okay. I’m up to you. I’ll never fight again.”

Jason glared at her, “I don’t like girls who swear.”

Qiao Wan covered her mouth, “Well, I would rather be dumb than swear.”

Jason looked at Qiao Wan…

In the past three years, every time he was lonely and homesick, she was by his side.

He kept croaking like a sparrow, which relieved him of a lot of sadness and depression.

Although she is five years older than him, he often thinks that Qiao Wan is his younger sister because of his extremely precocious mental age.

Qiao Wan asked cautiously, “Jas, do you have any other requirements?”

Jason looked at the beautiful Qiao Wan, “Remember, I am the War Sui of the Imperial Capital Huanya. Come back from the Six Arts, come to the Imperial Capital to find me.”

Then, Jason passed her side and left leisurely.

Qiao Wan was stupid, standing still.

After a long time, Qiao Wan shouted excitedly, “Yeah!”

Qiao Wan quickly went to the martial arts class to go through the graduation formalities, and then came to the sixth art class to report.

Liuyi teacher saw Qiao Wan and was stunned.

“Qiao Wan, you should go. This six art class is suitable for any student, but you, Qiao Wan, are not suitable.”

Qiao Wan stood on the stool with one foot and began to roll up her sleeves. “Teacher, why do you say that I am inappropriate?”

The teacher looked at Qiao Wan’s movements with a disgusting expression, “It depends on your current posture. Look at you, your dad is a martial arts teacher, you have inherited your dad’s excellent genes, and your bones and blood are filled with the blood of ice and fire. The factor of restlessness. And the Six Arts requires a gentle woman. If you enter the Six Arts, it is impossible to graduate early.”

Qiao Wan was dazzled by love and said with enthusiasm, “Teacher, no matter if I can graduate successfully, since I am determined to report to the Sixth Art Class, you can accept me.”


The teacher took out the list, and Qiao Wan filled in her name.

Teacher Liuyi said, “I’m afraid you won’t be able to graduate and stay as an old girl, and you won’t find a good man when you go out.”

Qiao Wan was a little timid now, and asked with a guilty conscience, “If, I mean, if I can’t graduate successfully, when can I leave Legendary University?”

Teacher Liuyi said, “According to regulations, students who cannot graduate smoothly will leave school at the age of 30.”

Qiao Wan looked at her signature, dumbfounded!

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