Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 785 – 786

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Chapter 785

When the verdict came down, Alyssa took Grace over to live with her in an upright manner.

In this way, she and Karl would inevitably meet again.

Since that incident happened, she has been abroad and has not seen Karl in so long.

When Tina and Peter were gone, she took out her mobile phone and called Karl.

She originally thought that Karl might not answer her phone because he was so busy preparing for the wedding.

But to her surprise, after the call was connected, it only rang twice, and he answered.

Before Karl could speak, Alyssa said, “The verdict has come down, I think we need to meet.”

It was quiet for a while before Karl’s voice sounded: “I have time the day after tomorrow. You come to Adams’s to find me.”

After he finished speaking, he hung up the phone.

Alyssa slowly lowered her arm holding the phone, and her arm had been shaking since the beginning.


Alyssa went to the Adams’ to find Karl at the time agreed with him.

When she got downstairs, she called Karl directly: “I’m here.”

Not long after, Karl walked out of it.

The two went to a coffee shop not far from Adams’s House.

Not the one where she was coaxed by Karl last time.

The two sat facing each other, Alyssa’s face didn’t have any extra expressions, except it was cold.

“After talking to you today, I will pick up Grace. If you want to see her, you can contact me.” Alyssa endured the disgust in her heart and spoke these words slowly and calmly.

Now that Miana is pregnant, Karl doesn’t care much about Grace. It’s possible that he doesn’t want to see Grace in the future, but Alyssa still has to say clearly.

After she finished speaking, she raised her eyes to Karl, waiting for his response.

Karl leaned on the back of the sofa leisurely, looking at Alyssa indifferently, as if nothing had happened between them…

Alyssa clenched her hands secretly, her mentality was still inferior to Karl.

She has been stiff from the beginning to now.

After a long while, he asked her aloud, “Anything else to say?”

“I heard that you are getting married, congratulations.” A sneer flashed in Alyssa’s eyes.

Karl stirred the coffee in front of him, and said casually, “I borrow your good words.”

The two didn’t say a few words, but they had already said what should be said.

Alyssa stood up and left.

It wasn’t until her figure disappeared at the entrance of the cafe that Karl looked back in the direction where she left.

The door was empty, and there was no Alyssa at all.

He continued to reach out and stir the coffee in front of him, stirring it over and over again, revealing the irritability in his heart.

As soon as she left the cafe, Alyssa called Smith: “Mr. Smith, you won’t have to come to pick Grace again in the future.”

“I got it.” The verdict was also known to Smith.

After hanging up the phone, Alyssa let out a long sigh of relief and went to kindergarten.

After receiving Grace back, Alyssa had just entered the community when she was stopped by a man coming over.

Grace hadn’t seen Alvin for a while, but still remembered him, and said sweetly: “Uncle Alvin!”

Alvin is very good at coaxing girls, even Grace likes him very much.

“Little Grace, it’s been a long time since I saw you, she’s even cuter!” Alvin squatted on the ground, shaking hands with Grace.

Grace smiled with crooked eyes, and shook Alvin’s hand in a modest manner, and said solemnly: “You are also more handsome.”

Alvin laughed with a “pouch”, lowered his head and slowed down for a while before holding back the smile, shook his head and said, “Little clever ghost!”

After he finished talking with Grace, he straightened up and looked at Alyssa, with a lazy tone: “You didn’t tell me when you come back, and didn’t tell me when you move. Are we still friends?”

If Alvin didn’t say the last sentence, Alyssa could still be confused.

But as soon as Alvin said the word “friend”, Alyssa seemed a little bit unreasonable.

Thanks to Alvin’s dedication, Alyssa was a person who knew her kindness and was able to win this case.

She thought for a while and said, “Come to my house for dinner tonight.”

Alvin paused, and said unsurely: “To your house for dinner?”

The last time he forced himself to eat at Alyssa’s house, Alyssa only cooked a bowl of noodles for him, but this time she invited him to eat at home.

“Well, there are other friends.” Alyssa didn’t plan to invite Alvin to dinner alone. Tina also lived in this community. She planned to call Tina together.

Although Alvin was a bit disappointed, he was still quite happy.


After returning home, Alyssa called Tina and began to prepare dinner.

When supper was almost ready, Tina came.

She brought toys for Grace and bought some fruit.

Alyssa jokingly said, “You are so polite when you come to my house for dinner. Believe it or not, I call you over for dinner every day!”

“I wish you would call me to eat every day.” Tina has no place to eat.

She gave the-toy to Grace. After Grace ran aside to play with the new toys, she went into the kitchen and leaned to Alyssa: “You also invited that lawyer over for dinner?”

“Yeah.” Alyssa was cutting vegetables.

Tina pondered it and said, “What does he think of you, you should know?”

Alyssa said, “I know.”

“Know that you would invite him to eat at home?” Tina probably knew what kind of person Alvin was, so she was a little worried.

Alyssa’s movement of cutting vegetables paused: “It’s okay, Grace likes him, and he is good.”

“Are you planning to…” Tina realized that her voice was too loud, lowered her voice and continued, “With him?”

“If there is no accident, it is possible.” Alyssa lowered her eyes, making people invisible to the emotions in her eyes.

Tina thought of what had happened this year, and looked at her with a slight sigh: “Actually, I always thought that a person like you who has a lot of affection might live alone in the future. It’s okay if you can think about it this way.”

“Life needs to look forward to, don’t you think so?” When Alyssa said this, she was slightly dazzling. Although she said this to Tina, it sounded more like persuading herself.

“Yeah…” Tina looked at her. She always felt that Alyssa could not easily put it down, and she felt that Alyssa was different.

At this time, the doorbell rang outside.

“It should be Alvin, I’m going to open the door.” Alyssa, as the host, treats guests to dinner, so naturally she should open the door to welcome the guests in.

However, Alyssa was dumbfounded when she opened the door.

“Peter?” Peter came.

Chapter 786

Alyssa only invited Tina to come over for dinner, but did not invite Peter.

“Why, am I not welcome?” Peter smiled, but kept peeking inward.

Alyssa stepped aside and let Peter in: “Of course welcome, come in quickly.”

After Peter came in, Alyssa realized that he had bought another box of toys.

“Come here, don’t be so polite, Grace already has a lot of toys.” There are too many toys, and Grace can’t play with them. It would be too wasteful to be idle.

Peter shook his head, and sternly broke with Alyssa: “You don’t understand, new toys can bring new happiness.”

“For Mr. Grant, a new woman can bring new excitement, can’t she?” Tina walked out to mock him after knowing that Peter had come.

Alyssa was busy moving during this time and did not pay attention to online news.

Listening to the cool tone, what lace news does Peter have?

“Tina, how do you talk!” Peter raised his head slightly, with a hint of anger in his tone.

“Just talk like that.”

Tina snorted, then turned back to sit on the sofa.

There is a child, she didn’t want to say more, so as not to quarrel with Peter.

Alyssa knew Tina’s thoughts and pulled Peter to find Grace: “You play with Grace for a while, and I will let Tina and help me cook.”

She was afraid that leaving these two people here would cause a quarrel, so she simply separated the two.


Alyssa took Tina to the kitchen. She asked her, “What happened to Peter?”


Tina didn’t want to say it, but she couldn’t stand Alyssa’s repeated questioning.

“Dogs can’t change eating sh!t. The newcomers of AdamPic Media are beautiful one by one. He wants to change one every day!” Tina was helping Alyssa choose dishes, and she squeezed the dishes forcefully.

Alyssa used to persuade Tina and enlighten her.

However, now her own feelings have ended in failure. She feels that she has no position and is not qualified to persuade her.

“You can think clearly about everything. Just untie any knots. If you don’t have any feelings, it’s okay to explain it earlier.”

Listening to Alyssa’s words, Tina was slightly startled: “Alyssa, why do I think you are so negative now?”

“No, I just saw it through.” Alyssa smiled and turned around to start cooking.

Not long after, Alvin also came.

Peter didn’t expect that Alyssa would invite Alvin to eat at home.

In his impression, Alyssa was very clear about the distance between relatives and closeness, and ordinary friends would never invite them to eat at home.

But now, Alyssa invited Alvin to the house for dinner…

Alvin’s thoughts on Alyssa are so clear that they can be seen by an individual.

Is Alyssa planning to…

Peter frowned slightly, lowered his eyes and said nothing.

The atmosphere of the meal was somewhat depressing.

After eating, Tina had another sentence with Peter.

Alyssa laughed and returned to the kitchen after packing the tableware.

As soon as she returned to the kitchen with a stack of bowls, she heard movement behind her.

Looking back, she found that Alvin came in with the dinner plate.

Alvin has never done anything like this since he was a child, frowning, and her expression a bit awkward.

“Just leave me alone.” Alyssa quickly walked over and picked it up.

Alvin said: “You have to clean up when you cook again, isn’t it very tiring?”

Alyssa was taken aback. Alvin was such a very real person. He did this not to please, but to help her.

“So considerate, it’s no wonder those women never forget you.” Alyssa gave him a smile and teased him.

Alvin coughed uncomfortably, “I haven’t mentioned anything before.”

“Yeah.” Alyssa responded.

Peter suddenly walked to the door of the kitchen: “Mr. Mann, when are you leaving? Can I get a ride?”

Alyssa looked at Peter with a stunned expression: “Did you not drive here?”

“Well, the assistant sent me here. He was in a hurry, so I asked him to drive away first.” Peter didn’t seem to be able to discern anything unusual in his words.

Alvin glanced at him and vaguely understood something.

He smiled, his tone a little playful: “But I live in this small town, and there is no way for Mr. Grant to take a ride, or I will lend you the car?”

Peter was shocked.

Does Alvin live in this community?

Alyssa moved to this community, not because of Alvin, right?

Alyssa turned to Alvin and said, “He doesn’t know you live here.”

Peter looked at the two talking and laughing and getting along well, and he became more sure of his guess.

The custody lawsuit was also fought, and Karl also announced his marriage. Alyssa was about to start a new life, which was normal.

However, Peter just felt uncomfortable.

He took a deep breath, his tone a little daunted: “Then I will go back first.”

“I’ll take you out.” Alyssa said, wiping her hands.

“It’s getting dark outside. You don’t need to send me out, or Mr. Mann will see me off?” Peter looked at Alvin with a very official smile.

Alvin did not refuse: “Of course I can.”

After the two men left, Alyssa asked Tina with some doubts: “Peter didn’t drive over?”

“Who knows him.” Tina shook her head lazily.


Peter and Alvin stood side by side in the elevator, looking straight ahead, and facing the elevator door.

Seeing the number of elevators getting smaller, Peter slowly said, “When will Mr. Mann return to the United States?”

Alvin pointedly said: “The Rostenvel is pretty good, and our Mann family’s ancestral home is also here. The city is beautiful, and I have a long-term plan to settle down.”

Peter felt even more depressed when he heard that Alvin has a long-term plan to settle down.

He didn’t want to talk to Alvin anymore.

The two got out of the elevator, walked out of the building, and walked in opposite directions.

Peter left the community and returned to the car. He was still a little depressed after thinking about it, so he called Karl.

Since Karl was in the restaurant last time protecting Miana, the two have not contacted again.

As soon as the call was made, Peter felt that he was really cheap. Karl was like a monster for that Miana, let him go to death, whatever he did?

But the friendship for so many years is not cut off.

When Peter struggled, the phone was already connected.

Without waiting for Karl to speak out, Peter said aggressively: “I’m telling you about the major events. If you want to know, come to AdamPic Media to find me tomorrow!”

After he finished speaking, he wanted to hang up, trying to make himself appear decisive and crisp.

Unexpectedly, the Karl on the other end of the phone unexpectedly said, “I’m free tonight.”

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