Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1081

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Chapter 1081

Jason’s gaze fell on Qiao Wan’s paw, “Remove your hand.” Commanded coldly.

Qiao Wan grasped tighter and squeezed a bright smile at him, “Xiao Jas, sister has something to tell you.”

“Say.” Jason looked impatient.

There was a shy snicker in Qiao Wan’s eyes, and she suddenly stood on her toes and sent her delicate lips to Jason’s.

Jason looked at her angrily as if struck by lightning.

Qiao Wan is like a kid caught doing bad things, blushing with shame, “Jason, I like you.”

Jason wiped the lips that she had touched with disgust, and said with an aura: “Are you crazy?”

“Yes, I’m crazy. I like you, I like you crazy.” Qiao Wan smiled.

“You eat too much Sanlu milk powder, right? So premature?” Jason angered.

“Jas, I thought about it. Although we are very young, I originally wanted to be patient and wait until you grow up before confessing to you. But as you grow taller day by day, more and more girls like you in school ,I’m not feeling safe.”

After a pause, Qiao Wan gritted her teeth and said, “That’s why I decided to k!ss you. Today I kissed you, and you are my Qiao Wan’s person. When I grow up, remember to marry me.” “

“Dreaming.” Jason spit out two words.

Qiao Wan paused, “I don’t care, anyway, if I gave you my first k!ss, you have to be responsible to me.”

Jason silently looked at her, “I haven’t reached 13 years old this year.”

Qiao Wan, “I know, I will wait for you to grow up. Boys in our country can get married when they are 18 years old.”

Jason said: “If you k!ss me, you are molesting a child.”

Qiao Wan’s smile condensed on her face.


Jason said: “I didn’t tell you for molesting children. You still want me to be responsible for you.”

Qiao Wan: “…”

Jason snorted coldly and left.

Qiao Wan sighed in frustration, kicked on the washing rice stone road on the ground, and suddenly a big hole sank in the ground. The mud splashed under Jason’s feet.

Jason looked at the flying Mi Stone, and it was another pit when it fell on the road. For Qiao Wan’s mellow inner strength, I was quite…jealous.

With Qiao Wan, a perverted girl in a martial arts class, how could he graduate successfully?

Jason didn’t know what he thought of suddenly, and a cold light flashed in his handsome and charming pupils.

Jason slowly turned around and said with a cold face: “Qiao Wan, do you know why I don’t like you?”

Qiao Wan stared at her blankly, and said with no good air: “Because your kid has no vision and taste!”

Jason said: Who would like a barbarian who only knows how to fight and fight all day? “

Qiao Wan frowned, “What’s wrong with fighting? I can protect you. You will only be responsible for being beautiful in the future.”

After thinking about it, he suddenly yelled at Jason, “Jason, I will support you in the future.”

Jason’s handsome eyebrows twitched, just want to explode: Raise your sister!

His grandfather of the Media Asia Group needs a woman to raise him?

“I don’t like women who can fight.” Jason said.

Qiao Wan was stunned. Seeing that there was something in Jason’s words, she ran to him happily, “Jas, then what kind of girl do you like?”

Jason’s gaze fell on her hands that were accustomed to holding cold blades, and wondered whether she was not used to letting her get the embroidery needles?

“I like to be gentle and considerate, and can be a woman who understands the tea ceremony.”

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