Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 889

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Chapter 889


Ye Tian and the others stared blankly, looking at Shaun in confusion.

“What? You regretted it?” Ye Tian’s face flushed with anger.

He just finished speaking, this guy has at least one kind, and if the other party regrets it, then he will despise Shaun to the extreme.

What surprised Ye Tian was.

“One is too little! I’m in a hurry, just call ten!”


Shaun said everyone around him got completely dumbfounded.

At one time call to ten?

When Shaun’s words fell, all the noise at the entrance of the hospital stopped abruptly.

Whether it was Ye Tian, the patients, or passersby, they couldn’t believe their ears.

“Little…boy, what are you talking about? Are you going to diagnose ten patients at once?” Ye Tian looked at Shaun at this moment, as if he was looking at a lunatic.

Not only him!

Many patients and passers-by were in an uproar when they reacted.

They looked at Shaun one by one, filled with deep doubts and puzzles:

“Oh my God! Is this genius doctor Lin real? Diagnosing ten patients at a time? Isn’t he crazy?”

“Traditional Chinese medicine is very particular about seeing, hearing, and asking, and it takes a lot of effort to diagnose ten people at a time? What a joke!”

“Liar! I believe what Mr. Ye Tianxiao said now, this guy has such a big tone, he must be a liar!”


The people around were completely in an uproar.

These words almost one-sided to Shaun, with strong doubts and sarcasm.

After all!

Diagnosing patients with Chinese medicine is an extremely serious matter.

Each of the four words: looking, smelling, asking, and cutting contains countless details.

This is also the reason why many old Chinese medicine practitioners set a rule to diagnose only one or ten patients a day.

Because this is too exhausting.

Diagnosing ten people at once?

Not to mention Shaun, even his master Zhang Tianyi could not do it.

At this moment, Ye Tian looked at Shaun as if he was looking at an idiot.

“God stick! Hahaha…boy, I still say that you are not a good stick, you can only brag!”

Thick ridicule appeared on Ye Tian’s face.

Then he said to the medical staff:

“Have you heard it? This kid wants ten patients. He is going to pretend to be forced, so don’t you hurry to find ten patients!”

Hearing this.

The faces of the medical staff showed a deep hesitation.

One by one, they looked at Shaun.

Until Shaun nodded.

At the moment, several medical staff went down one after another, and within a short while, they brought ten patients.

Each of these patients has a different illness.

Some patients have yellow and thin faces and cough constantly, seeming to cough up their lungs from their throats.

There are also patients with unkempt faces, pale as paper faces, and thick bloodshot eyes.

See these patients.

The smile on Ye Tian’s face became more intense, and he wanted to ridicule Shaun right now.

However, his words have not yet come out.

But he was stunned to see that Shaun did it before the desk and chair, then picked up the prescription sheet on the table and the ballpoint pen, and glanced over a patient. The ballpoint pen in his hand was written on the prescription sheet. stand up.

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