Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 890

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Chapter 890


This scene not only stunned Ye Tian, but even many patients and passersby around him were all dumbfounded.

“Little…boy, shouldn’t you ask about the condition and see the cases?” Ye Tian looked at Shaun with a stunning face.

It was the first time he saw him. Someone glanced at the patient and then prescribed without saying anything.

Isn’t that so… isn’t it a joke?

Hearing Ye Tian’s words.

Shaun just shook his head lightly:

“No need!”

He didn’t bother to talk to Ye Tian anymore but continued to sullenly write the prescription.


Seeing this scene.

The noise of passers-by and patients around became more and more intense.

Everyone looked at Shaun as if they were looking at an idiot.

“He is the psychiatrist Lin? What a joke, he doesn’t even have the most basic diagnosis process of Chinese medicine!”

“Yes, which Chinese medicine doctor doesn’t ask about the condition, but Shaun only needs a glance to write a prescription? This is a joke!”

“Huh! What a sh!t doctor Lin is, Mr. Ye is right, he is 100% a liar!”


At this moment, many passers-by and patients around looked at Shaun, and their eyes became worse.

Not only them!

Even the old man, Mike the madman, and others are smiling bitterly. They don’t understand what doctor Lin is going to do?

Severe symptoms at a glance?

This is too incredible after all!

Shaun just turned his deaf ear to all the discussions and doubts around him.

With the ballpoint pen in his hand, he continued to write the prescription.




In the blink of an eye. When Shaun’s ballpoint pen fell, a full ten prescriptions were completed.

This is over?

When Shaun stretched out and got up from the desk and chair, everyone around him got dumbfounded.

“Here! Here is your prescription, your symptoms and prescriptions are all listed! Just follow the above to grab the medicine, only three days, the symptoms will be cured naturally!”

Shaun immediately picked up the stacks of prescription sheets in his hand and then handed them to the ten patients one by one.

While taking these prescriptions.

The faces of the patients were still filled with hesitation and disbelief.

After all, the doctor in front of them is too strange.

He never asked about their conditions or history.

Prescribe the medicine directly and let yourself catch it?

This is an international joke.

Seeing the expressions on the faces of these patients, Ye Tian smiled coldly:

“You keep the prescription for a while! I will help you diagnose, then compare my prescription with his!”

“Let’s see if he is a big liar!”

Ye Tian pointed to the first patient:

“Come here!”

Hearing this, a touch of joy appeared on the patient’s face, and then he hurried forward and sat down opposite Ye Tian.

When Ye Tian observed and inquired.

A confident smile appeared on his face:

“Your condition has been determined. It is a headache! It is also called-migraine vascular neuropathic headache!”

“You just need to follow my prescription and get the medicine. It will only take half a month to heal!”

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