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Chapter 799

Halfway through the conversation, the waiter began to come over and serve.

They did not continue this topic.

Peter concluded with a sentence: “Think about it. If you believe me, sign to AdamPic. I will definitely give you the best resources and team.”

Alyssa smiled and nodded slightly.

Peter also mentioned Alyssa and Tina’s trending search.

“I’ve read all the trending searches, or you guys will make a debut, or you can add me, and the three of us can make a debut together.”

After Peter finished speaking, he laughed first.

Tina gave him a white look: “Thinking too beautifully.”

Peter looked straight, “I’m serious. Someone called me to ask for the contact information of Alyssa…”

The previous trending search on Twitter brought the three of them. Those people naturally knew that he knew Alyssa, and the contact information for him to ask for Alyssa was normal.

Tina immediately said, “Alyssa doesn’t want to cause trouble.”

“I know, I didn’t say anyone.” Peter waved his hand again and again.


Halfway through the meal, Grace was going to the toilet.

Alyssa took her out.

Grace entered the bathroom, and Alyssa was waiting for her outside.

Her cell phone rang just then.

It’s a strange number.

Alyssa picked it up, “Hello, who?”

“Hello Miss Alyssa, I’m from XX Performing Arts Company…”

Alyssa frowned when she heard this, “Sorry, you may have made a wrong number.”

She hung up and another call came in.

Alyssa picked it up again, and realized that it was also from some program group.

“Sorry, I don’t want to participate in the show.” After Alyssa hung up, the phone rang again.

Still a strange number.

Peter said that he didn’t tell others her contact information, but now is the information age, it is not difficult to check her contact information.

She is not like Karl, all information is encrypted, and no one else can find it.

Alyssa simply set the phone to prevent unfamiliar calls from coming in.

The phone finally quieted down.

At this time, there was a sound of footsteps not far away.

From far to near.

Alyssa looked up and saw that the person’s complexion was faint.

Since Karl’s wedding, she has not seen Miana.

The wedding incident ruined Miana’s reputation in the upper circles of Rostenvel.

Miana was hiding at home until today.

But she didn’t expect to meet an old acquaintance as soon as she came out.

“Alyssa.” Miana stared at Alyssa, her face and voice very gloomy.

Alyssa slowly put away her phone, watching Miana not speaking.

Miana looked at Alyssa with a faint voice: “You did the wedding, right?”

Alyssa didn’t do anything about the wedding, but she found the video materials, and originally planned to hand them over.

Before Alyssa could speak, Miana laughed, and said to her: “I’m really curious about how you got the information.”

“If you want people to know it, you can’t do it yourself.” Alyssa left this sentence coldly, and went into the bathroom to find Grace.

Miana quickly walked around to her and blocked her path: “My life was ruined by you, how could you expose it lightly? Do you know how much I paid to marry Karl? All of this was destroyed. You ruined it!”

Miana’s expression is hideous and she looks crazy.

Alyssa heard a slight opening of the door, it should be Grace coming out of the toilet after going in.

Alyssa’s complexion is slightly heavy…

Chapter 800

Alyssa glanced in the bathroom and looked at Miana calmly: “No one can easily ruin someone’s life. If you think your life is ruined, then you must have ruined it yourself.”

“It’s you! You ruined my life!” Miana looked at Alyssa with hatred, as if she would come up to tear her at any time.

Alyssa listened, there was no movement inside.

Grace, may not understand what Miana and Alyssa mean, but she can feel the tension between them.

So it didn’t come out.

Alyssa also thought of this, and she was relieved.

“Whatever you think.” Alyssa was about to leave.

Miana held her: “Do you want to leave now?”

Alyssa chuckled lightly, with a soft tone: “You should know that Peter is Best Day’s boss.”

Although Best Day is also Karl’s industry, it has always been managed by Peter.

Miana naturally believed in Alyssa’s words.

Even if there was nothing about Tina, because of Karl three years ago, she and Peter had forged it.

In Peter’s territory, she really did not dare to mess around.

“Let’s take a look, the pain you make me feel, I will definitely give it back to you!” Miana’s eyes were filled with bone-eating hatred, and after speaking fiercely, she raised her foot into the bathroom.

Miana entered the toilet cubicle, and Alyssa followed in.

She found the compartment where Grace was, the door opened, and Grace was standing obediently leaning against the door.

Alyssa touched her face and hugged her out.

After leaving the bathroom, Grace was also very quiet.

Alyssa wanted to say something, but didn’t know what to say.

When approaching the box, Grace’s voice sounded: “It was Aunt Miana just now.”

During the three years when Alyssa was sleeping, Miana was Grace’s nominal mother.

Although Grace and Miana are not very close, they are considered familiar.

She has a good memory, and she can’t hear Miana’s voice.

However, how should Alyssa explain to Grace the gloom and intrigue of adults?

When she arrived at the door of the box, Alyssa heard Grace whisper: “She doesn’t like me, father, mother, and I don’t like her either.”

Grace said a series of “dislikes”, which sounded a little awkward, but Alyssa understood what Grace meant.

The child’s mind is very simple.

You don’t like the person I like, and you don’t like me, so naturally I won’t like you.

Simple right and wrong, simple happiness.

This is a privilege that children only have.

Alyssa hopes that Grace can always do this.

She was moved and pleased, and k!ssed Grace’s face: “No one is liked by everyone. Even if someone doesn’t like you, my baby is the best baby.”

Grace understood, and looked at Alyssa with a smile, her clear eyes curled into crescents: “Mom is also the best mother.”

Alyssa smiled so much that tears were coming out.

She put Grace on the ground: “You go in first. Mom just forgot to go to the bathroom. She wants to go back.”

Grace nodded: “Yeah.”

Alyssa opened the box door and watched Grace enter.

Tina asked her, “Why don’t you come in Alyssa?”

“I’ll go to the bathroom and come in again.” Alyssa closed the door after speaking.

She stepped aside, raising her head to calm her emotions.

Grace is too sensible.

The more sensible she is, the more Alyssa feels self-blame.

If the child is so young and so sensible, she must be a mother who is not doing well enough.

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