Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 900

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Chapter 900

That’s it!

Tian Zhang banged his head against the ground.

And this moment.

Everyone felt their heart beating wildly.

It was shocking.

A genius doctor who has been in the south of the Yangtze River for decades now kneels to a young guy and wishing to accept him as his teacher and worships him like an idol. How can this possible?


At this moment, Ye Tian looked at Zhang Tianyi, who was kneeling on the ground, and he got stunned.

He is my master.

Zhang Tianyi, the genius doctor of Megatron Jiangnan for decades!

Now, he wants to be the disciple of this surnamed Lin?

How can this be?

Ye Tian was stunned.

The rest of the passers-by and patients were all dumbfounded.

They couldn’t imagine that the genius doctor who had been in the south of the Yangtze River for decades would kneel down to this guy. If this spread out, it would definitely stir up the entire Jiangnan Province.

Huh huh!

At this moment, one after another, they all looked at Shaun.

Many people seem to be unable to figure out how much magic this guy has so that the genius doctor Zhang Tianyi worshipped to such an extent.

And at the moment!

Shaun didn’t care about the shocking gazes of the people around him. He stared directly at Zhang Tianyi who was kneeling in front of him, and a touch of playfulness emerged in his eyes:

“I want to know, how did you discover my medicated diet?”

Medicinal diet!

This was made for my family.

Normally, it should be impossible for others to find out.

And the Zhang Tianyi in front of him broke his medicated diet, this thing made Shaun a little surprised.

Hearing this the admiration on Zhang Tianyi’s face became more intense, and he lowered his head and said:

“This morning, I met Mr. Baishan in the park. I discovered that although Mr. Baishan is over fifty years old still his body is full of energy and blood, even reaching the level of strengthening bones and muscles, and there are signs of rejuvenation!”

“Later, when I asked, I learned that all of this turned out to be the work of the genius doctor Lin!”


At this moment, after hearing Zhang Tianyi’s words, everyone around couldn’t believe their ears.

Forging bones and muscles!


This… how is this possible?

Ye Tian next to him and all the passers-by were completely confused. They simply couldn’t figure out what kind of medicated diet in this world could have such a heaven-defying effect.

This is simply incredible.

More than them!

At this moment, even after Tian Zhang recalled the smell of the medicated diet, the admiration on his face became more intense:

“Eight Treasures Forging!”

“Four Extremes Xuan Yang!”

“Jiuxiang return to Yin!”

“Six-fold sealing hole!”

“In this world, perhaps only you can prepare such a magical medicated diet! I brazenly ask you today, sir accept me as a disciple!”

That’s it!

In the shocking sight of everyone around him, Zhang Tianyi bowed down to Shaun again and again, courteous and fanatical.

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