Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 801 – 802

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Chapter 801

Alyssa stayed outside for a few minutes, and was about to turn around to enter, when she heard a cool voice behind her: “Grace, where are you going!”

Alyssa turned back fiercely, and saw Grace had rushed out of the box, just disappearing at the corner.

“Grace!” Alyssa yelled, and swiftly chased after her.

But Grace not only did not respond to Alyssa, but also did not stop.

When Alyssa chased her over, there was still Grace’s figure around the corner.

Alyssa’s heart burst, and the whole person was dumbfounded.

She yelled again: “Grace!”

The corner was just at the fork of the corridor. There were several corridor entrances, and there was no way to guess where Grace had gone.

No, Grace’s calves are short, even if she runs so fast with all her strength, it is impossible to disappear in the blink of an eye.

Did someone take Grace away?

It must be so!

But how could Grace suddenly ran out of the box?

At this time, Tina followed up: “Alyssa.”

Tina saw Alyssa standing there alone, without Grace’s figure around, and her heart sank, “Where is Grace?”

“She’s gone.” Alyssa was calm, turned around and saw Peter, and said immediately: “Peter, you can let people look at Best Day’s exit, and then help me adjust the monitoring.”

Peter’s expression was also somewhat condensed: “Okay!”

After he finished speaking, he walked to the side and called: “The entire Best Day is sealed off. Anyone who sees a guest with a little girl will stop and report to me. All people from one to fifteen years old will stop.”

Peter hung up after speaking.

As for how to explain after stopping, those waiters naturally have reasons.

Tina felt a little self-blame.

Just now she and Peter were talking about other things, but Grace suddenly ran out and they couldn’t stop her.

If she looked at Grace well, Grace wouldn’t run out.

But now is not the time to blame yourself, it is most important to find Grace.

Tina took the initiative to say: “I’ll go to the door to help identify, Peter, you can monitor the heating, you look for it together, and we will act separately.”

“Yeah.” Alyssa just patted Weber’s shoulder, motioning her not to blame herself.

As soon as Tina left, Peter would take Alyssa to adjust the monitoring.

Alyssa grabbed him and said, “You ask someone to take me over, so please take someone to find the boxes on this floor, one by one. I think Grace didn’t run far at all. It must be because of this floor. Someone took her into the box.”

Peter has an identity and a lot of respect.

It would be more convenient if he took someone to the box to search.

When Peter heard the words, he responded: “Okay!”

He ordered people to take Alyssa to adjust the monitoring.

The three men act separately.

The security guards in the monitoring room were notified that when Alyssa arrived in the monitoring room, they were already adjusting the monitoring.

There was no Grace in the first few corridors.

When it was the turn of the last corridor, it was found that the monitoring screen was completely dark.

Alyssa’s complexion changed, and she asked in a cold voice, “What’s the matter? Why is there no monitoring screen?”

She was very worried about Grace at the moment, her cold face made her look very sharp.

The security guard also knows that the people who can come to Best Day for consumption must be rich and influencial, not to mention that this is the person who has personally ordered the monitoring.

Seeing Alyssa like this, the security guard was also a little anxious.

“That… the monitoring was still good before, and don’t know how it broke…”

Chapter 802

Alyssa knew that it was useless to blame the security at this time.

She called Peter directly.

Peter was probably in the box, so he didn’t answer the phone for a long time.

She hung up and called Tina again.

Tina answered quickly: “Alyssa.”

Alyssa asked her, “How is it? Have you seen anyone?”

Tina: “No, what is on your side?”

“There is a corridor with a broken monitor. I just called Peter and he didn’t answer it. I’m looking at the broken corridor now.”

“Okay.” Tina knew that no amount of comfort at this time would be useful.


Alyssa hung up the phone and left the monitoring room.

She went to the corridor where the surveillance was broken.

There are three boxes in this corridor, all luxury boxes.

Alyssa grabbed a waiter: “Knock on the door and tell the guests inside that you are going to give them wine.”

“But Mr. Grant…” The waiter still hesitated.

Alyssa didn’t give him a chance to speak, and directly pushed him: “Either go in or lose your job.”

The waiter had no choice but to knock on the door and enter.

Alyssa glanced at the door, and there was a table of people sitting inside, some familiar and some strange.

After the waiter came out, he was pushed by Alyssa to knock on the door of another box.

There are fewer people in the box than in the previous box, and there are also a few familiar ones.

After all, this circle is so big, and there are only those people in the circle.

Finally arrived at the last box.

The waiter knocked on the door for a long time, but there was no response inside.

When he looked back at Alyssa, he saw that Alyssa looked a little serious.

Alyssa said, “Thank you, go ahead.”

After the waiter left, Alyssa reached out and knocked on the door twice.

There is still no response inside.

Alyssa stood at the door for a moment, stretched out her hand and pushed open the door hard.

The lights in the box are dim.

There was only one man sitting at the round dining table.

After seeing the man’s face clearly, Alyssa’s hanging heart also returned to its original position.

She looked at Karl who was sitting at the dining table, and said calmly, “It really is you.”

There are only a few people close to Grace. She is smart and early-minded, and vigilant. Others can never deceive her with sweets, snacks and toys.

After the initial panic, Alyssa looked for a while and gradually calmed down.

Who could have made Grace chase him as soon as she saw him, besides Karl?

The weather at the end of June was already a bit hot. Karl wore a black shirt and his hair was neatly trimmed.

Don’t know if it’s because of his hair being cut short again, he looks thinner and thinner.

Karl just raised his eyebrows slightly without speaking.

Alyssa closed the box door, walked to the opposite side of Karl, and asked him, “Where is Grace?”

“Now you know you want Grace? When you put Miana’s video at the wedding banquet, wasn’t it courageous?” Karl’s eyes were as deep as cold pools, containing emotions that Alyssa couldn’t understand.

“You deliberately came to find Grace, and now hiding her, is this revenge for my posting Miana video at the wedding reception?”

After Alyssa finished speaking, Karl narrowed his eyes non-committal.

Alyssa chuckled, leaning over, resting her hands on the dining table, a pair of cat eyes fixedly watching Karl, and said very slowly: “Do you think…I will believe it?”

Karl’s pupils shrank suddenly, his expression a little embarrassed.

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