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Chapter 791

Unlike Alyssa, Karl’s expression at this time was extremely gloomy.

At this moment, Karl’s cell phone rang.

Without leaving Alyssa’s eyes, he took out his mobile phone and answered the call.

Karl’s expression was indifferent, the person on the other end of the phone didn’t know what he said, and Alyssa couldn’t tell from his expression.

But what surprised Alyssa was that after he answered the phone, he took a deep look at her, then turned back into the car and drove away directly.

Alyssa turned and returned to the car.

Tina asked curiously, “Why did Karl leave like this?”

“Answered the phone and left.” Alyssa didn’t know why Karl had left suddenly, there must be something urgent.

Only when she started the car, she realized that a car was coming oncoming.

She slowed down, and the oncoming car turned at the intersection and drove into the lane next to her.

She lowered the car window and looked through the window and found Peter, the person sitting in the car over there.

Peter also saw Alyssa, and he directly dialed her number.

“Are you all right? What about Karl? Why can’t I see him?”

Alyssa said as she drove, “He just left, he answered the phone and left. Did you call him?”

“No, I came from over there, saying that there was something wrong with this section of the road, and it was necessary to repair it. If Tina hadn’t sent me a WeChat address, I would have been cheated by them!”

After Peter finished speaking, he added: “Karl really can think of any method, he can do it all right.”

The two didn’t say much, they drove directly to Alyssa and Tina’s community.

Alyssa took them to her house.

Peter sat for a while before being driven away by Tina.

When only the two of them were left, Tina asked with some worry: “Alyssa, if Karl really doesn’t plan to let you go, what will you do?”

“No one lives in this world. It’s because others let go.” Alyssa’s eyes were firm.

As for Karl, after something like that happened at his wedding, it was quickly reported by the media.

Swept the headlines of major media.

The heat continues to rise.

How high-profile Miana and Karl were when they announced their marriage before, but now they are embarrassed.

Almost all of the curses on the Internet were pressed on Miana.

And Karl received a lot of sympathies.

“Even if he’s rich and powerful, he still met such a woman.”

“Online sympathy to Karl, it’s so pitiful, I’m so ashamed.”

“As for someone like Karl, it shouldn’t be difficult to check Miana’s foundation, right? He didn’t check it. He must love Miana very much… It’s a pity that good men always meet sc*m girls…”

There are many replies under this comment.

“Miana is a sc*m girl, is Karl a good man?”

“What is it that a good man always meets a sc*mbag? You will meet what kind of person you are, so reflect on it!”

“Agree with the original poster.”

“To be honest, I don’t believe that Karl would not check Miana’s foundation. Don’t this kind of giants value these?”

Alyssa stared at the last comment, read it several times, and frowned.

She felt that this comment was correct, and it was impossible that Karl hadn’t checked Miana’s background.

As soon as she married Karl, she was checked out by Karl. Why didn’t he check Miana?

According to Karl’s character, it is impossible for him not to check Miana.

If he found out that Miana’s private life was so chaotic, how could he still be with her?

Could it be that as the previous comment said, Karl loved Miana too much, so even if he found out about her private life, he didn’t say anything, and continued to be with her like an okay person. .

No, if Karl knew these and was still willing to be with Miana, he would come forward to help her at the wedding.

In the past, something happened at AdamPic, and it was Karl who appeared in public relations.

Even if the current situation is very tricky and a mess, as long as Karl is willing, he will definitely be able to turn things around.

After several hours of fermentation, the heat gets higher, and if it continues to develop like this, Miana’s reputation in Rostenvel will be completely rotten.

In the end, every thought and speculation was overturned by Alyssa herself.

She didn’t bother to think about it anymore, anyway, she had achieved her goal.

Taking a look at the time, it was almost time for Grace to leave school.

Alyssa took the car key and planned to go out to pick up Grace.

Alyssa drove out of the underground parking lot. As soon as she left the community, she saw two familiar figures standing at the entrance of the community.

It is Alvin and Clifford.

The two seemed to be arguing about something, their expressions were not very good, and they almost fought afterwards.


A whistle sounded behind, and Alyssa regained consciousness and drove the car forward.

The sound of the whistle caught the attention of Clifford and Alvin, and both of them looked over here.

Alyssa didn’t like to turn on the air conditioner in the car, so she would open the window, and the two of them naturally saw that the person sitting in the car was Alyssa.

Alvin walked over to Alyssa directly.

Seeing him coming, she parked the car on the side of the road and waited for him.

Alvin pulled the car door directly and sat in.

Alyssa was taken aback for a moment, then looked outside the car again, and found that Clifford was still standing there.

“What happened to you and Clifford?” Alyssa asked him aloud.

“Are you going to pick up Grace? I’ll go with you.” Alvin’s expression looked a little irritable. After he finished speaking, he leaned back in the chair and hugged his arms, as if he didn’t want to talk.

He didn’t want to say, Alyssa didn’t ask much, and drove directly to Grace’s kindergarten.

Neither of them spoke.

It wasn’t until they received Grace that Alvin said something.

Back at the community, Alyssa drove into the parking lot and got out of the car with Grace.

She and Grace walked ahead, and Alvin followed behind.

Anyway, he had to leave the underground parking lot, and Alyssa didn’t think there was anything.

Grace and Alvin spoke without a word.

Suddenly, Grace turned around and asked Alvin: “Uncle Alvin, come to my house for dinner.”

Alyssa was taken aback, why did she suddenly ask Alvin to eat at her house?

Alvin: “Okay.”

Grace: “What do you want to eat? I want to eat chicken wings.”

Alvin: “I can eat it all.”

The two of them actually started to discuss what to eat at her house tonight in front of her!

Grace and Alvin talked for a while, and then as if thinking of something, she raised his head and said to Alyssa, “Mom, Alvin agreed to come to our house for dinner.”

“…” How did this tone sound like she asked Grace to ask Alvin to eat at home?

Chapter 792

Back home, Alyssa began to prepare dinner.

Grace invited Alvin to eat at home so enthusiastically, she couldn’t tell Alvin not to come, right?

Alyssa sighed and took out the dishes in the refrigerator.

Midway, she went out looking for something.

Alvin and Grace sat on the sofa watching TV attentively.

Alyssa only glanced at them, thinking they were watching cartoons or other movies, and walked directly by.

But she only walked from the side two steps before she heard the dialogue on the TV.

“Why are you doing this to me? Am I not your favorite person?”

“I love you, but I can’t give up all this just because I love you…”

“Is your love not all fake?”

“…” This bloody line.

She turned back and asked, “What are you watching?”

Grace looked back at Alyssa, thought for a moment and said: “It’s just a TV where an uncle and an aunt cried at every turn.”

Alvin: “Love TV series.”

A big man, and a child who will be four years old next month, watching a dog blood love story together?

Alyssa didn’t know what else to say.

She turned and left, and the dialogue between Grace and Alvin came from behind.

“Uncle Alvin, this aunt seems to be crying again.”


“Then what is she doing while lying under the car?”

“Cut the brakes.”


“If you cut this, you will have a car accident, get hurt or die. This woman wants to kill the red-dressed aunt, and then she will be in charge.”

“What upper rank?” This completely exceeded Grace’s understanding.

“For example, let’s say I am your father…”

“You are not my father.”

“I said what if! If I were your father, I was with Alyssa, and then another woman wanted to marry me and killed Alyssa and became my wife. This is called a win!”

Grace suddenly realized: “Oh—”

Alyssa couldn’t listen anymore, she walked over and hit Alvin: “What are you talking about with Grace!”

“These are not a big deal. It’s good for children to accept more things. As long as they are guided correctly, it’s nothing.” Alvin looked at Alyssa with disgust.

Alyssa glared at him, Alvin coughed lightly, turned her head and smiled softly: “Little Grace, let’s change the station, can we watch a cartoon?”

“The cartoon is not good.” Grace refused directly.

Alvin turned around and shrugged towards Alyssa, indicating that he was also embarrassed.

When they were about to eat, Alvin and Grace were very active in serving dishes and bowls.

Alyssa stood on the edge of the kitchen platform, looking at the two people, with an illusion of a world away.

After eating, Alyssa planned to take Grace out for a walk.

Grace put on roller skates.

When Alvin and Grace were together, they were like a child with a childlike heart, and they could play with Grace.

Alyssa looked at them not far away.

After a while, Alvin came over to Alyssa.

“Grace, this little clever ghost!” After he finished speaking, he turned to look at Alyssa: “Alyssa, did you go to Karl’s wedding today?”

“Yeah.” Alyssa glanced at Alvin, but she didn’t expect that he would suddenly ask this.

“It’s a pity. I didn’t see such a big excitement. What was going on at the time?” Alvin looked at Alyssa with a gossiping look.

“It’s boring.” Although Karl’s wedding scene was not directly done by Alyssa, she can’t get rid of it.

She didn’t want to talk about it again.

She looked up at Grace, then looked back at Alvin, and asked him, “Why keep asking me? Why don’t you talk about you and Clifford?”

Alvin’s expression suddenly became serious.

Alyssa didn’t say anything, waiting for him to speak.

“I suspect it is related to my father’s death?”

“Your father Wilfred Mann? I heard that he died of illness?” Alyssa knew about it all the time, and felt suspicious at the time, but there were too many things that happened at the time, and she couldn’t take care of it, and even more did not bother to check Wilfred died.

“It is true that he died of illness, but I recently found evidence that points to Clifford as the murderer.” Alvin squeezed his hands, his expression serious.

The relationship between Alvin and Wilfred was not very good, but it is his father after all.

As if he knew what Alyssa was thinking, Alvin said, “Yes, I hate Wilfred, but after all, he is my father and my only relative.”

Alyssa patted him on the shoulder.

There was a flash of something in her mind, but she couldn’t grasp it.

She thought for a while, but she couldn’t remember, so she had to give up.

After the sky darkened, Alyssa took Grace home.

“Grace, come here and I have something to tell you.” Alyssa sat on the sofa and looked at Grace who was still playing with roller skates by the door.

“Oh!” Grace was having fun outside, and ran over to Alyssa after a resounding response: “Mom, what’s the matter?”

“Why invite Alvin to eat at home? You are still a child. You should discuss this with me in advance.” Alyssa said patiently to Grace.

Grace lowered her head, twisted her two small hands together, and whispered: “But, you have no friends. You are not very happy recently. Alvin is your friend. Are you not happy when he comes to eat at home?”

Before Alyssa could answer, she raised her head again and said, “If you are not happy, I won’t call him next time.”

After turning such a big turn, Grace thought a lot.

Alyssa was very moved and felt a little sad.

Grace could actually tell that she was unhappy recently.

Thinking about how to deal with Karl all day, how could she be happy?

Even Grace found out.

“I’m very happy. If you like Alvin, we will often eat with him, okay?” Alyssa stretched out her hand and pulled Grace into her arms.

Grace’s body was soft, and she stretched out her hand to pat Alyssa’s shoulder, as if to comfort her.

Alyssa’s eyes flushed almost immediately.

Alyssa choked up and said, “Grace, I’m sorry, mom made you worried…”

“You don’t be sorry…” Grace stomped angrily.

Alyssa let go of Grace and squeezed her nose: “Well, let’s not say sorry to each other.”

“Hee hee!” she laughed angrily.

At this moment, Alyssa’s mind flashed, thinking of what Alvin had said to her before.

Clifford thought carefully. If he really killed Wilfred and didn’t want others to know, then he would definitely do it without revealing any flaws!

It is completely impossible for Alvin to find evidence!

There is something strange about this!

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