Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1089

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Chapter 1089

Silvia handed Tian Maize an unspeakable look, then smiled and left.

At this moment, it was as if the stasis of the limbs had been cleared, and the footsteps began to lighten up.

Tian Zei’s hand fell on his red lips, a weeping sneer filled his eyes.

“Irene, even if Silvia can’t succeed, I want to use your body to resist the pressure, I am afraid I cannot withstand this wave of blows. At that time, you will be blind and deaf. How do you manage Media Asia?”

“What you snatched from me, I will let you return it even with the benefits.”

The next day.

Silvia appeared in the Imperial Capital, Yuxi Villa!

Yuxi Villa is an additional manor villa set up by Irene for the Zhanjia people. Although the area is not as vast as the tourmaline, it is also enough for the people of the Zhan Family to live in peace and security.

In the past few years, perhaps it was because of the loss of love for his grandson, perhaps because the warrior had learned the lessons of the past blood, and did not want to build a big influence and attract the attention of the apocalyptic organization, so it became particularly low-key.

Except for a few young grandchildren who manage Zhan’s film and television company outside, the elders stay in the simplest forever.

Silvia’s arrival immediately sparked a dispute over Dafang.

When someone came to report to Zhan Tingye and his wife, Zhan Tingye immediately became black.

“When she treats me as a warrior, does she come as she wants and leave as she wants?”

The eldest lady’s face was sullen, and she comforted Zhan Tingye embarrassedly, “Master, still see her and see why she came?”

Zhan Tingye stared at the old lady sternly, “Don’t think I don’t know your thoughts. Let me remind you that she is your daughter, but you are the wife of my Zhan Family. If you gang up with her, Doing something that harms others and harms oneself will damage the reputation of my warrior family. Then, don’t blame me for not reading the relationship between husband and wife for many years, and you will definitely be expelled from the warrior family.”

The elder lady trembled slightly, and then became a little angry, “Master, I have been with you for so many years, don’t you know my feelings for the Zhan Family?”

Zhan Tingye snorted coldly: “I believe in you, but I don’t believe in Silvia. With her bad stomach, I’m afraid you will be led by her nose.”

The lady said: “I won’t.”

Zhan Tingye glanced at the eldest lady and sighed heavily, “No matter, go and see her, go back quickly.”

The eldest lady chuckles, “Yes.”

The eldest lady met Silvia in the tea pavilion.

Silvia’s face was haggard and thin. When she saw the lady, she seemed to have been wronged by the sky. Her eyes flashed red, and she started to cry when she held her.


After all, it is mother and child connecting the heart, Silvia’s heart-piercing cry made the lady’s heart twisted.

“Silvia, what’s wrong with you?”

“Madam, Silvia had a hard time.”

The lady’s body was as if she had been stirred by ice currents, and she was in great pain.

“Sit down and tell me slowly.”

Silvia said with her nose and tears about her experience in Yan’s family in the past three years:

“Back then, I didn’t know what was good or bad, and left the Zhan family without listening to my wife. I thought that I was raised by the Yan family, and my parents would accept me regardless of previous complaints. Who knows…”

Silvia sobbed: “My dad has been cold to me since then, and my mother has spoken harshly to me every day. Now, Irene is also the president of Media Asia, and the Yan family is obedient to her words. Irene hates me for loving me and does everything possible. Make things difficult for me, I can’t stay at that home anymore.”

The eldest lady was very angry, and she started shooting the case, “Irene is the person in charge of Media Asia, how can she not have this kind of mind. Compared with Jueer, it is really chilling.”

Silvia knelt in front of the lady with a puff, and pleaded bitterly: “Madam, I know you are good to me, Silvia begs the lady to help me.”

The eldest lady saw that Silvia, who was crying with pears and rain, was her own flesh and blood. How could she not feel sad.

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