Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1090

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Chapter 1090

“Go ahead, how do you think I can help you?” The lady said softly.

Silvia had tears in her eyes and said idiotically: “Madam, you should know, there is only one obsession in my life, and that is to be with Lord Zhanhan. For him, I have suffered so much and suffered so much. Madam, I beg you to fulfill me?” Silvia kowtowed her head desperately when she finished speaking.

The old lady was distressed when she saw her forehead knocked to blood. He pulled her up and said with a serious voice, “Silvia, you…it’s not that you don’t know that in his heart, there is only Irene.”

Silvia said: “Madame, if he is still the former warlord, I naturally dare not expect it. But now he has amnesia. I heard that he is very cold towards Irene now. Maybe this is God’s nostalgia for me and give it to me again. What about one chance?”

The lady is hesitant!

Silvia pleaded bitterly: “Madam, in this world. Only you are the best to me. If you even give up on me, then I really have only one death.”

The lady’s body trembled…

She gently stroked Silvia’s messy hair, and seeing her helpless face, her persistence instantly collapsed.

“Okay, I’ll help you again.”

Silvia burst into laughter.

The lady asked: “Then do you know where he is now?”

Silvia nodded.

With Tian Maize’s help, she wanted to understand Jacob’s every move easier.

Media Asia, President’s Office.

Guan Xiao reported in a hurry, “President!”

Irene looked at him listlessly, “What’s the matter, what are you screaming for?”

Jacob left without saying goodbye, as if taking her heart away. These two days, Irene has been unlucky.

Guan Xiao smiled, “Our people have already inquired about his whereabouts.”

Irene suddenly became vigorous, “Where?”

Guan Xiao said: “The Cape of Good Hope Bay.”

Irene stood up and said magnificently: “Go get ready and come with me to welcome him home.”

Guan Xiao hesitated slightly.

Irene looked at Guan Xiao suspiciously, “What else?”

Guan Xiaoyu said earnestly: “President, he was attacked outside, but he was more than enough to deal with more than a dozen people. He must have recovered quite well. If the president forcibly tied him home, he would not be willing. How to do?”

Irene thought for a while, took out the pair of shackles from the drawer of the desk, and said, “You must tie him back even if you tie it. It is too unsafe for him to fool around outside.”

Guan Xiao’s face was full of black lines, “President, really want to do something with him, our people may not be his opponents?”

It’s not that you really can’t win Jacob, but that no one dares to really fight!

Irene glared at Guan Xiao angrily, “If you can’t tie him back, you only ask!”

Guan Xiao sweated again and again.

Cape of Good Hope Bay.

In a rental house.

Jacob was sitting on the sofa with a piece of Angelica in his hand, his expression a little lonely.

When will his family come to take him home?

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