Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1091

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Chapter 1091

The doorbell rang suddenly, and Jacob put the angelica on the coffee table and got up to open the door.

The old lady of the Zhan Family and Silvia stood outside the door, Silvia held the old lady’s hand intimately. Today, she dressed herself in a grand manner and looked charming.

Jacob opened the security door and was slightly surprised when he saw them.

“Child.” Seeing the long-lost Jacob, the elder lady was a little excited, tears in tears.

She stretched out her hand to touch Jacob’s face, but Jacob turned his head to avoid.

Silvia saw him frown, and quickly explained to him: “Brother Jie, she is your mother.”

Jacob was shocked.

However, after experiencing being deceived by Qiulian and attacked by a killer, Jacob has deeply realized that his identity is extraordinary. For all those who are close to themselves, there will be one more mind.

The old lady obviously didn’t know what Jacob was thinking in his heart. She happily introduced Jacob: “Child, don’t you remember us? I am your mother. She…she is you. The most beloved woman.”

Jacob glanced lightly across Silvia’s face, the calmness in his heart made him wonder.

Why didn’t he see Silvia’s strong familiarity with Faith’s mommy and Irene?

“Are you my mother? Are you my wife?”

Jacob finally spoke, but in a questioning tone, “How can I trust you?”

The eldest lady took out a photo album from her handbag and handed it to Jacob: “Child, look, these are all photos of you and us when you were young.”

Jacob took it dubiously, then turned back to the sofa and sat down. Reading the photos seriously.

The old lady and Silvia came in uninvited and sat quietly beside him.

Jacob flipped through the album that recorded his childhood anecdotes, suddenly his eyes lit up, and he pointed to a little girl in the album and asked the old lady.

“Who is she?”

The lady glanced at the girl in the album. It was clearly Irene’s picture. She and Jacob stood side by side, her fingers interlocked, and her smile was bright.

The eldest lady glanced at Silvia meaningfully, and said, “Child, can’t you tell, this is when Silvia was young! Isn’t it cute?”

Jacob glanced at Silvia, venomously said: “Sure enough, it is the eighteenth change.”

Silvia thought he was complimenting her, she immediately beamed, and said, “Brother Jie, only a beautiful girl like me is worthy to stand by your side.”

Jacob said in a poisonous tongue: “When I was a child, I was pretty – now it’s hard to say.”

Silvia’s face was thin, and she flushed with shame.

The eldest lady blamed Jacob, “You kid, when you were a child, you personally named her to be your daughter-in-law when she grew up. Now that you got it, you don’t know if you cherish it?”

Jacob threw the photo album heavily on the coffee table, making a loud noise that scared the lady into silence.

Silvia stared at Jacob in a daze, thinking that the eldest lady is his mother, and the photo album is also real. There is no reason to let him recognize that her girlfriend is fake.

Where does his anger come from?

“Is this girl really her?” Jacob asked again.

The eldest lady was slightly startled, secretly thinking. It is said that Irene has always used exaggerated smoky makeup to show people outside. Jacob should have never seen her plain makeup. Even if he did, Irene was very different from now when she was a child. Jacob shouldn’t recognize it as true.

The eldest lady was a little angry and said, “My child, what’s the matter with you? Are you not going to recognize your mother and Silvia?”

The eldest lady began to sell miserably, “Do you know how your mother came over the past three years after you had a car accident? Washed up with tears and prayed to the Bodhisattva. I hope you can come back safely.”

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  1. This is another messed up situation to begin. I wonder if we readers is ready for mentally tiring plot twists 🤦🏻‍♀️😂 from now on I don’t really expect irene and jacob to be together. I lost hope coz there’s always a problems that puts on their way. I just want to know about jason and derek now. I guess it will be more interesting


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