Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 892

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Chapter 892

Ye Tian was stunned.

He only felt as if he has been hit by thunder lightning, and he couldn’t believe his eyes.

This is more than that.

“Three days to cure! What a joke, even if my master was here, he couldn’t do it, this guy is definitely…”

Ye Tian looked at the proportion of drugs in Shaun’s prescription.

However, after he finished reading, Ye Tian’s brows suddenly wrinkled.

“This ratio seems to be perfect! Every medicine has the effect of treating yin and yang! If the medicine is taken in this ratio, maybe it can be cured in three days…?”


After discovering this, Ye Tian trembled, as if his palm was electrocuted, and quickly threw Shaun’s prescription on the ground.



At this moment, Ye Tian’s expression saw something incredible.

“Mr. Ye Tian, the prescription of the genius doctor Lin, is it authentic?”

The patient next to him quickly picked up Shaun’s prescription form from the ground and then asked Ye Tian with a puzzled look.

Not just him!

Even the old man, Mike, and all the doctors and passers-by around him, all eyes were focused on Ye Tian.

At this moment, Ye Tian only felt a pain in his cheeks, as if he was slapped severely.

No matter how much doubt and unwillingness he has in his heart, he can nod his head:

“Yes…Yes! There is nothing wrong with the diagnosis of surnamed Lin, and according to his prescription, it may recover in three days!”


When Ye Tian confessed.

The surrounding people were completely exploded.

The eyes of the patients and passers-by who looked at Shaun completely changed.

All the doubts and anger disappeared, and replaced by shock and admiration:

“Oh my god, he is a genius doctor! He diagnosed the symptoms at a glance and prescribed in a few seconds! Moreover, even the prescriptions he wrote are even more effective than Mr. Ye’s!”

“Yeah! He is the genius doctor! There is no need for traditional inspections. He just looks at patients to determine their illness. This is a magical method!”


There was a lot of noise around.

There were shock and disbelief in Shaun’s method.

Let alone ordinary people!

Even the old man, Mike the Madman, and the doctors of the hospital are all shocked.

“I have to say that the methods of the genius doctor Lin once again opened my eyes!”

“Hahaha…this is my idol, it’s awesome!”


The old man, Mike, and others looked at each other, and the admiration and enthusiasm on their face became more and more intense.

“Do not!!!”

And at this moment.

A sharp roar burst out from the ground.

Everyone turned their eyes to look, only to find that the person who screamed was Ye Tian.

At this moment, Ye Tian’s eyes were completely red, and his face was full of jealousy and unwillingness. He stared at Shaun and said:

“This guy is just a blind cat and a dead mouse! I don’t believe it, I’m still in confusion about the rest of the prescriptions!”

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