Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 893

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Chapter 893


Hearing this.

Everyone understood in an instant, Ye Tian still did not admit defeat, he is still defending himself.

Right now, Ye Tian returned to the seat, and then said to the second patient:

“Come here!”

Soon, when the second patient walked in and sat down.

Ye Tian continued to diagnose.

In another twenty minutes, Ye Tian wrote a prescription carefully and thoroughly:

“Your illness is chronic ejaculation, also called chronic enteritis! Just follow my prescription and it will be effective within one week!”

Ye Tian’s face regained his confidence once again.

After all!

This time he wrote the prescription but exhausted his talent by breaking his head, only to come up with such a seven-day plan that can be effective.

He didn’t believe that Shaun’s prescription wrote at a glance was comparable to his prescription.

Ye Tian glanced at Shaun provocatively, and then said to the second patient:

“Okay! Now, you can compare the prescriptions!”

Hearing this!

The nerves of everyone around tensed up again.

And in the sight of what they expected.

The second patient took out the prescription which Shaun had given him.

Started to compare.

The look of this patient became even weirder.


At this moment, after seeing the strange look of this second patient.

Ye Tian’s heart chuckled, his expression instantly changed:

“What’s wrong? Why do you look like this? Don’t tell me, this guy’s prescription is still the same as mine?”

Ye Tian just felt his heart beating wildly as if it would pop out of his throat at any time.



He roared frantically in his heart.

Shaun has just glanced at the patient and has written the prescription and I have broken my head to come up with this prescription, so both can’t be the same.

Not only Ye Tian.

The people around were also nervous at this moment.

They wanted to know whether the genius Doctor Lin diagnosed his illness once again, surpassing Ye Tian.

And just when everyone is too nervous.

The second patient said with a strange face:

“Mr. Ye, you are wrong this time! Mr. Lin’s prescription is the same as your prescription except for the symptoms, but the treatment plan is completely different!”

Hearing this, Ye Tian let out a long sigh of relief.

Fortunately, the diagnosis is the same, but the treatment is different.

In Ye Tian’s view, he has written a prescription that can cure this patient in just seven days. It was something Shaun couldn’t do at a glance.

In other words.

This round, I won!

Thinking of this.

The corners of Ye Tian’s mouth showed a trace of triumph.

However, this arc has not yet formed a smile, and the second patient’s sentence completely solidified the arc of his mouth:

“Mr. Lin’s treatment plan is 5 grams of Bai Suzi, 10 grams of Qingyang Ginseng, 20 grams of Ma Sangen…”

“Take it together, three times a day, it can heal in one day!”

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