Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1092

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Chapter 1092

Silvia also echoed, “Brother Jie, if you suspect that we are someone approaching you unkindly, you can test us? Mom is the one who brought you up. She understands all your living habits.”

The lady nodded, “Yes, kid. Mom knows that you are allergic to alcohol and your stomach is not good. You can’t eat spicy food, don’t smoke, don’t drink alcohol, have no bad hobbies, like reading Matrix books, like playing Piano, extraordinary skill…”

The icy air in the eagle’s eyes dissipated.

Almost everything the lady said was accurate.

And he couldn’t make a reckless decision just because the girl in the album did not look like Silvia.

“What’s your name?” he asked Silvia.


Jacob raised his eyebrows, “The last name is Yan?”

Why is he getting entangled with Yan Yan.

Silvia explained: “Brother Jue, our Yan family is a rich family in Yancheng. My sister is Irene, the president of Media Asia. Naturally, this surname is very famous in the imperial capital.”

Jacob’s face darkened slightly, “Irene is your sister?”

Silvia smiled and nodded, “Yes.”

Jacob pondered, what on earth was the bloody love entanglement between him and the Yan family’s three sisters?

He likes Faith’s mom, Irene likes him, and now a Silvia pops up claiming to be his woman.

And he had the least feeling for this woman.

“Child, mom will come to pick you home today. If you have any questions, wait for you to go home and see your father, grandfather, and some uncles. You understand everything.” The lady said.

Jacob nodded.

After all, he wants to find his own life experience. Since the mother came to the door, he definitely can’t rashly reject because of doubts in his heart.

“it is good.”

He decided to go and explore.

The eldest lady was overjoyed, “Child, then you clean up and come home with me.”

Jacob said: “There is nothing to clean up, let’s go.”

Silvia gently supported the eldest lady, and blushed several times to stealthily stare at Jacob. Seeing that his handsome and beautiful face did not become vicissitudes of life with the passage of time, but looked more sharp and sharp, thinking of it so beautiful maybe the man will become her man, and she will be ecstatic.

However, her dream is really short-lived.

As soon as she opened the anti-theft door, she saw Irene leading her bodyguards, encircling the door tightly with thunder.

“Irene, what are you going to do?” The lady said in a rage.

Irene’s gloomy eyes hovered over the lady and Silvia.

“Sure enough, the centipede worm died but not stiff.” Irene said.

Silvia wanted Jacob to see Irene’s pungent side and deliberately angered her, “Sister, what do you bring so many people here? Is it possible, do you think they need bodyguards to recognize each other?”

Irene stared at Silvia fiercely, “Don’t think I don’t know your dirty thoughts, Silvia, I warn you, your crooked thoughts are in the wrong place.”

Silvia deliberately pretended to be timid, “Sister, what are you talking about? Sister doesn’t understand.”

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