Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1093

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Chapter 1093

Silvia timidly grasped the old lady’s hand, as if she was frightened by Irene.

The eldest lady distressed Silvia and scolded Irene sternly: “Silvia said that you have been deceived since you became the president of Media Asia. Originally I didn’t believe it. Today, it seems that you are not deceived. You are still deceiving too much.”

Irene approached the lady, raising a stubborn face. “Madam, if you want me to put you in your eyes, you should do something that matches your age.”

The old lady was so angry, “Irene, you… how dare you speak to me in such a tone?”

In order to arouse the contradiction between the lady and Irene, Silvia suddenly stepped forward and slapped Irene with her hand.

However, Irene with quick eyes and quick hands grabbed her wrists…

Silvia angrily scolded Irene, “Sister, I know you have always made things difficult for you to be self-willed, domineering, and domineering, but you are so rude to the eldest lady, you are simply out of education!”

Irene squeezed Silvia’s wrist tightly, and Silvia turned pale with pain.

“Ouch!” Silvia cried out in pain.

The lady said angrily, “Irene, you let her go.”


After Irene finished speaking, she waved her hand and slapped Silvia’s face fiercely.

With this slap, Irene thought of the sisters’ deep affection, the thunder was loud, and the rain was small.

But Silvia bluffed, covering her face and dripping crocodile tears.

“Sister is so majestic.” Silvia said.

The more she pretended to be weak and pitiful, the more others would feel Irene bullying.

Jacob finally couldn’t stand it anymore, and scolded Irene angrily, “Irene, are you making enough trouble? Bullying the weak, is this the style that the president of Media Asia should have?”

Irene unwillingly stared at Jacob unwillingly, “Who the hell likes to be the president of Media Asia? Do you think I like it? I tell you, if I hadn’t been bound by this presidential identity, I wouldn’t be as simple as beating her today— “

Thinking of Mrs. Silvia’s cheating on Mrs. Jacob, two flames burst into Irene’s heart.

Qiulian deceived Brother Jie that day, and brought a tortuous fate to Brother Jie.

Now that such a thing is happening again, why is Irene not angry?

The eldest lady’s guardian was eager. Seeing Irene suppressed Silvia to such a degree, Silvia was so timid and powerless to fight back, showing a pitiful appearance of resignation.

The eldest lady confirmed the idea of supporting Silvia.

The eldest lady said angrily: “Irene, you dare to beat Silvia in front of me today. If I were not here, wouldn’t you be crueler to her? Today I will be fair to her!”

The eldest lady said to Jacob: “My child, take a good look at this woman’s face. She stole our company and bullied your woman. As a man, you should stand upright and protect your parents, wife and children!”

Although Jacob didn’t have strong feelings for the elders and Silvia who appeared rashly, but in his opinion, she was always an elder, and Irene was so rude and rude to the elders, it was indeed excessive.

“Irene, there is nothing to do with you here. You leave me immediately.” Jacob angrily issued an eviction order.

Irene looked at Jacob in disbelief, and sneered weakly, “Huh? Are you letting me go?”

Irene laughed and burst into tears, “I’m leaving, will you go back with her to recognize your ancestors? Just live with this woman?”

“My business has nothing to do with you!” Jacob said angrily.

Silvia heard Tian Maize say that the relationship between Jacob and Irene after amnesia was frozen. She didn’t believe it before, but now she saw it with her own eyes and felt ecstatic.

It’s God who helped her too!

Silvia immediately walked to Jue Jacob and took Jacob’s hand affectionately, “Brother Jue, let’s go, ignore her.”


Jacob and Silvia passed by Irene.

The eldest lady handed Irene a contempt, and then left.

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