Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1094

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Chapter 1094

As Jacob and the others were waiting for the elevator, Irene was so angry that the cerebral cortex lacked oxygen.

When the elevator door suddenly opened and Jacob stepped into the elevator, the roar of Irene Hedong Lion suddenly heard, “I am your wife.”

There was a sneer in Silvia’s eyes, thinking in her heart, with Jacob’s current hatred of Irene, he could not believe Irene’s words.

Irene did it all by herself.

She obviously has a face that is pure and beautiful, and she has to turn herself into a man and a woman.

How could Jacob like her hormonal woman?

Just when Silvia was thinking about wrongdoing, she suddenly felt her tightly clasped arms pull away from her arms. The next moment, her slender arm suddenly pressed against the elevator door.

Jacob went out again.

Silvia hurriedly took the lady out.

Jacob walked to Irene and asked angrily: “What did you just say?”

Irene looked at him…

The pupils of obsidian shone brightly.

Suddenly, her hand stretched out from behind, and she handcuffed Jacob’s hand with lightning speed. The other end was handcuffed in her own hands.

Jacob sighed: “This is another trick, shameless.”

Irene raised the handcuffs, because the black eyes of the angry Liuli stared wide, “This shackle. You bought it to deal with me in the first place. Every time I run away from home, you use it to copy me back. Now, I’m doing this for you.”

Then walked forward, “Follow me home.”

The eyes of all were in full view, Jacob was like a child who had done something wrong, being dragged away by Irene brutally, and her face somewhat uncontrollable.

Jacob said angrily: “Irene, you let me go.”

Irene ignored him.

“Irene, I have a few words to ask them.”

Irene stopped now, “Quickly ask.”

The old lady and Silvia looked at Jacob with tears in their eyes.

Jacob said: “Are you really my mother?”

The lady nodded.

Irene interrupted, “She is not.”

The lady yelled, “Why are you lying? I am obviously.”

Jacob could also see that Irene was deliberately making trouble in it, glaring at Irene as a warning.

Silvia said, “Brother Jie, she is really your mother. My sister is lying.”

Then he asked Irene, “Do you dare to swear by your children and grandchildren that she is not Brother Jie’s mother?”

Irene was full of anger.

This Silvia is too vicious, knowing that she loves children the most, he forced her to make such an oath!

When Jacob saw Irene hesitating, he knew in his heart. This lady must be his mother.

Unexpectedly, Irene quickly fought back, “If it is Brother Jie’s mother, the paternity test will have an answer.”

This time, it was the turn of the lady and Silvia to be embarrassed.

Because the eldest lady is only Jacob’s foster mother. If she is not Jacob’s biological mother, the paternity test will naturally fail.

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