Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 897

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Chapter 897


Everyone did not expect that Zhang Tianyi, a genius doctor who had been powerful for decades in Jiangnan, would actually appear here.

For a while, everyone was excited.

“Did you see it? Zhang Tianyi is a genius doctor. Look at his burlap and linen clothes, it gives people the sense of an extraordinary man!”

“Yeah! Zhang Tianyi hasn’t appeared for many years! And his apprentice challenged the great doctor Lin, he has appeared for the great doctor Lin!”

“It’s over! The surnamed Lin was planted in the hands of the last patient just now, and now he meets the genius doctor Zhang, I am afraid it will be miserable!”


The passers-by around at this moment seemed to have confirmed the purpose of Doctor Zhang being here.

They looked at Shaun one after another with sarcasm and pity.

Even Gao Lao, Madman Mike, and others, their expressions became serious in an instant.

They hurriedly came to Shaun’s side and stood in line for him.

Just when Ye Tian ran to Zhang Tianyi’s side, he said with excitement:

“Master, the last patient I was diagnosing just now! Someone said that he is suffering from advanced gastric cancer and will die immediately and there is no treatment!”

“You please take a look!”


Ye Tian’s words stunned the old man Mai.

Diagnosed with cancer?

It is the first time that Zhang Tianyi has heard that there is such a Chinese medicine method, let alone looking at the whole of Jiangnan, even if he takes the shot himself, no matter how he checks it, it is difficult to conclude that a patient is in terminal cancer.

Thinking of this.

Zhang Tianyi asked curiously:

“Where is that patient?”

Hearing that Zhang Tianyi was about to diagnose, for a while, both Ye Tian and everyone around him became excited.

They really want to know what Tian Zhang will conclude from this patient’s diagnosis.

“Zhang…Mr. Zhang! It’s me!” After hearing this, the last patient ran up in a panic and said cautiously:

“Mr. Zhang, I’m only thirty-one years old. I eat several bowls of rice and run 20 kilometers in the morning!”

“It’s just that in the past few days, I occasionally felt full and couldn’t eat, so I came to see a doctor! But I didn’t expect…”

Hearing the patient’s words.

The old man Zhang Tianyi nodded involuntarily.

Then, he asked the patient about his symptoms, and he shook his head and smiled after listening.

“That person is pure nonsense! You are full of energy and blood, you are not in a state of premature death!”

“The old man’s judgment is the same as his disciple. You have just a stomach stone. According to Ye Tian’s prescription, you only need to take the medicine for one month, which is enough to heal! Don’t worry!”

Hearing the diagnosis result of Zhang Tianyi.

Whether it was the patient or all the passersby around, they breathed a long sigh of relief.

“Let me just say it! How could Mr. Ye’s medical skills be inferior to that surnamed Lin!”

The last patient, thinking of the appearance that Shaun was scared to pee just now, suddenly became angry.

At this moment, he stared at Shaun and shouted angrily:

“Lin, Do you hear that? You are a liar, a quack! Even the genius doctor Zhang said I’m fine! What are you?”

The corner of the patient’s mouth was full of sarcasm.


After hearing the word ‘surnamed Lin’.

The genius doctor Zhang trembled slightly, and his face suddenly showed a thick color of astonishment:

“Ye, the surname Lin you said, is he the genius doctor Lin in Jiangshi?”

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