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Chapter 793

Someone must have deliberately passed the evidence against Clifford to Alvin.

As for who will pass the evidence to Alvin…

Alyssa lowered her eyes and chuckled mockingly.

Who else besides Karl?

Karl is planning to let Alvin deal with Clifford so as to take advantage of the fisherman’s profit?

Alyssa suddenly remembered the nursing home that Rachel had said before, that Clifford would go to every week.

Alvin should know something about Clifford, right?


The next day, after Alyssa sent Grace to the kindergarten, she asked Alvin to come out for coffee.

Alvin lowered his voice, as if afraid that others would hear it: “I’m busy, I’m free to drink with you another day.”

Alyssa twisted her eyebrows for a moment and asked him, “Are you following Clifford?”

“Yeah.” Alvin did not deny it.

Alyssa sighed, “It’s useless.”

Clifford is so alert, I am afraid that Alvin is following him a long time ago, but he will not reveal it.

“Is it useful? I only found out after I tried it. I have to see what Clifford does all day long!” Alvin’s voice sounded a bit gnashing his teeth.

Alyssa was silent for a moment, and said, “Be careful.”

Alvin: “I know.”

After hanging up the phone, Alyssa was a little surprised.

Alvin should also be very clear in his heart, he can’t beat Clifford.

But he still has to follow Clifford.

Not because he is stupid, but because he wants to do what he can do.

It was as if she and Karl were fighting for custody.

She knew that she had almost no chance of winning, but she still had to do it, even if she didn’t use any means.

Yeah, she has become an unscrupulous person now.

When Alyssa passed by the community where she used to live, she saw a familiar figure from a distance.

It was Travis who she had met at the wedding.

He walked towards the gate of the community and stopped at the guard, as if he was asking about something.

This section of the road can be parked, and Alyssa parked the car on the side of the road to see what Travis was going to do.

Travis stayed at the doorman for a while, then turned back, opened the door and got into the car.

What is he doing here?

Did he come to her?

As Alyssa was thinking, the phone rang.

The numbers are familiar.

She glanced at Travis’s car on the other side.

After getting into the car, Travis did not immediately drive away.

Alyssa’s gaze was still on Travis’s car in the distance, and she answered the phone: “Hey.”

“Alyssa, it’s me.” Travis’s voice came from the phone.

Alyssa said in a calm tone, “Is there anything to do with me?”

Travis paused before saying, “Grandpa is sick.”

Alyssa was a little surprised.

She thought that Travis came to her mostly for other purposes, but she didn’t expect it to be because of this.

Alyssa lowered her eyes, her eyes fell on the steering wheel, her voice was a little cold: “If you are sick, you go to the doctor.”

She never wanted to get involved with the Adams’ family anymore.

She does not owe them, and they don’t want to find her again.

Such two are irrelevant and are good for everyone.

Travis was choked by Alyssa’s words, and after a few seconds he continued, “The doctor said, Grandpa has three months at most, and he wants to see you.”

Only three months…

Alyssa thought of Douglas’s serious face, and her heart was a little shaken.

Douglas also used her and abandoned her for Hunt’s family.

But these things he did, compared to Colin and Isabel, were considered aboveboard.

Seeing that Alyssa had been silent on the other end of the phone, Travis knew that she had been shaken: “Our family is sorry for you, but you just look at it because of grandfather’s short time.”

There was a hint of earnestness in Travis’s tone.

He used to spend time and drink, but now he is more stable.

After a while, Alyssa said quietly, “I will think about it.”

“Okay, I’ll send you the address.” After Travis finished speaking, he waited for a while, and saw that Alyssa really didn’t mean to say more, so he hung up the phone.

Soon, Alyssa received a text message from Travis.

She opened the text message, looked at the address for a moment, then threw the phone aside and drove home.

The new house is a bit big, Grace is not there, she stays here empty.

Maybe she will live like this for the rest of her life.

Alyssa sat on the sofa in the living room and thought for a long time, then took the car key and went out.

It doesn’t do any good not to see Travis in the hospital, and it doesn’t hurt to see it, so let’s go and see.


When Alyssa walked to the door of Douglas’s ward holding a bunch of flowers, the people inside just opened the door.

“Alyssa!” Colin came out.

Alyssa hasn’t seen him for a long time.

The clothes on his body were a little wrinkled and his expression was tired. He probably spent the night in the hospital for Douglas.

Alyssa didn’t say anything, just nodding slightly, which was regarded as a greeting.

Colin looked at her and said, “You come to see Grandpa? He is inside, but he just fell asleep.”

Alyssa passed by Colin and entered the ward.

The ward is spacious and bright with plenty of light.

Douglas was lying on the bed, looking very thin.

After Alyssa put down the flower in her hand, she looked at Douglas.

Douglas suddenly spoke with an old and slow voice: “Why are you back again? There are so many things in the company waiting for you to deal with, and I will not be there in the future. The Hunt’s family will have to rely on you, although Travis is now…”

“It’s me.” Alyssa interrupted Douglas aloud.

Douglas opened his eyes suddenly.

The moment he saw Alyssa, Douglas’s eyes flashed with an abnormal brilliance.

“Alyssa…” He struggled to get up.

After Alyssa came in, Colin didn’t leave either, he walked over immediately when he saw this, and helped Douglas raise the bed a bit.

Douglas pointed to Colin and said, “You go out, I have something to say to Alyssa.”

“Okay.” Colin nodded.

When passing by Alyssa, Colin said in a very low voice: “I don’t make grandpa angry, he is running out of time.”

At this time, Colin knew to be a filial son.

Alyssa ignored him and sat down on the chair beside the bed.

Colin looked a little embarrassed, sorted out his clothes and went out.


With the door closed, only Alyssa and Douglas were left in the room.

Douglas’s eyes were a little muddy, he stared at Alyssa for a long time, and said, “You were a very beautiful child when you were a kid. It’s a pity that your mother is short-sighted and treated you badly.”

Alyssa was a little confused at first, and then she laughed: “So, you have always been watching with cold eyes, watching my mother love Isabel, and treat me like a baby picked up from outside. You saw all this clearly but said nothing.”

Chapter 794

Douglas knew that Rachel had short-sightedness and low vision. While she loved Isabel too much, she ignored Alyssa.

Douglas saw these things in his eyes. As the oldest elder in the family, he was like an outsider who ignored these things.

As a result, the relationship between her and the family became more and more distorted.

Isabel was completely raised by Rachel’s crookedness. Travis went abroad early, and his temperament was not as crooked as Isabel’s.

After all, Douglas is just selfish.

He was a cold-hearted person. After the kidnapping of Karl’s mother, he was arranged by the Adams’ family to go abroad to escape, and he ignored the Hunt family.

Later, after more than ten years passed, he returned to the country and returned to the family.

If Douglas had been able to take care of the family and Isabel a little back then, perhaps the relationship between her and the family would not be like this now.

He always said it was for the good of the family, but the first thing to preserve was his own interests.

He is not so selfless, nor does he do what an elder should do.

After hearing Alyssa’s words, Douglas’s expression became a little stiff.

Then he laughed again, with a hint of sarcasm in his smile.

Douglas asked Alyssa: “Are you blaming me?”

Without thinking about it, Alyssa said directly, “No.”

He looked back at her, waiting for her to say the next thing.

Alyssa said calmly: “You didn’t do what an elder should do, and I don’t have to do what a younger generation should do. It’s fair.”

“But you… after all, you are the Hunt’s family! This family raised you, how can you be so unfeeling?” Douglas’s body is already very poor, and he has been struggling to speak such a long paragraph.

Alyssa stretched out her hand and gently brushed the hair in her ear, her voice softly: “The person who severed my father-daughter relationship with me in the newspaper was Colin, and the person who chose Isabel to abandon me was Rachel, who looked on me coldly. It’s you who didn’t care about me. What qualifications do you have to say that I am unfeeling?”

Douglas was shocked, he couldn’t help but look carefully at Alyssa.

The twenty-six-year-old woman is still young and beautiful, but with insight that does not fit her age.

What kind of person Colin is, Douglas, the father, knows best.

However, it was really rare for Colin to give birth to such a transparent daughter.

He was wrong.

If he could take Alyssa around to raise, the Hunt family today will not decline to this point.

Alyssa is smart and upright, as long as she is careful, there is nothing she can’t learn.

“Your father is not a material for business. If I am gone in the future and no one will support your elder brother, the family will really not be able to sustain it…” Douglas said this, still wanting Alyssa to have a hint of pity and softness.

Alyssa still hardened her heart and said, “If it’s not for business, don’t do business. What kind of person does what, what kind of person leads what kind of life.”

Douglas heard Alyssa’s words still didn’t mean to soften, stared slightly, and stopped talking.

After a long while, he sighed: “That’s it!”

Alyssa got up and left the ward.

She knew that Douglas couldn’t possibly be a good thing to see her.

Although don’t know why Douglas thinks that as long as she is willing to take care of Hunt’s affairs, it can get better. However, even if she was really capable of that, she couldn’t manage it anymore.

How soft the heart used to be, how hard the heart is now.

No one is born indifferent, and no one is born evil.

Isabel, Rachel, Colin…

These people deserve it.

When Alyssa took the elevator downstairs, she thought a lot.

Out of the inpatient building, she let out a long sigh of relief.

When she was about to walk to the gate of the hospital, she heard someone calling her.


She turned around and saw Travis and Rachel standing beside him.

Travis and Rachel were in a hurry, and they could see that they had hurried over.

Probably it was Colin who notified them.

Alyssa faintly replied, “Big Brother.”

“Why don’t you tell me when you are here.” Travis walked up to her, with an affectionate tone, as if they were brothers and sisters with good feelings.

“You’re busy with work, I’ll leave when I come to see, there is no need to inform you.” Alyssa said directly, Travis’s expression was a bit awkward.

“How could it…” Travis finished embarrassingly, then turned to look at Rachel.

Rachel immediately said eagerly: “Alyssa, finally meet up and have a meal together at noon?”

Alyssa didn’t say whether she was willing or unwilling, but only asked, “Have you found Isabel?”

Alyssa’s tone sounded bland, but Rachel felt a little guilty: “Yet…not yet…”

Hearing this, Alyssa curled her lips and said, “I’m leaving now.”

Travis and Rachel wanted to keep her, but they didn’t know what to say.

Alyssa didn’t owe them anything, but they owed Alyssa a lot.

Travis thought for a while, then ran after her: “Alyssa.”

Alyssa stood at the door, looking back at Travis: “Is there anything wrong with brother?”

“Are you really not planning to return back to Hunt’s house?” Travis thought for a while and asked.

“I have my own home.” A few simple words, but loudly.

Travis was taken aback for a moment, and then just nodded and stopped talking.

Rachel had more to say, Travis stopped her.

Until Alyssa drove away, Rachel couldn’t help but said: “Why are you stopping me? Alyssa is the most softhearted. As long as we talk softly and beg her, she will definitely agree to return to Hunt’s house. ! Rejuvenate the family with you.”

Travis had always disliked this stepmother, but at this time he was a little disgusted.

He sneered: “How thick is your face, do you want to make Alyssa soft-hearted? Tell you, even if you kneel and beg her, she won’t soften her heart.”

Travis seemed to suddenly think of something again: “Oh, I remember. A servant at home said that when you asked Alyssa to marry Isabel into Adams’ house, it seemed that you were kneeling down and begging her. ,Right?”

“I…” Rachel was mentioned by her stepson with a blank face, and said: “That’s not because Isabel doesn’t want to marry, and we can’t afford the Adams’ family. If Alyssa didn’t marry then, we All would suffer!”

Travis sneered, “Is Alyssa your biological daughter?”

“Of course, she was born in my October pregnancy! Because of this, she should come back to Hunt’s house to help us!” The more Rachel said, the more she felt that she was right.

Alyssa is her biological daughter, no matter how cruel Alyssa says, she will definitely not leave her alone.

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