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Chapter 795

After Alyssa left the hospital, she wandered aimlessly in the street for a while before going to pick up Grace from school.

The kindergarten will be closed in two days.

Alyssa drove the car and asked Grace, “If your mother takes you out for fun during the holiday? Where do you want to go?”

“I’ll go wherever mom goes,” Grace said slowly, leaning back in the chair.

Alyssa laughed.


In the next few days, Karl did not come to trouble Alyssa, nor did the Hunt family ever come to Alyssa.

The days have become more peaceful than ever.

In addition to picking up Grace every day, Alyssa is preparing for a new drama.

Alyssa occasionally thought that it would be fine if she lived like this.

However, her peaceful life was soon broken.

Rachel didn’t know where to find the address of her new home, so she came to the door directly.

However, the community is strictly controlled and will not let people in easily.

Rachel stayed at the gate of the community for most of the day. It was after Alyssa sent Grace to the kindergarten and when she returned from shopping for vegetables, she saw Rachel.

Rachel stepped forward and stopped Alyssa’s car.

Alyssa lowered the car window impatiently, and said in a cold tone, “Mrs. Hunt, what are you doing?”

“Alyssa, don’t be like this, I know you are a kind child, come back to Hunt’s house! You and Karl have been separated for so long, so you must have a family!” Rachel stood outside the car window, spoke with a good tone for her.

Alyssa looked disgusted.

Alyssa only glanced at her, then shouted to the guard, “I don’t know this woman.”

The security guard walked over immediately and pulled Rachel away.

Alyssa drove into the underground parking lot.

Rachel’s unwilling voice came from behind: “Alyssa, I beg you so kindly now, if you don’t agree, don’t blame me for exposing you!”

Alyssa paused slightly, and still drove the car into the underground parking lot.

However, in the afternoon, Alyssa was on the trending search list of Twitter.


“Lost City” Screenwriter Drives Away Mother

Alyssa looked at this trending search headline and didn’t even have the desire to click in to see it.

There was no fluctuation in her heart.

The phone rang at this time, it was her personal phone.

Her work cell phone was broken long ago.

Alyssa thought it was Tina’s call, but when she answered it, she found that it was Mattie.

She gradually gained fame because of “Lost City”, and Mattie is now tied to her with interest.

The filming of “Lost City 2” is finalized. If nothing happens, it will be broadcast in the second half of the year.

If there is any scandal related to the screenwriter during this period, it will have an impact on the play.

Alyssa answered the phone slowly, “Hey.”

Mattie answered the phone and asked, “What’s the matter with that trending search on the Internet?”

Besides sounding a little anxious, her tone was not angry.

Alyssa said calmly: “I will go to see her, and then go to Twitter to clarify, you don’t have to intervene.”

Mattie seemed to want to say something more, but in the end, she just said: “Well, you can handle it. If you can’t handle it well, I have a public relations team here.”

“Thank you.”

This thank you, Alyssa said sincerely, and Mattie regarded her as a kind of love and righteousness.

After Grace was over from school, Alyssa took her home and called Tina to come over for dinner.

While serving the food, Tina ran to the kitchen, to Alyssa very quietly: “I just saw trending search, what is your mother going to do?”

Alyssa shook her head: “After eating dinner later, you will stay with me for a while, help me watch Grace, and I will go back to Hunt’s house.”

Tina thought for a while, and asked, “Shall I go with you?”

Alyssa asked, “Where to put Grace?”

Tina: “Take her too.”

Alyssa laughed self-deprecatingly: “I can’t take her to Hunt’s house. People from the Hunt family will know, and maybe they will hit Grace with their ideas. After all, she is Karl’s biological daughter.”

They were able to force her to marry Karl for self-protection and profit. After knowing Grace’s existence, they would definitely want to use Grace to find Karl in exchange for benefits.

They don’t have something like a conscience.

Hearing Alyssa’s words, Tina’s voice became a little heavy: “Then be careful.”

“I don’t worry.” Alyssa patted her cool shoulder: “Let’s eat first.”


After dinner, Alyssa drove out and went directly to Hunt’s house.

The Hunt’s villa is brightly lit, and everyone is at home at this time.

Alyssa hadn’t come back for a long time, and the servants in the villa were so surprised that they forgot to speak.

“Alyssa?” Travis saw her first.

Alyssa nodded slightly: “Big Brother.”

She has always been kind to Travis.

“Why come back suddenly? Have you eaten?” After Douglas was hospitalized, Travis has been very busy these days, and he still doesn’t know about trending search.

Alyssa said in a calm tone: “Came here after eating, I’m looking for Mrs. Hunt, is she there?”

Travis was startled, only to realize that the Mrs. Hunt Alyssa said was Rachel.

“She should be in the room upstairs.” Travis pointed upstairs, knowing that Rachel must have done something stupid.

Rachel is really stupid enough. She has lived a silly life, and is still so stupid when she is old.

“I have something to do with her, can someone invite her down?” Alyssa’s tone was very alienated.

Travis sighed imperceptibly, and said, “I will ask her to come down.”

After he finished speaking, he said to the servant on the side: “Go up and call her down.”

Not long after the servant went up, Alyssa heard the door opening and hurried footsteps from the stairs.

“Alyssa is back.” When Rachel walked to the stairs and saw Alyssa, she smiled: “I knew that you would definitely be back.”

She walked quickly to Alyssa, going to hold her hand.

Alyssa looked at her coldly and took a step back.

Rachel rushed for a moment, and stayed in the air for a while with her hands a little embarrassed. She quickly said with a smile on his face, “Sit down, sit down and say something.”

Alyssa looked at Rachel, only to find it ridiculous.

Only when Rachel put her on the trending search, she was able to look so enthusiastic and happy when she saw her.

Rachel looked at the servant aside with reprimand: “Hurry up and pour water for the young lady.”

The servant immediately poured water for Alyssa and brought it over. Alyssa nodded in thanks, took the water glass and put it aside, then raised her eyes to Rachel.

Rachel was looked at by her, and there was no guilty conscience on her face. Instead, she asked happily, “Alyssa, have you figured it out?”

“I don’t need to think about it, and I know exactly what I should do and how I should do it.” Alyssa’s voice was extremely cold: “Rachel, you want me to return to Hunt’s house. It’s impossible in this life, so stop dreaming.”

Chapter 796

Rachel originally planned to sit next to Alyssa, but after hearing these words Alyssa said, her complexion froze.

She stood there in a stiff posture, looking very ugly.

Travis had stayed to watch the show, and wanted to know what Rachel did stupidly.

As a result, Alyssa was so rigid as soon as she spoke, and Travis was still a little surprised.

He quietly sat on the sofa on the other side, listening to Alyssa and Rachel talking.

Rachel froze for a moment, and asked incredulously: “Do you even care about your reputation?”

“Fame?” Alyssa laughed lowly, “Should it not be you who don’t care about fame?”

In Rachel’s blank gaze, Alyssa continued: “It’s useless for you to expose me. I am now of great commercial value to many film and television companies. Even if I don’t come forward, someone will help me settle these things. As for the things you do, if it is revealed, tell yourself, who will help you settle it?”

Alyssa’s words were mild, but Rachel’s expression changed drastically.

Alyssa has been highly evaluated in the industry since the first web drama of “Lost City” went viral.

She is currently only cooperating with Mattie on a single script, and has not signed a long-term cooperation.

Many companies are inquiring about her contact information and are interested in cooperating with her.

After the broadcast of “Lost City 2”, Alyssa’s value will also rise.

She looked at Rachel with satisfaction, her face stiff and speechless.

She slowly stood up and looked at Rachel: “I have said what I should say, I will go now.”

Alyssa turned to look at Travis, and nodded slightly at him.

Seeing her start to walk outside, Travis quickly got up and followed: “Alyssa, I will send you off.”

“no need.”

Although Alyssa refused out loud, Travis still sent her to the door of the villa.

When he arrived at the door, Travis seemed hesitant to speak, Alyssa didn’t leave immediately, and stood there waiting for him to speak.

Travis pondered for a moment, and said, “I didn’t know what your mother did. If I knew, I wouldn’t let her do it.”

Alyssa just smiled, saying that she didn’t care.

She was about to leave, and remembered another thing: “By the way, did you find Isabel?”

“No.” Travis shook his head with a serious expression: “I think that Isabel may not be found.”

Alyssa thought for a while and asked: “Did she mention a person named Clifford to you?”

“The man who was sitting at the table with us at Karl’s wedding that day?” Travis had said a few words with Clifford that day, and he remembered this man all at once.

Alyssa was surprised: “Well, it’s him.”

Travis frowned slightly: “But he is just a professor…”

“He is not just a professor.” Alyssa didn’t say any more, and left the sentence.


That night, the trending search of #”lost city” screenwriter turned away biological mother# disappeared from the trending search list.

Alyssa also posted a clarification tweet on her personal Twitter.

“Regarding the trending search, although I think what is clear is clear, I still have to express my opinion to these friends who support me and love me: I am not sorry to anyone in the Hunt family.”

The last sentence looks simple but powerful.

As soon as this Tweet was posted, there were comments and reposts soon.

It didn’t take long for this Tweet to become popular again.

The topic quickly made the trending search list.

Alyssa stared at trending search and her head hurt.

Tina didn’t go home at night and lived at Alyssa’s house.

She sat next to Alyssa and scrolled Twitter, and said with her serious face that she turned her head and said to Alyssa earnestly: “Otherwise, you can enter the showbiz circle, take endorsements, shoot commercials, participate in variety shows, etc. It will earn you more than you as a screenwriter But it’s much faster! Look at your traffic and go on trending search whenever you have something to do. If you want to enter the show business circle, most companies are rushing to ask you!”

Alyssa looked indifferent: “I don’t want to.”

She is already the mother of a child, and there is no need to mix her up in the entertainment industry.

Besides, she is not so short of money, and she is in good condition now.

Can write scripts at home with peace of mind, and live a peaceful life, away from right and wrong.

She is very satisfied with her current state.

“Really not in? It’s very profitable! Maybe you can be more popular than me!” Tina got closer, urging Alyssa.

Alyssa sneered and said, “If you are willing to be a traffic star, you are also very popular now.”

Tina curled her lips, stopped talking, lowered her head and continued to swipe her phone.

Suddenly, she swiped a Tweet and handed it to Alyssa: “Look at Peter, it’s not too big to see the excitement!”

Peter’s Twitter account is also with tens of millions of fans, and they are all live fans.

There are tens of thousands of comments on each Tweet.

Alyssa turned to look, and found that Peter had retweet her clarification tweet with a sentence: “Ms. Alyssa has any intention to cooperate with a film and television company this year? Consider our AdamPic Media. [Poor .jpg]”

Seeing this Tweet, Alyssa couldn’t help but laugh.

“Peter is helping me.” Peter is very important in the entertainment industry. Even he retweeted Alyssa’s Tweet and wanted to cooperate with her. This is a big show.

“I don’t seem to follow him yet.” After Alyssa finished speaking, she clicked on Peter’s Twitter and clicked Follow.

Alyssa started Twitter and didn’t interact with the people around her much, just because she was afraid of causing unnecessary trouble.

So many things happened at that time, and her reputation was not very good, so she didn’t interact with them.

Now it seems that everything is over.

Tina looked at Alyssa’s expression, knowing what she was thinking, patted her shoulder and said, “Okay, go to sleep.”


Early the next morning.

Tina woke up and started to scan Twitter again.

She took a look at the trending search list, cursed secretly, “f*ck”, then lifted the quilt and ran to Alyssa’s room.

“Alyssa, these netizens have picked up the relationship between you and me and Peter! These netizens don’t sleep, do they? Just grab someone’s Twitter if nothing is wrong, and their minds are as delicate as a microscope!”

Tina took off her shoes and rushed into Alyssa’s room.

Although it was summer, the air conditioner in the room was a bit low. Alyssa moved aside, and said with sleepy eyes, “Come up first.”

After Tina came up, Alyssa also leaned over to look at her mobile phone.

The trending search is titled about the relationship of three people and is at the top.

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