Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1095

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Chapter 1095

Jacob frowned. It was obvious that this lady was obviously a little resistant when she mentioned the paternity test. She must not be his biological mother.

It seems that there are clues hidden in it.

Under the sharp gaze of Jacob, the lady had to confess. “Child, I am your foster mother.”

Jacob was slightly surprised. The gaze for verification turned to Irene, and seeing that she hadn’t been a demon again, it was obviously acquiescence.

Jacob said: “Born and nurtured are as big as grace.”

The lady was very pleased. “You are willing to recognize me, I am very happy.”

Irene sneered and said, “This lady is indeed your adoptive mother. But there are good and bad adoptive mothers in this world, so don’t overplay your love.”

The eldest lady was furious, “Irene, what do you mean by this? Are you saying that I will harm him?”

Irene said: “He is your son, and it stands to reason that you will not harm him. However, no matter how you k!ss his son, he will not compare to your own flesh and blood. And will you harm your adopted child for your own flesh and blood? This is another matter.”

The lady’s body trembled. The restless eyes fell on Silvia.

Even though Silvia was stupid, she could still hear Irene’s off-line.

“Irene, what do you mean by this?”

Irene feared that the world would not be in chaos, and said: “Silvia, after so many years, your IQ has not improved at all. You have accepted the madam’s connivance and care for you in the past few years, don’t you never think about the reasons behind this? ?”

Silvia’s face was pale, she looked at the lady in disbelief, “Madam, what do you mean by my sister?”

The lady was always in tears, but she didn’t know how to speak.

Irene pretended to be a good old man, “I don’t understand, then I will make it clear. Silvia, you are not the child of our Yan family, you are the biological daughter of the old lady.”

After a brief shock, Silvia burst into joy.

The daughter of the war family is more honorable than the daughter of the Yan family.

Although Media Asia is currently in charge of Irene, she believes that Jacob will take it back in the near future.

Then Irene will be trampled under her feet…

It is a pity that her yellow beam dream is Nan Ke Yimeng.

Because Irene’s next words completely shattered her, “Silvia, I urge you to put away those unrealistic fantasies. I, Irene, is not a pure and kind person, and I also have things I want to defend. If you go your own way, don’t blame me for exposing your mother. The scandal of fornicating with the Bai family back then. At that time, your status as an insignificant person will be exposed, and your face is thin, how should you live?”

The eldest lady staggered, almost standing unsteadily.

Silvia gave such an initiation, it turns out that her life experience is so disgraceful. She is not the blood of a warrior.

Seeing Silvia’s deflated expression, Irene became very proud, “Silvia, you have to fight with me from childhood to adulthood, and I will let you compare with me. But you want to get rid of your brother-in-law, which is morally intolerant. I advise you. Be safe. Don’t try to fly onto a branch and become a phoenix.”

Silvia’s self-esteem and pride were ruthlessly crushed into mud by Irene, his face swept, and finally ran away crying.

The eldest lady waved the fan Irene furiously and slapped her face unexpectedly. Irene had time to dodge in the future, and she was sturdy.

When Irene fought back in anger, Jacob grabbed her wrist quickly: “Irene, don’t be rude to my mother.”

As long as Irene remembered that the lady and Silvia were embarrassed and tried to deceive Jacob, she would not be angry.

Roared at Jacob: “She was disrespectful to me first, I was just an eye for an eye for a tooth for a tooth.”

The lady took the opportunity to chase Silvia.

Who knew Guan Xiao led someone to stop the lady.

The eldest lady said angrily: “Guan Xiao, if you help him to abuse him, aren’t you afraid that one day he will recover his memory and make you unable to eat?”

Guan Xiao said with a gentle smile: “Madam, to obey all the orders of President Yan is the last order he gave me.”

The lady’s face was ugly.

She also knew in her heart that after Jacob recovered his memory, he slapped Irene today, Jacob would only make her unable to eat.

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