Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 896

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Chapter 896

Almost everyone knows that cancer is a disease that is extremely difficult to diagnose. Even many cancer patients have undergone regular physical examinations without the assistance of countless sophisticated medical instruments.

Once discovered, there are fewer chances of survival.

But Shaun just glanced at him and directly diagnosed that the other party was cancer?

This is a joke.

Hearing this!

The patient exploded his lungs instantly.

He jumped up from the chair, and then yelled at Shaun:

“Lin, what do you mean? How can I have cancer? I tell you, I used to eat cow meat, jogging in the morning, and run 20 kilometers!”

“I am such a healthy person, but there are some small stones in my stomach! You actually said that I have advanced gastric cancer!”

“Quack doctor! You are a liar, quack doctor!”

The patient was extremely angry, pointing to Shaun and cursing.

However, this is not over yet.

Ye Tian glanced at Shaun sarcastically, then continued with a smile:

“Everyone knows what else the surname Lin wrote?”

“He wrote that the patient will die within an hour, maximum in one day! The prescription-no help!”


With a word of Ye Tian, all the surrounding people got completely exploded.

Almost everyone did not expect that Shaun actually issued the specific death time of the tenth patient!

One hour?

Or one day?

Everyone looked at the tenth patient.

Looking at his energetic appearance, burly and powerful body, everyone does not believe that such a strong person will die within today!

This is nothing short of the world.

Suddenly, many passersby and patients around completely exploded the pot.

“Oh my God, what’s the matter with this genius doctor Lin? He has spotted the disease of all the nine patients in front, but this last one is too much!”

“Yes, gastric cancer is one of the biggest diseases. There is no need to go to the hospital for a precise examination to confirm the diagnosis. It is too sloppy to find by just one glance!”

“Huh! This is a curse to die early! The patient is so young and strong, how can he die this soon!”

Many passersby and patients around, questioned Shaun at this moment, once again broke out.

After all!

Shaun has diagnosed this last patient wrongly.

Ye Tian wants to ridicule Shaun right now.

But at this moment!

“Ye Tian!!!”

A voice of vicissitudes came from the crowd.

Everyone suddenly saw that an old man in sackcloth came slowly.

Ye Tian?

Everyone around him was taken aback. They knew that Ye Tian was the closed disciple of the genius doctor Zhang Tianyi. No one thought that this old man Mai was so bold and daring to call Ye Tian by his nickname.

However, just when some people want to stop the old man.

Ye Tian seemed to see his savior, ecstatic:

“Master, your old man is finally here!”



After hearing what Ye Tian said, and then looking at the vicissitudes of the eighty-year-old old man in Mai, almost everyone’s mind came up with a name-genius doctor Zhang Tianyi!

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