Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 895

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Chapter 895



Dense cold sweat ran from Ye Tian’s forehead.

His face was as white as paper, and he was as if he had seen a ghost.

“How could this happen? He is so young that he has really reached the level of my master?”

Ye Tian was trembling with fear while wiping cold sweat.

And when he wrote down the prescription of the tenth patient and compared it with Shaun’s.


Ye Tian’s eyes lit up suddenly:

“This one is different!”

Ye Tian looked as pale as paper, a hint of excitement instantly appeared.

At this moment, he discovered that his prescription for the tenth patient clearly stated that the disease was gastric calculi, and mine is gastric stones!

Even, my rescription is for the most effective treatment of gastric stones, which is enough to ensure that this patient will get rid of the stones and restore his health after one month.

However, the diagnosis issued by Shaun reads-advanced gastric cancer, the patient will die soon!

On the prescription, there are only two words written-helpless!


Seeing this prescription, Ye Tian got overjoyed. He waved Shaun’s prescription sheet to everyone and said:

“Do you guys see it? This guy’s last prescription exposed!”

Ye Tian looked at the last patient and said:

“Mr., how is your usual physical condition?”


The last patient, Shaun’s previous prescription was taken by Ye Tian early, and he didn’t know what was written on Shaun’s prescription.

Hearing Ye Tian’s question at this moment, he said quickly:

“I usually have good health, and occasionally I have some stomach pain, and there is no any major disease for the rest!”

Hearing the words of this patient.

Ye Tian smiled:

“Then I ask you, have you recently felt that your stomach has been in a full state, and you can’t eat or drink water!”

“Even in the bladder position, there is a slight pain?”

Ye Tian’s words are accurate.

Suddenly the patient, like a chicken pecking rice, nodded constantly.

When this point got confirmed.

Ye Tian waved Shaun’s prescription sheet while laughing sarcastically at the crowd:

“Have you heard? According to this patient’s description, he has gastric calculi disease! Just follow my prescription and decoct the medicine. Within a month, the stones will disappear!”

“But, do you know what is written on the prescription of surnamed Lin?”


Looking at Ye Tian’s arrogant appearance, listening to his words, almost everyone’s attention was swiping toward the prescription sheet in Ye Tian’s hand.

Almost everyone was very curious about what Shaun has written.

Which has made Ye Tian so excited.

“He has written, this gentleman is suffering from advanced gastric cancer!!!”


With Ye Tian’s words, all the noises around disappeared.

Advanced gastric cancer?

How can this be?

All the patients and passers-by looked at each other.

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