Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 1161 – 1162

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Chapter 1161

Early the next morning, Alyssa’s first reaction when she woke up was to see Karl next to her.

When she saw that the place beside her was empty, she heard Karl’s voice.

“Woke up.”

Karl was still wearing pajamas, standing in front of the window with a long posture, as if he was just getting up, but his eyebrows seemed to have been up for a while, and the rain was still pattering outside the window, and the gloomy rain curtain was set against it. Looking at him, a bit depressed.

“It’s still raining.” Alyssa looked out the window.

She rolled over and got out of bed, trying to go to Karl’s side. As soon as her feet fell to the ground, she heard Karl remind her: “Shoes.”

Alyssa was helpless, she was not a child, so she knew to wear shoes, but Karl always seemed to worry about her, keeping everything in mind.

It’s no wonder that the doctor will say that he is suffering from a loss of health as he is so laborious.

Alyssa slowly put on her shoes and walked to the side of Karl: “When did you wake up?”

She was afraid that Karl could not fall asleep last night, so she wanted to talk to him, but she probably fell asleep without saying a few words because she had no memory of the content of the chat with him last night. They’ve been talking for a long time, but that’s not the case.

She was really tired when she came back from Westberg yesterday.

After sleeping at night, the buttons on the top of the collar of Alyssa’s pajamas were loosened, showing that the clothes were loose. Karl pulled her clothes and fastened the buttons for her, and said faintly, “I just woke up.”

His expression was as calm as an ancient well in the mountains, and the arrogance of the past can no longer be seen from the expressions, and at first glance he felt restrained.

Time changes people quietly.


In the rainy weather, the temperature also dropped a few degrees.

Grace was led downstairs by Alyssa. She gave Grace a thick coat today.

Karl was waiting in the lobby, holding his mobile phone as if sending a message.

“Let’s go.” Alyssa led Grace to him.

When Karl stood up, he felt a small soft palm stretch out his fingers.

When he looked down, Grace also just looked up, her face serious: “Daddy, lead you.”

Karl tightened his fingers and squeezed her little fleshy hand in her palm. Alyssa looked over and her expression relaxed slightly.


There were only a few staff and bodyguards in the funeral home.

When Alyssa walked in, she heard movement behind her. Before she turned her head, Grace had already said, “Uncle Smith and Uncle Grant.”

Alyssa turned her head and found that he had brought his wife and son with him. Peter and Tina, as well as Clayton, who hadn’t seen him for a long time, were also here. Those documents.

Karl went in first, Alyssa and Grace stayed behind, waiting for them together.

Everyone is an old friend who has known each other for many years, and they are also the most trusted people of Karl. There is no need for extra conversation, and after a tacit nod, they walk in together.

The funeral is simple and solemn.

When the body was buried, the rain had not stopped.

Karl buried her with his own hands, shoveling dirt one by one, not allowing others to interfere.

Under the rain curtain, he couldn’t see his expression clearly, but sadness haunted everyone.

Alyssa looked at him, her heart cut like a knife, tears flowed down her cheeks ignorantly, Grace also sobbed and cried, she didn’t know why she was sad, but she just wanted to cry.

Even the big man behind her couldn’t help but blush.

Chapter 1162

After the funeral, the others did not leave immediately. They were a little worried about Alyssa and Karl’s couple, so they stayed for dinner.

Karl’s mother was buried in the back mountain of the villa where they first lived. Alyssa and Karl’s original plan was to return to live here. The villa has not been inhabited for several years, and it has been guarded by Lin.

When they came back from Westberg, they called Lin and told him to clean up the villa. Although the villa was rebuilt by Karl later, it was fully furnished and could be moved in directly. As for the missing items, And people can go there to get them later.

When the group returned to the villa, Lin had already prepared lunch.

Lin was standing at the door of the villa holding an umbrella, his figure rickety, and he seemed to be older than when Alyssa saw him last time.

“Sir, young lady, young lady.” Seeing Grace, Lin smiled kindly, with pleats all over his face.

Entering the villa, Alyssa handed Grace to Tina: “Tina, you help me watch Grace.”

Tina knew that Alyssa was going to accompany Karl back to her room to take a bath and change clothes. She nodded and pulled Grace to her side, and said to Alyssa, “Go ahead.”

Alyssa turned her head and said to Karl, “Go take a hot bath and change clothes.”

Karl had been in the rain almost all morning. Alyssa was worried about his body, but restrained her tone to prevent Karl from hearing her worries. He is in a very bad state now, and she doesn’t want him more distracted.

“I’ll go up first.” Karl was soaked and pale, but his eyes were still awe-inspiring.

Peter patted him on the shoulder: “Go.”


Alyssa and Karl went upstairs together, looking at the familiar rooms and furnishings, Alyssa was not in the mood to miss anything. After turning on the heating in the room, he went to the bathroom to fill water.

Karl followed from behind and stood at the door watching Alyssa leaning over to test the water temperature.

Alyssa turned her head and saw him standing at the door, she couldn’t help frowning, “Quickly take 0ff your clothes.”

Karl didn’t move, Alyssa walked over to pick up his clothes.

Karl let her take his clothes off, and slowly said, “This is the first time I have enjoyed such treatment.”

There was a bit of sigh in the tone.

Alyssa didn’t expect that he was still in the mood to say such things. She looked up at him unexpectedly. He curled the corners of his lips and said, “I am not as fragile as you thought, so you don’t need to be so careful.”

“I didn’t.” Alyssa lowered her eyes, speaking calmly, but she was slightly relieved in her heart.

Karl lay in the bathtub and took a bath, and Alyssa went out to help him get his clothes.

When he reached the door, Karl’s lazy voice came from behind.

“Don’t look at me?”

Alyssa turned her head back, a little helpless: “Bring you clothes.”

“Oh.” Karl retracted his gaze.

This man is really…

She was told not to be so cautious before, and immediately stopped her as soon as he saw her leaving.


When Alyssa took clothes in, Karl’s eyes fell on her lap: “Are the legs uncomfortable?”

“It’s okay.” I stood for a long time today. At first, my legs felt a little sore and tingling. Now it may be that the energy has passed, but I don’t feel anything.

After Alyssa put down his clothes, Karl drove her out: “Go outside and rest.”

Alyssa didn’t lift her eyelids: “I can rest here.”

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