Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1147

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Chapter 1147

When these people bowed in front of Shaun respectfully.

The whole hall fell into a strange silence again.

Everyone’s eyes widened, their breathing was rapid, and they looked at Shaun with horror.

At this time, he was like a high-ranking king, facing these six great figures, and he was calm.

This is impossible!

Everyone there has gone crazy!

They just feel that their hearts are trembling like crazy, bursting!

They couldn’t believe that the trash son-in-law of the Bai Family was able to make the six big boss-level figures bowed.

At the moment, the atmosphere is extremely weird, making people’s scalps numb.

“Making a mistake, you must be mistaken!”

Huangfu Xuan’s hysterical scream was like seeing a ghost.

“Impossible! This guy is trash, why are you kneeling to him?”

Situ Hongrui was equally devastated, and the Gods of War are the existences whom he can’t dare to look at.

Now, they are kneeling before the waste he despised!

Huangfuzheng and Sima Longming’s expressions sank at the same time. It seems that these big figures were also blinded by this trash and mistakenly thought he was the King of the Blood Prison!

Otherwise, how could they bow down in front of a wasteful son-in-law of the Bai Family?


The faces of War Gods and others suddenly sank, and a ray of blood suddenly appeared in their eyes.

“Insulting Mr. Lin, damn it!”

A murderous air like a surging wave brazenly swept away!

Everyone there felt tingling all over their skin, like a knife cut.

Huangfuxuan and Situ Hongrui suddenly became nervous, their bodies tensed, and they looked at the six big men in horror.

In their hearts, the anxiety was at an extreme.

At this moment, Huangfuzheng stepped forward and said with a sneer:

“Gods of War, this kid dared to pretend to be the King of Blood Prison and angered the mad god of Blood Prison. I advise you not to mistake yourself!”


Everyone changed their expressions. Is Huangfu Zheng crazy?

Who dares to talk to these big guys like this?

It is simply blatantly provocative!

Even Huangfuxuan and Situ Hongrui fall into deep astonishment, wondering if they had heard it wrong.

“You damn it!”

With a long roar, the blood dragon suddenly turned into a blood shadow, and his figure suddenly rushed out, with a palm facing Huangfuzheng’s front angrily!


But the next moment, with a loud noise, the blood dragon’s figure suddenly retreated.

He stepped back a few steps, and barely stopped the decline.

A deep shock suddenly appeared on the face of the blood dragon, staring at Huangfu Zheng behind him:

“Is it you?”

Da da da.

At this moment, the sound of military boots hitting the ground sounded!

The three domineering figures walked out slowly under the horrified eyes of everyone.

But at this time, after seeing the faces of the other three, everyone suddenly took a breath of air-conditioning, and they were suddenly tight!

As you see, a scourge!

At this time, they all couldn’t believe their eyes!

They finally knew why Huangfuzheng was so calm and composed, and even dared to provoke the Gods of War!

“Qinglan God of War!”

“Feng Lie God of War!”

“The Demon Slaughter God of War!”

The three war gods of China are here!

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