Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1146

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Chapter 1146


His body fell to the ground.

In the whole hall, there was dead silence, and the people who had rushed forward, as if they had seen a ghost, stopped suddenly.

The noise and laughter of the people around, as if the mute switch was turned on, paused.

One after another, they looked with a stunning face.

Looking at the head and the scarlet headless body that fell to the ground, everyone was stunned.


The strong men of the Huangfu family fell out of their eyes at this moment.

Seeing this scene, they couldn’t believe their eyes.

More than them.

Huangfuxuan in the wheelchair is even more like seeing a ghost:

“No… impossible!”

“Who! Who killed our brother!!!”

A wave of deep anger filled his heart.

In particular, everyone has seen with their eyes that it was Shaun who just said a ‘kill’, and the strong man of the Huangfu family fell to the ground.

What is even more frightening is that the dead Huangfu family’s member was the prospective master.

The person who can kill such a quasi-grandmaster with one move must be a terrifying one.

“Shaun! You…how did you do it?” Situ Hongrui also had a numb scalp, looking at Shaun as if looking at a devil.

And just under the unbelievable sight of everyone.

Shaun smiled slightly and uttered two words:

“Carry on!”


When they heard these words, the Huangfu and Sima’s family members who had rushed to the front all felt as if they were being stared at by fierce beasts, making them all feel a sense of scalp bursting.

“Not good! Danger! Go back…”

A strong man at the front roared in horror, and he wants to retreat in a hurry.

However, just before he said something.

Huh huh!

Streams of light flew from the hall.

Puff puff!

Scarlet blood splashed in the hall at this moment.

Thay person’s head fell in the middle of the hall.

A headless body, splashed with blood, fell to the ground fiercely.

Five people!

Ten people!

Twenty people!


When the head of the last strong man, with deep despair and fear, rolled on the ground.

In the whole hall, there was silence and depression.

All dead.

In the middle of the hall. There are more than 20 heads and headless bodies.

Between all directions, filling the center of the hall.

Especially, the strong bloody air made people nauseous and horrified to death.

“No… impossible!”

Huangfuxuan trembled, and he was scared to pee.

30 seconds!

In less than half a minute, more than 20 strong men of the two families were all punishable to death. To them, it was like a fantasy, incredible.

However, this is just the beginning.

Da da da!

At this moment, the sound of footsteps came from the door of the hall.

Then in the horrified sight of everyone, four figures slowly walked in.

Especially, when these people walked in, they came to Shaun and Elvira one after another, then huffed and bowed:

“Bloody Buddha, sees Mr. Lin and Mrs. Lin!”

“Blood wolf! Sees Mr. Lin and Mrs. Lin!”

“Leng Aotian…”

“Helen Mountain…”

It’s more than that!

There were two more figures, they walked into the hall and came to Shaun and Elvira.

The two brushed together and bowed:

“Blood Dragon and Blood Tiger see Mr. Lin and Mrs. Lin!”

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