Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1145

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Chapter 1145

Catch Elvira!

After hearing this, both the Bai Family and Ye’s Family masters changed their expressions.

Especially in the anger of everyone.

Strong men from the famous Huangfu and Sima family flew out and rushed towards Elvira.


Five people!

ten people!

Twenty people!

These people seem to be a tiger attacking the sheep, giving people a terrifying aura to the extreme.

“Hey… a little girl! Come here and accompany our young master!”

“Hahaha… I really don’t know what the heir of the Bai family is like!”


A series of dirty words came from the mouths of the strong men of the two families, and everyone’s eyes flashed with greed and lewdness.

They can’t wait to catch Elvira and ravage her.

Not only that!

The eyes of these men swept towards Shaun.

In their eyes, it seemed that as long as Shaun changed a little, then Shaun must be the first one they will abolish.

This scene made Elvira’s pretty face as white as paper.

Her jade hand firmly grasped Shaun, her pretty face flushed with deep despair:



Elvira only felt that she was finished at this moment, she looked at Shaun with such dismay and worry.

However, what surprised Elvira and everyone was that Shaun didn’t step forward to stop the two families.

Instead, he patted Elvira’s jade hand with a smile and said:

“My wife, don’t worry!”


Hearing this.

Not only Elvira was stunned, but everyone around her was also dumbfounded.

People want to arrest your wife!

As a husband, he should protect her, but he said, “Don’t worry”?



For an instant, everyone in the entire hall was in a complete uproar.

All people looked at Shaun with deep contempt and disdain.

“Hahaha… trash! Have you seen it? This guy is timid trash! His wife is going to be molested, and he is still fine! What trash!”

Huangfuxuan’s face was full of rampant laughter, and his voice contained deep disdain for Shaun.

More than him!

Even Situ Hongrui, as well as all the people of the Sima and Huangfu family around him, looked at Shaun, full of strong sarcasm.



In the eyes of these two families, the cowardice and trash of Shaun, a counterfeit showed vividly.

Even the faces of Zheng Honglian, Ye Chen, Ye Wuya, and others showed deep disappointment and regret.

Does it seem that he is really not the king of blood prison?

Otherwise, how can you tolerate these ants and insult your wife without responding?

Thinking of this.

Zheng Honglian and Ye Wuya looked at each other, and the corners of their mouths were full of wry smiles.

At the same time!

More than twenty powerful people from the Huangfu and Sima family rushed towards Shaun and Elvira.

The distance between the two sides is getting closer.

Ten meters!

Five meters!

Three meters!

Almost in the blink of an eye, the powerful men were near to them.

That’s it!

Everyone in the Bai family and Ye’s Family looked at Elvira at this moment with deep pity and sympathy.

They never thought of it.

Shaun will be so cowardly and incompetent, seeing his wife being taken away and humiliated, but he still not responding.

“Little girl! Come here! Hahaha…”

With a sound of grinning resounding.

One of the strongest Huangfu family’s men closest to Elvira stretched out his big hand and wants to grab Elvira’s chest.

There is lust in his eyes.

As if wishing to grab Elvira and knead her fiercely.


At this moment, an icy, piercing voice suddenly entered his ears.


One word faintly.

But falling in the ears of this Huangfu’s man-made his movements slightly stagnant.

Only then did he discover that the word ‘kill’ has come from Shaun’s mouth.

In particular, Shaun’s gaze was like the eye of the devil’s death, cold and stern, so that the strong man couldn’t help trembling after just one glance.

However, this is just the beginning.


A stream of light suddenly flashed from outside the hall.

Then this strong man only felt a slight coolness in his neck, and then his head slowly fell from his neck.

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