Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1144

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Chapter 1144

This abrupt voice made everyone there in the room startled, and a thick astonishment appeared on their faces.

Immediately afterward, when Shaun’s posture appeared in the field, their astonishment turned into a thick sneer and resentment.

Especially Huangfuxuan, his expression was completely distorted at this time, his eyes gushing with endless anger as if he couldn’t wait to thwart Shaun!

Extremely violent!

“Little bastard, you still care about others when you are going to die. Do you think you can protect their families?”

Huangfu smiled, and there was also a cold killing intent in his eyes.

“Yes, I can protect both of them!”

Shaun carelessly, ignoring everyone’s suspicion and hateful gazes, sat down beside Zheng Honglian and Ye Wuya.

Showing attitude!

Seeing this, everyone was dumbfounded. Is this guy crazy?

he is going to die, and he still dares to speak, even saying that he will protect Ye’s Family and the Bai Family?

If it weren’t for you, would these two be angered by the bloody mad god?

Everyone showed contempt, this broom star didn’t even have the slightest shame.

Mere trash, but trying to block the mad god of blood prison is simply whimsical!

“Just relying on you, trash son-in-law?”

Huangfuzheng had an old face with a disdainful smile:

“Why, do you really think of yourself as the king of the blood prison?”


Everyone suddenly laughed presumptuously and found it extremely ridiculous.

“King of the Blood Prison? Just this waste? Is he worthy?”

“Don’t compare this trash with the Dark Emperor, that is the biggest insult to the Dark Emperor!”

“This rubbish is not worthy of even giving shoes to the Dark Emperor. If he is the Dark Emperor, I will judge myself on the spot!”

A sneer, full of disdain and contempt, rang out one after another in the field.

They all agreed that Shaun is not the Dark Emperor at all!

At this moment, Huang Fuxuan was holding a dog leash in his hand, and the dog food end was tied to Ye Shihao, who was covered in blood!

He grinned and patted Ye Shihao’s head: “Believe that he is the dark emperor, then this dog will end!”

Ye Shihao’s face was gloomy, and he didn’t say anything in shame.

This scene caused Shaun’s face to sink, and then sneered and said:

“How do you know that I am not the Dark Emperor?”


The laughter came to an abrupt end!

Thick anger appeared on everyone’s face!

Does this guy still dare to impersonate the Dark Emperor?

Damn it!

“Shut up!”

Sima Longming suddenly snarled angrily: “What kind of thing are you, a trash raised by a woman, wants to be compared with the Dark Emperor?”

“If you dare to insult the emperor again, I will kill you now!”

“I think you won’t cry without seeing the coffin!” Huangfuzheng also snorted coldly:

“When Lord Mad God arrives, all of you will have a dead end!”

Everyone laughed sarcastically, Ye’s Family and the Bai Family bet all their wealth on such a cowhide king, it is a stupid act!

Now that he saw Shaun with his own eyes, these big men knew how unbearable the other party was.

“Grandpa, what are you doing with so much nonsense with him?” Huangfuxuan’s face was savage, and there was strong wickedness in his eyes:

“Anyway, Master mad god will be here for a while, please make fun of this fake woman first!”

He wants to abuse Elvira in front of everyone!

Let Shaun wear countless green hats!

Upon hearing this, Elvira suddenly grabbed Shaun’s hand nervously, and her face instantly turned pale!

But Shaun’s eyes were also bursting with cold light at this time!

“Hahaha, good! My good grandson, as you wish!” Huangfuzheng laughed, his face with a hint of sinisterness:

“Come here! Get that woman over here! Give her to my grandson, have fun!”

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