Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1143

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Chapter 1143

Situ Hongrui!

The moment when Elvira saw him, She trembled fiercely, and fell to the ground feebly, with deep despair on her face.

That’s it!

The appearance of Situ Hongrui was like impermanence to her life, because she knew that Situ Hongrui was the leader of a mysterious organization in China, and since the Situ family had sent him to arrest Shaun.

Then they have nowhere to escape!

Seeing the grinning smile on Situ Hongrui’s face, Baishan and Paula suddenly became weak in their legs, and there was a deep fear in their eyes.

Intuition tells them that the future is not good!

Situ Hongrui looked at Shaun unkindly, as if looking at a bug:

“Tell me, how do you want to die? Maybe I can plead with Lord mad god to make your death easier!”

There are deep ridicule and complacency in these words!

Shaun frowned, and immediately sneered:

“In the beginning, I shouldn’t let you go, right?”


Upon hearing this, Situ Hongrui suddenly became angry and snorted:

“When you are going die, do you dare to pretend to be garlic? Do you really think you are the Dark Emperor?”

You are foolish!

Shaun didn’t bother to pay attention to the other party’s ridicule, and said lightly:

“Lead the way, I want to see, what will the bloody mad god in your mouth do with me!”


Situ Hongrui’s expression was dazed, but he didn’t expect that Shaun should be this calm.

Is this guy confessing his fate?

Thinking of this, Situ Hongrui suddenly smiled gloomily, thinking that this is the case, knowing that there is a dead-end, so pretending to be chic and defending his poor self-esteem, right?

It’s ridiculous!

But when Shaun was about to leave, a hand took his arm.

Shaun glanced intently, but found that it was Elvira, and immediately smiled bitterly:

“Wife, you don’t need to go, they are looking for me.”

But Elvira stubbornly shook her head, staring at Shaun with scorching eyes:

“You live, I live! You die, I die!”

“If you are going to hell this time, then I will accompany you to hell!”

Shaun was startled at once, and then held Elvira’s hand tightly:

“Well, let’s go to the Dragon Lake and Tiger Den together!”.

Huarong Center.

The crown covers are gathered.

The top gangsters of the entire Jiangnan Province are all gathered here, with only one purpose, and that is to pressure Ye and Bai to hand over Shaun!

Now there are over 70% of the big guys, all standing behind Huangfuzheng and Sima Longming, with mocking smiles on their faces.

It seems that it is already foreseeable that Ye and Bai’s family will be destroyed!

They want to protect an idiot who pretends to be a dark emperor, even at the expense of the family’s many years of heritage, they are stupid!

What do these two people think?

“Zheng Honglian, Ye Wuya, stop being obsessed, hand over that kid, and strive for leniency. In half an hour, Lord Mad God will arrive here. By then, you will not even have a chance to kneel down.”

Huangfu smiled gleefully.

Zheng Honglian’s willow eyebrows are erect, coldly scolding:

“I said that if you want to kill Shaun, then you have to step over the corpses of Ye and Bai!”

Huangfuzheng smiled sinisterly. He had expected Zheng Honglian to say this a long time ago, and Dang sneered:

“Everyone, you must have heard it too?”

In a short time, the remaining 30% of the bigwigs will turn their backs on Ye and Bai and favor Huangfuzheng!

“You guys…”

When Zheng Honglian and Ye Wuya saw this, their expressions turned ugly to the extreme.

“Sorry Patriarch, I don’t want to bury that waste!”

“Huh! Zheng Honglian, because you are the Patriarch of the Bai family, you believe in a counterfeit, there is only a dead end with you!”

“I am willing to be loyal to Lord Mad God, and jointly defeat the Ye and Bai families!”

Those big bosses who have betrayed expressed their opinions!

Who says they are dead?

Huangfuzheng and Sima Longming are both grinning:

“Ye and Bai are now alone and helpless, how can they fight with us? You are dead!”

But the voice just fell!

There was casual ridicule, but then it sounded: “Who said they are dead?”

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