Predestined Marriage Novel Chapter 1173 – 1174

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Chapter 1173

Clifford put his posture very low, and he was full of sincerity in and out of his words.

“What if I say no?”

“Alyssa, I really just want to have a meal with you.”

Alyssa lowered her eyes, stared at the lines on the railing for a moment, and said, “Today evening.”

Clifford was overjoyed: “Okay.”


Back in the bedroom, Karl leaned against the window and looked out to count the sparrows.

“Are you clear?”

Alyssa took the water over and put the water into Karl’s hands. Feeling that his hands were a little cold, she reached out and buttoned his open coat.

Karl took a sip while holding the water cup and snorted, “Every time we count halfway, new sparrows will fly over, or they will just fly away.”

The tone is quite dissatisfied.

Alyssa was a little bit dumbfounded: “Do you still have a temper with this little thing?”

Karl put the water glass aside and held Alyssa, his voice was very soft: “Then you coax me well.”

“You want to be handsome.” Alyssa said with a smile: “I will pick up Grace later, and you will wait for me at home.”

Karl stood up straight and looked at her: “I will go too.”

“I’ll be back in a while, and you will stay at home and wait for me.” Alyssa turned her head and looked at the time: “I have to get ready to go.”

The kindergarten ends early, so she can clean up now and get ready to go.

Alyssa turned to look for clothes, and Karl followed, calling her dissatisfied: “Alyssa.”

Alyssa ignored him and hesitated among the khaki and white clothes. Karl came over and pointed to the white one: “This one.”

Alyssa took out the white piece and went into the bathroom, closing the door before Karl walked over.

Karl turned the doorknob and found that he couldn’t open it.

He retracted his hand and shouted inward with his hands on his hips: “Alyssa, you even locked the door!”

Alyssa replied while changing clothes: “Do you think I, like you, have a habit of changing clothes in front of others?”

“Is my wife someone else’s?” Karl said confidently.

It does make sense.

The two of them stayed at home every day recently. Karl relied on her not to be angry with him, so he often made trouble with her, boring and naive, but as long as he was happy, she let him go.

Alyssa changed clothes and came out from the bathroom: “Okay, I’m going to leave.”

Karl raised his eyebrows: “It’s not time yet.”

Although Grace left school early, it was not time for school now.

“I’ll buy something by the way.” Alyssa was afraid he would ask another question, stretched out her hand to grab his arm, and k!ssed him on tiptoe.

Karl held her wa!st and bowed his head slightly to deepen the k!ss.

As soon as the k!ss ended, Karl’s expression turned a little dark. Although he was reluctant, he still said, “Come back early, or I will come out to find you.”

“Yeah.” Alyssa nodded heavily and assured him.

The driver drove Alyssa out. When there was still some distance from Grace’s kindergarten, Alyssa said to the driver: “Stop, I’ll go buy a cup of coffee, and you will wait for me here.”

The driver turned around and saw a cafe outside the car: “Madam, let me go.”

“No.” Alyssa said as she opened the door and got out of the car.

The cafe is very large, with three floors. The main entrance is on the second floor. After she entered the door, she walked directly downstairs to the first floor.

There were not many people in the cafe at this time, and Alyssa walked straight to the card table in the corner of the cafe.

Clifford saw Alyssa and stood up: “Alyssa.”

Chapter 1174

Clifford found that Alyssa’s complexion was much better than when she saw her last time, which shows that she is doing well now.

That’s right, can she have a bad life next to Karl?

Clifford smiled self-deprecatingly, and looked behind her. Alyssa noticed his gaze and said emotionally, “I didn’t bring a bodyguard.”


“I don’t trust you, I just don’t think it is necessary.”

Alyssa knew that Clifford thought she didn’t have a bodyguard, so she trusted him.

Her trust in Clifford has long been devastated, and there is no repair or undoing it.

She no longer trusts Clifford, she just doesn’t fear him anymore.

The blood on Clifford’s face disappeared little by little.

“I was thinking recently, if you didn’t restore the memory back then, would our results be different.” Clifford’s face was a memory look.

Alyssa said coldly, “You came to me to remember the past?”

Clifford looked at Alyssa earnestly: “You are more and more like Karl now.”

“Loving couples live together for a long time, they will have more and more common things.” Alyssa said.

Clifford seemed to be a little tired, and slowly leaned back: “You know I didn’t mean that.”

Alyssa did not speak, nor did Clifford speak immediately, the atmosphere was silent.

After a while, Alyssa took out her phone and checked the time.

When Clifford saw this, he said again: “You asked me to tell me Wilfred’s whereabouts, is it for Karl, right? I know about his mother, too.”

Alyssa didn’t bother to answer this question.

Clifford is so smart, there is nothing unexpected, and her answer seems very unnecessary.

Alyssa didn’t speak, Clifford didn’t mind, and said to her: “You love Karl very much.”

Hearing this, Alyssa raised her eyes and said, “No, he loves me more.”

“Are you here to show affection?” Clifford exhaled patiently, obviously not wanting to continue this topic.

“Grace’s school time is coming, I’m going to pick her up.” Alyssa looked at the time again.

There are still ten minutes before Grace is over from school, and she must hurry over.

Clifford hadn’t heard of it: “Without thanking Wilfred, I might not be like this ghost now. Don’t worry, I will settle accounts with him.”

The two words “settling accounts” were especially emphasized by him.

“That’s the best.” This was originally the result Alyssa wanted.

She stood up: “I’m leaving.”

She didn’t bother to say goodbye to Clifford, she got up and went out.

Clifford didn’t turn his head to look at Alyssa’s back, but he stretched out his hand and drank the cold coffee in front of him clean in one breath, the bitter taste swept through the whole mouth, and it was bitter down his throat.


When Alyssa came out, the driver got out of the car with a nervous expression and opened the door for her: “Madam, you are finally back.”

“Let’s go.” Alyssa bent over and sat in the car.

When they got to the place, Alyssa got out of the car and went to the door to wait for Grace to come out.

As soon as she stood still, there was a gust of wind. She stretched out her hand to pull the messy hair behind her ears, and turned her eyes inadvertently, but saw Alvin standing not far away, and Alvin was also looking at her.

With a cigarette in his hand, he was dressed very thinly, his complexion was haggard, and he looked a little bit depressed.

After all, he was a rich man who had never suffered, Clifford was much calmer than him.

He squeezed out the cigarette and walked over to Alyssa in stride.

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