Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1157

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Chapter 1157

“Also, Ye’s Family and the Bai family, I think they are good, they value love and righteousness, maybe Mad God can consider focusing on training!”

Shaun mentioned it intentionally.

Upon hearing this, Ye Wuya and Zheng Honglian were immediately filled with joy and they looked at Shaun excitedly.

They knew that Shaun was the real King of the Blood Prison, and this time he was promoting them.

The blood prison mad god immediately understood and nodded:

“The Ye and Bai family have contributed to protecting my blood prison partners. From today onwards, they have been promoted to the top friends of my blood prison. They will be protected by the blood prison. If someone became their enemy, they will be considered as an enemy of blood prison!


Everyone was shocked!

In the eyes of all Jiangnan gangsters there, there was deep envy.

In other words, from now on, Ye’s Family and the Bai Family will directly take orders from the Dark Emperor. Who dares to offend?

These two families have completely risen, and they will surely become China’s leading families from the giants in Jiangnan!

Those big guys who have betrayed the Ye and Bai families, at this time, all regretted their intestines.

Because they all know that they have missed an opportunity to reach the peak of power, and now they may even lose their lives.

If these two families intend to retaliate against them, then they will undoubtedly die!

After all, Zheng Honglian and Ye Wuya are now standing behind the most terrifying man in the world!

Ye Wuya and Zheng Honglian knelt quickly, their faces full of gratitude:

“Thank you Mad God! Thank you, Mr. Lin!”..

“Shaun, what the hell is going on?”

At this time, Elvira came over quickly, looking at Shaun in horror.

It seems that she still can’t believe that Shaun can resolve the crisis this easily.

And when she asked, she asked everyone’s doubts. With ghostly eyes, they were all staring at Shaun.

They all want to know what is going on!


Before Shaun could speak, the blood prison mad god said:

“The King of Blood Prison, the reason why he is willing to cooperate with The New Bai Group is not because of Mr. Lin, but because of you, Miss Elvira!”

Because of me?

How can this be?

Elvira immediately lost her color, completely confused!

Not only her but everyone there was stunned!

After all, it was Shaun who was talking to the blood prison mad god in the conference room.

But now…

The blood prison mad god said it was because of Elvira?

“The King of Blood Prison is very interested in New Bai Group medical formula, so I have a plan to develop it with Miss Elvira and become a partner!”

Everyone suddenly realized!

It turned out that this was the real reason why the King of Blood Prison was willing to let Shaun go. It was that the mysterious daughter of the New Bai Group saved Shaun and the others.

This waste is really lucky, and his wife saved his life again!

To be able to marry such a good wife, this waste is simply an accumulation of virtue for the ancestors for eight lifetimes!

“Also, my king also hopes that Ms. Elvira can become the spokesperson of our blood prison in China.” The blood prison mad god said with a smile.


The audience was so horrified that they couldn’t believe their ears.

Because they all know that to become the spokesperson of the King of Blood Prison, Elvira will have the back of the King of Blood Prison!

To dare to be an enemy is tantamount to insulting the King of Blood Prison!

What a privilege this is, it is a gift from god!

Upon hearing this, Elvira felt that her legs were weak, and she was about to faint, so she waved her hand hurriedly:

“No, no, how can I be the spokesperson of blood prison?”

To become the spokesperson of that kind of existence is to hold the supreme authority and dominate the wheel of life and death. The power is too great, which makes her feel very scared.

“Miss Elvira, you should know the order of the King of Blood Prison, no one can disobey.” The mad god of blood prison said with a smile.

Upon hearing this, Shaun also smiled and comforted:

“Wife, since this is the order of the King of Blood Prison, then you must have to accept it.”

Upon hearing this, Elvira suddenly nodded with a pale face:

“Well, I will do my best to not let the King of Blood Prison down.”

In an instant, everyone cast envy, jealousy, and hatred at Elvira. This woman can be favored by the King of Blood Prison, just like flying on a branch to become a phoenix!



But at this time, one by one, the big guys knelt down one after another, and suddenly apologize to Elvira:

“Congratulations, Miss Elvira, onboarding the throne of the Jiangnan Communist Party!”

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