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Chapter 745

Smith is already very deep.

After Alyssa left, Karl stayed in the study and did not go out.

The document in front of him didn’t turn a page.

Alyssa is very determined. He believes that she can really think of a way to win this lawsuit.

Even if she can’t think of a way, he can help her think of a way.


The phone on the side vibrated again, this is the first few times it vibrated.

Karl took the cell phone, saw Peter’s name on it, frowned and answered the phone.

“What are you doing, never answering the phone! Even if I don’t see you every day, you don’t even answer the phone! What do you want to do?”

Peter complained every time he spoke.

After complaining, he found that Karl hadn’t said a word, and he said with a guilty conscience: “I have a business to call you.”

“Say.” Karl’s tone was calm and not angry.

Peter was shocked, but Karl was not angry at all?

It really is getting weird.

Peter deliberated and said, “Listening to Clayton, you want to compete with Alyssa for custody of Grace?”

Karl didn’t say a word, he knew that Peter had specifically called, it was impossible to just ask this, waiting for Peter to finish.

“Do you know who Alyssa is looking for as a litigation lawyer?” Peter paused slightly after speaking, thinking that Karl couldn’t help but he would take the initiative to ask him.

But he waited for a while and didn’t hear Karl speaking, so he had to say: “She found Wilfred’s son, Alvin!”

“Who are you talking about? Alvin?” Karl’s tone finally had a hint of surprise. He checked Wilfred Mann and naturally knew that Wilfred Mann has a biological son named Alvin.

“Yeah! Alvin and Clayton were alumni when they were in United States, and they knew each other. When we went to Best Day for dinner, we saw Alyssa taking Grace and Alvin for dinner!” Peter deliberately said so in detail.

Karl’s tone sounded colder than before: “Really.”

Although Peter could hear that Karl’s tone was a little colder than just now, he also felt that this could not prove much.

He was a little frustrated and said ruthlessly: “Let me tell you, I’m very busy recently. When will you get married to that Miana, I won’t come!”

Karl didn’t care much: “If you send out an invitation, you will save one thing Smith.”

“…” Peter choked: “You forgot how that woman lied to you with your sister? Ah? Are you confused!”

Karl responded by hanging up the phone directly.

“Hello?” After Peter gave an unwilling feed, he found that Karl had really hung up the phone, and was angry with his arms on the spot.

Early the next morning.

Alyssa got up very early, boiled the water, filled Grace’s kettle with hot water, and put it in her bag to take it out.

Last night, she sent Grace back to Karl, and forgot to bring Grace’s water bottle.

She drove directly to the kindergarten where Grace was studying.

Not long after Alyssa arrived, Grace came with Smith.

“Mom!” Grace saw Alyssa’s face with surprise.

Alyssa touched Grace’s head, took the hot water bottle out of her bag and Grace collapsed on her neck.

Grace said a few words around her before walking inside reluctantly.

Before Smith had left, Grace just nodded at her.

“Miss Alyssa!”

When she turned around, she heard Smith’s voice.

Alyssa turned her head and asked, “Is there anything wrong with Mr. Smith?”

Smith took two steps forward, the distance between the two of them narrowed, and they could hear more clearly.

“You…” He seemed hesitant, Alyssa just patiently waited for him to speak.

Smith rubbed his hands, and asked a little awkwardly: “Do you hate Boss?”

Alyssa was stunned for two seconds. When she answered, her tone was very solemn: “In terms of personal feelings, I can’t talk about hating him. Regarding Grace’s custody, I can understand. We are separated, he doesn’t. It is necessary to be kind to me, he can participate in doing things according to his own temperament.”

There is kindness in Karl’s nature, but it is not for Alyssa to decide who his subject of kindness should be.

She once complained and felt that Karl was too much.

However, she is already an adult who has experienced worldly things, stumbled over the years, seeing human nature thoroughly.

Karl didn’t love her anymore, she could understand how he could treat her.

Reading countless expressions, Smith was listening to Alyssa’s general relief, he frowned slightly.

Smith knew that Karl was such a domineering and arrogant person, and no one could tame him with an unrelenting nature. However, when he was really cruel, he was really cruel to the extreme.

Before, Smith felt that Karl’s change was too fast and too difficult to understand.

But only after he knew Karl’s purpose did he know what Karl was carrying.

Karl must have gone through repeated thinking and pondering, and finally chose this way to solve the problem in a way that would harm Alyssa and make him more painful.

As long as there is a little another way, Karl will not hurt Alyssa.

Smith is older than Karl, and the hardest thing in his life at the moment maybe that he feels distressed by the distress of his family as a teenager. In fact, all the hardships that can be overcome by one’s own power are not too hard.

When Karl was a teenager, he witnessed his mother’s experience and was emotionally abandoned by his father and relatives. Later, after finally meeting a beloved person, he was implicated in the beloved woman and newborn child because of the family scandal. The ensuing events made him uneasy.

“Mr. Smith?” Alyssa couldn’t help but yelled at him when she saw Smith did not speak.

Smith returned to his senses and said, “Miss Alyssa, do you believe in your own vision?”

“Why is Mr. Smith asking like that?” Alyssa felt that Smith was a little abnormal today, Smith usually talked less, and it was even more weird to take the initiative to talk to her and say such strange things.

“Miss Alyssa is a very determined and assertive person. I think you should believe in your own vision.” Seeing Alyssa at the time, he was still at a loss and had the urge to tell her the truth.

But if he told Alyssa everything now, everything Karl had done would be wasted.

“It’s okay.” Smith smiled faintly: “I just want to tell Miss Alyssa, no matter what, you must stick to your own ideas and believe in your own feelings.”

After he finished speaking, he nodded slightly, then turned into the car and left.

Alyssa stood where she was, frowning and thinking about Smith’s words.

What does Smith mean?

Smith hasn’t been a lot of trouble, did he tell her this has something to do with Karl?

After all, Smith is Karl’s subordinate…

Chapter 746

But in the end, Alyssa didn’t think of anything.

Smith had already left, and whenever he had any ideas that he wanted to make clearer with Alyssa, he would definitely tell her clearly.

If he just wanted to say this, no matter how much Alyssa asked, he wouldn’t say more.

In a sense, the people who followed Karl were more or less contaminated with some of his habits.

Alyssa got in the car, called Alvin, and drove to the place where she had an appointment with Alvin.

Alvin had already arrived when she reached there.

Alvin was very active in the lawsuit with Karl, and worked hard like an ordinary lawyer who received the case. This is enough to say how much Alvin wants to win this lawsuit.

To put it more directly, he was not purely trying to win the lawsuit, he wanted to win Karl.

“I have completed the prosecution documents for you. You can take a look. If there is no problem, you can submit it to the court.” Alvin said, pushing a stack of documents to Alyssa.

Alyssa paused, then reached out her hand casually and opened the document, carefully reading line by line.

Alvin looked at her for a moment, then lowered his eyes to look at the coffee in front of her, without urging her.

I don’t know how long it took before Alyssa raised her head and said, “It’s okay, there is nothing wrong with it.”

“Then I will help you pass it to the court?” Alvin asked.

Seeing that Alyssa was silent, he continued to say, “I will submit it now, and Karl will receive the court’s summons in a few days.”

Alyssa nodded, her voice a little hoarse: “I understand.”

“Why? Can’t bear it?” Alvin leaned back in his chair, squinted, and looked at Alyssa with a smile: “If you are reluctant, you can not let me submit it to the court.”

He reached out and tapped on the litigation document.

Alyssa lowered her eyes, twitched the corners of her lips, and revealed a less obvious smile: “No, I’m just thinking about our chance of winning.”

“There is no chance of winning, it’s just taking the risk.” Alvin tilted his head and took the lawsuit file.

Alyssa asked him: “Are you so unconfident?”

Alvin slapped the litigation document with a sudden slap, leaned forward and stared at Alyssa’s eyes and said, “Yes, so you have to cooperate with me more and don’t be soft-hearted.”

“You think too much, how can I be soft-hearted? What do I need to be soft-hearted?” don’t know why, when Alyssa was asked like this by Alvin, she felt frustrated.

Alvin raised his eyebrows: “I hope so.”

Alyssa lowered her eyes and smiled.

After separating from Alvin, Alyssa drove to an old place.

When she was pregnant and fled the country, she burned Karl’s villa on fire.

She and Karl fell in fate when she stepped into that villa.

Back then, Rachel knelt in front of her and begged her to marry Isabel into Adams’s house. She was frustrated and thought that her life was over.

Although Karl deceived her at first, he treated her more often.

But she was a softhearted person, thinking that Karl was so good to her, better than the Hunt’s family or even better to her than Rachel, she didn’t care about anything.

When Alyssa drove to her feet, looking up from the car window, she could still see a little white in the jungle.

She was slightly shocked.

The fire she set off in the past was actually very thorough, she had seen it on the news. After returning to the country, they also lived elsewhere.

Alyssa drove up the winding mountain road, and soon saw a corner of a white house.

Did Karl come back to repair the house later?

Alyssa slowed down and drew closer.

At first sight, it turned out to be a brand new villa.

Alyssa opened the door and got out of the car.

The green plants at the entrance of the villa are exactly the same as before, and the pattern on the door is also the same.

She looked at the villa in disbelief, and walked inside.

The door was half open, and opened as soon as it was pushed.

Alyssa walked slowly inside. The courtyard design inside was the same as before, the bricks and tiles were the same as before.

She didn’t know why she still remembered so clearly.

Looking back carefully, compared to later, when she and Karl lived here, it was a relatively simple day.

There was no conspiracy of others, and nothing happened afterward…

Maybe because of this, she remembered it so clearly.

“Who? Why do you come in? This is a private residence and you can’t come in casually. Get out!”

Just as Alyssa was about to go inside, she heard a man’s scolding sound inside.

The voice sounded a little old.

Alyssa stood there and didn’t go any further. The old man who scolded her walked out from behind a bunch of green plants.

He was also surprised when he saw Alyssa: “Young lady?”

There was a hint of surprise on the old man’s face.

“Mr. Li…Lin?” Alyssa looked at him a little familiar, and then remembered that this old man was an uncle who had been staying in this villa to manage the courtyard before, and he seemed to be Lin.

“Eh, it’s me! How come the young lady is back free!” Lin smiled and approached, his eyes narrowed and his face was full of folds.

Alyssa said quietly: “I’ll take a look.”

“Boss asked to repair the house, so he visited it once. I didn’t bother to move this old bone, so I stayed here to help him look at the house. I didn’t expect the young lady to come back today. You are with Boss. Did you come back together? Where’s Boss?”

As Lin said, he looked behind Alyssa.

Lin is old and doesn’t know how to use smartphones. Naturally, he won’t see the news about Alyssa and Karl on the Internet. He stays here all year round and the information is blocked. He doesn’t know that Alyssa and Karl not together anymore.

“He didn’t come.” Alyssa felt mixed in her heart, and didn’t want to stay any longer, and said hurriedly: “It just happened to be okay to come and have a look. I’m leaving now. Lin, take good care of your body.”

“Huh, is this going away?”

Lin’s voice came from behind, and Alyssa left without looking back.

She left the villa, got in the car without stopping for a moment, and drove away directly.

The speed of the car is very fast, a bit of a runaway.

After she drove the car down the mountain, she drove for a while before slowing down a little.

People are soft, and they are always hurt and sad.

While waiting for a traffic light at a crossroad, Alvin called again.

“It’s all done, just waiting for Karl to respond. Before the trial, we have to collect more evidence that is beneficial to you.” Alvin’s voice sounded a little excited as if he was about to enter the battlefield.

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