Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 851

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Chapter 851


Listening to these voices, the silence in the hall just became noisy again.


Everyone heard that each of these figures were giants in Jiang City, Yunhai City, and surrounding cities.

This is more than that.

Gao Shengyuan and the others saw that after hearing these names, the expressions of Leng Bufan, Harper and others sank slightly.


A faint of premonition appeared in the hearts of Gao Shengyuan, Gao Zhilong, and all the suppliers.

Could it be that New Bai Group has something to do with these giants?

The expressions of the people were a little surprised.

And under their gaze, they saw these giants from cities stepping in.


It is Tianlong Xu, Blood Rose, Fei Lao, and their subordinates.

When they entered, they didn’t look at anyone and walked towards Shaun.

They all bowed together:

“Tianlong Xu, Mr. Lin! Congratulations to the New Bai Group for the opening!”

“Blood Rose, paying tribute to Mr. Lin! Congratulations to the New Bai Group for starting a successful business!”


The voices resounded one after another, and everyone bowed.

This scene fell in the eyes of everyone around, and instantly surprised the senior officials of the New Bai Group.

In contrast!

Gao Shengyuan, Gao Zhilong, and all the other suppliers were taken aback.

“This… What’s going on?”

They looked at each other.

They know that Tianlong Xu and others are under the command of the Shengshi Group, as like Leng Bufan’s group.

And now!

Why did they bow to Shaun and even come to congratulate him?


An ominous premonition filled the hearts of Gao Shengyuan and others.

And at this moment!

Everyone heard Leng Bufan’s shout:

“Tianlong Xu! Blood Rose! You are so bold!”

“Do you know that this bastard is about to die, and my grandfather will be here soon, and you bowed and congratulated to a man who is going to die for sure! Don’t you want to go with the Shengshi Group?”

Leng Bufan’s voice was full of threats.

However, it is shocking.

Tianlong Xu, Blood Rose, and others turned a deaf ear to Leng Bufan’s words.

Especially blood Rose.

She turned to look at Leng Bufan as if looking at an idiot:

“Master Leng, don’t forget what I told you before! Since you were beaten, you were asked to apologize within three days to Mr. Lin, otherwise, you will be at your own risk!”


Seeing that the blood Rose spoke to Leng Bufan directly like this.

The bad intentions of Gao Shengyuan and others around him grew stronger.


Leng Bufan smiled sorrowfully:

“Blood Rose, you don’t have to threaten me! I tell you the truth, you and Tianlong Xu are deceived by this bastard!”

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